Home Breaking News Concept to lower Florida’s flags for Bustle Limbaugh causing controversy, consternation

Concept to lower Florida’s flags for Bustle Limbaugh causing controversy, consternation

Concept to lower Florida’s flags for Bustle Limbaugh causing controversy, consternation


Bustle Limbaugh, the controversy radio host who grew to develop into the converse of American conservatism, has died. His loss of life Wednesday at the age of 70 came a year after asserting he had Stage Four lung most cancers. (Feb. 17)

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“To lower the flag to honor this man is so disgusting. It’s offensive,” one critic acknowledged.

TALLAHASSEE, Florida — Conservative media icon Bustle Limbaugh’s skill used to be such that even in loss of life he continues to provoke.

He has managed to open a battle entrance within the tradition wars he is credited with constructing as The United States’s main stutter radio host. This time, or not it is over whether the relate might perchance well also mild acknowledge him with one in every of its most public honors. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis closing week acknowledged he would disclose flags to be lowered to half of workers after Limbaugh’s body is laid to rest. He has authority to originate so under relate legislation, even though or not it is unclear whether some local governments will comply.

Bustle Limbaugh: Florida to lower flags to half of workers for conservative stutter inform icon

Florida legislation directs the governor’s characteristic of job to assemble pointers, but says flags might perchance well effectively be lowered “upon the loss of life of high-ranking relate officers, uniformed legislation enforcement and fire carrier personnel, and prominent residents.”

The Governor’s Space of enterprise’s bear flag protocol, then again, which used to be closing up to date in primarily the most necessary term of former Gov. Rick Scott, doesn’t mention prominent residents but does bid “approval for exhibiting the flags at half of-workers … resides with the Governor.”


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The governor’s press characteristic of job didn’t without lengthen answer Monday to a query about the flag protocol; DeSantis has directed flags to half of-workers to honor legislation enforcement officers killed on duty, Navy participants killed in a mass taking pictures in Pensacola and the unhurried Supreme Court docket Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, to identify just a few. 

Local officers answer to DeSantis’ utter

On the other hand, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried — a Florida Cupboard member and the easiest statewide elected Democrat — on Monday told places of work under her preserve an eye on to push apart any utter to lower flags to honor Limbaugh.

Limbaugh is broadly mourned by conservatives, but his critics point to a history of his  ridiculing of us with disabilities, and his racist, anti-ladies and homophobic remarks.

“Lowering to half of-workers the flag of the United States of The United States is a sacred honor that can perchance perchance pay admire to fallen heroes and patriots. It’s some distance never a partisan political tool,” Fried acknowledged in a narrate. “We cannot bear time abominate speech, bigotry and division … Lowering the flag might perchance well also mild continuously replicate unity, not division and raising our requirements, not lowering them.”

I’ll not lower the flags at my Division’s relate places of work for Bustle Limbaugh. Lowering our flag might perchance well also mild replicate unity, not division — and raising our requirements, not lowering them. https://t.co/HqtzeoUHkr

— Nikki Fried (@nikkifried) February 22, 2021

Her trip follows a name to action by the mayor of Oakland Park in Broward County. Jane Bolin on Sunday released a narrate criticizing DeSantis and calling on other officers, mayors, city commissions and city managers all over Florida to relate what she known as an inappropriate and unfavorable gesture to the radio provocateur. 

“When we rotten that divide and bid, ‘Correctly, I’m going to bid Bustle Limbaugh is a prominent citizen and I’m going to lower the flag’ … to me, it valid provides more to this political theater and just isn’t very what our country needs superb now,” Bolin acknowledged Monday. 

To conform to the utter, Bolin added, would assemble one complicit in demeaning the flags’ dignity. 

Oakland Park, fancy Tallahassee, has a city commission form of govt; Bolin is now  mayor for a year as the characteristic rotates among commissioners. Bolin is lobbying her four fellow commissioners to ignore the utter to lower flags for Limbaugh if DeSantis factors one.  

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey, independently elected but without a more vitality than the four other participants of the Tallahassee City Price, acknowledged no resolution has yet been made as to whether his city would conform to the utter. 

“I know that lowering the flag to half of-workers is something residents raise critically … I know within the relate of Florida we originate it to honor national leaders, militia leaders and sizable Floridians, so we’re researching our insurance policies and procedures,” Dailey acknowledged. 

At the crux of the controversy is what one thinks of Limbaugh’s decades-long bustle as the king of conservative stutter radio. 

In a narrate attach out by the Republican Celebration of Florida, DeSantis referred to Limbaugh as the GOAT, or finest of all-time, “of radio, of conservative media and of fascinating a right army of American patriots.” Final week, at a campaign-vogue event in Limbaugh’s dwelling of Palm Sea dash, DeSantis known as him “one in every of our bear.” 

“There’s not unheard of that needs to be acknowledged; the fellow used to be an absolute fable,” the governor acknowledged. Nonetheless from south Florida to the Panhandle, those that adversarial Limbaugh acknowledged they chanced on it inappropriate DeSantis would honor him. 

Not lowering flags for Bustle. In St. Pete we develop not honor hatred, racism, bigotry, homophobia, or something else else he has spewed over the years. We’re, then again, honoring the lifetime of Deputy Michael Magli of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Space of enterprise.

— Rick Kriseman (@Kriseman) February 22, 2021

DeSantis antagonist and Santa Rosa County attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, who has sued the governor and protested the relate’s COVID-19 insurance policies by dressing as the Grim Reaper all over the relate, acknowledged he might perchance well contemplate of any individual much less unheard of of the admire. 

“Death is a tragic affair; I’m touring the relate trying to build lives,” Uhlfelder acknowledged in a cellular phone interview. “Nonetheless to lower the flag to honor this man is so disgusting. It’s offensive.”

James Call is a member of the USA TODAY NETWORK-Florida Capital Bureau. He’ll be reached at jcall@tallahassee.com. Put together on him Twitter: @CallTallahassee

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Concept to lower Florida’s flags for Bustle Limbaugh causing controversy, consternation