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Contemporary routes proposed for Snowy Hydro transmission lines

Contemporary routes proposed for Snowy Hydro transmission lines

TransGrid has launched recent alternatives for the proposed Hume Link transmission line, after the approved proposal was criticised by native landholders, council and the Rural Fire Provider.

Key good points:

  • The recent high voltage transmission lines will connect Snowy Hydro to the grid
  • The preliminary plans had the lines going thru non-public farmland and conclude to an airport
  • Contemporary alternatives encompass going thru a bid forest, after a bushfire cleared the home

The recent 500-kilovolt transmission line will in section connect the expanded Snowy Hydro plot to the electrical energy grid.

Early Newspaper

The preliminary route for the recent 600-kilometre network connecting Wagga Wagga, Maragle and Bannaby decrease thru immense areas of non-public farmland.

Snowy Valleys Council and Rural Fire Provider were also fascinated by its proximity to the Tumut Airport, which shall be a snide for firefighting airplane and the Royal Flying Doctor Provider.

A lot to be labored out

Graeme Wedderburn

TransGrid’s head of company affairs, Greame Wedderburn, stated holding costs low is clean a prime priority for the project.(

Provided: TransGrid


Some of the recent alternatives was to transfer the motorway north of Blowering Dam, a ways from the Tumut Airport, nonetheless TransGrid’s head of company affairs, Graeme Wedderburn, stated there was clean a lot to be labored out.

“The place the route goes after that, we have not but certain, since the work to evaluate a line that will stride over Blowering [Dam] has been complex and has taken moderately a pair of time,” he stated.

Mr Wedderburn stated the 2d proposed route thru the Inexperienced Hills Forest sought to accommodate the worries of landholders about the impact on priceless farming nation in the Yaven Creek home conclude to Adelong.

“The fires adjoining to Yaven Creek, for instance, were very badly broken and it be completely in one plan thanks to that, that this has unfolded as a viable option.”

‘Tip of the iceberg’

Landowner Matt Pearce stated he was chuffed with the concessions made.

“Certain, we have got been listened to — nonetheless in announcing that, there are clean moderately a pair of landowners across the Hume Link project that have to not as fortunate as us so will clean be doubtlessly impacted,” he stated.

Mr Pearce stated it was a lengthy manner from a “confronting” letter he first and foremost got in the mail, with TransGrid telling him a line would be going thru his property.

He hoped they and other non-public commerce operators would be taught from the ride.

“So I gain right here’s doubtlessly the tip of the iceberg because the renewable alternate happens.”

‘Has to develop benefits’

Mr Wedderburn stated the recent alternatives ought to clean now not cost important extra than the approved plans, and that holding costs low remained a prime heart of attention for the project.

“It wont bag approval without that, it has to develop benefits to possibilities.”

The proposed routes are expected to be finalised by mid one year before an environmental impact observation is interesting.

Contemporary routes proposed for Snowy Hydro transmission lines