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Colts unlikely to use franchise tag in 2021

Colts unlikely to use franchise tag in 2021

Ever since Chris Ballard took over as customary manager, the Indianapolis Colts enjoy yet to discover the franchise tag to a participant instruct to hit the market. Also can that alternate in 2021?

Even with some big names hitting free agency this offseason, it is unlikely the Colts will use the franchise tag. This isn’t an avenue that Ballard explores very in overall.

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The Colts enjoy made it sure they’ve a valuation job and they also are going to stick to it. Extra in overall than now not that way they are either re-signing a participant to an extension or they are going to merely let the participant crawl. Offered that the franchise tag is average of the top-five salaries at a participant’s build, the Colts gained’t be using the tag in overall.

The finest free agents to hit the market this offseason for the Colts, in no uncover, are huge receiver T.Y. Hilton, defensive ends Justin Houston and Al-Quadin Muhammad and cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

All three of these positions will uncover a franchise tag of around $15 million for the 2021 season. This makes it a straightforward determination for the Colts to now not use the franchise tag this offseason.

Whereas re-signing about a of these players might well perchance presumably be a precedence for the Colts, using the franchise tag isn’t in the plans. None of these players will uncover that kind of money on the open market so it’s moderately easy to inform the Colts gained’t be exercising that option.

The open of the window to franchise tag a participant is Feb. 23 whereas the deadline for groups to carry out so is March 9.

Colts unlikely to use franchise tag in 2021