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Contemporary York is not dead: In a year of isolation, the collective emerges

Contemporary York is not dead: In a year of isolation, the collective emerges


Maryam Banikarim, Idea contributor
Published 11: 13 a.m. ET March 20, 2021

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Even with a half a million Americans dead and counting, public agonize for contracting coronavirus is losing, according to a original AP-NORC poll that highlights divisions between heartache and hope as noteworthy of the country itches for normalcy. (March 11)

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All via COVID, we have been combating to maintain Contemporary York Metropolis alive and finding original ways to approach back together, from a distance.

This past year has been crazy. But amid the despair and isolation there have also been signs of hope and even pleasure. In late August, as we lived via months of pandemic lockdown, headlines declared Contemporary York “dead.” 

Dead we are not. 

And generally you wish a battle sob. 

Determined to push back against this false narrative about our city, we became to action. First we started an on-line community called ILoveNYMoreThanEver that celebrated the city. Then we asked our network of mates, “Who is interested and game in joining us to start up a conversation to glance how we can assist?” 

Contemporary York Metropolis is far from dead

NYCNext was born. Our mission: to aid our artistic community, to assist NYC increase, rebuild and change into a more equitable place for all and to energize others by creating spontaneous moments of pleasure in all 5 boroughs. 14 pop up events in 3 boroughs and 7 neighborhoods has handiest been feasible because of the 600+ volunteers who all give of themselves for the collective “we.” 

Stepping in to offer assist has became our despair into goal. It has given us positivity, pleasure and, most importantly, an fantastic sense of community.  

We’ve discovered a tie that binds — our appreciate of NYC. 

Contemporary Yorkers are resilient, creative doers. We place our passion to work as evidenced by the many who have galvanized. From Jerry Seinfeld who penned a Contemporary York Times Op-Ed share, to initiatives adore The Locker Room,Art in the Avenues, ShopInNYC, Summer season Prolonged Supper Club, and Back the Neighborhood. All this to say, Contemporary York is alive and kicking.

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Dream large dreams

After we’re all vaccinated, we’ll detached have struggles: unemployment, getting better businesses, racial injustice, climate change. But in the last year our ability to rally and battle together has strengthened. The energy of “we” far exceeds the energy of “me.” And my hope is that we take this lesson from the past year into the next, and aid combating, extending our hands and creating enthralling moments.

To quote filmmaker Ava DuVernay, “In case your dream is handiest about you, it’s too small.” 

Maryam Banikarim is the co-founder of NYCNext and Head of Marketing, Global and Group at Nextdoor.


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Contemporary York is not dead: In a year of isolation, the collective emerges