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“Contempt and disregard for everyone on the system”: Criticism forces restart on environmental flow consultation

“Contempt and disregard for everyone on the system”: Criticism forces restart on environmental flow consultation

It has been nearly a decade since the Murray-Darling Basin Understanding modified into agreed to, but there has been leisurely progress on trying down limitations to lift water for the environment.

Key aspects:

  • The NSW government is restarting consultation with thousands of landholders about elevated environmental flows
  • New modelling has been developed to lend a hand landholders understand the impacts of elevated flows on their properties
  • Farmers express the government will need to rebuild belief after years of  ‘appalling’ consultation

A key concern is mitigating the influence of over-bank flooding for thousands of landholders, like Paul Funnell from Collingullie on the Murrumbidgee River.

Early Newspaper

“Whereas our property is amazingly miniature, it’s extremely productive, and it [could] wipe out half our property,” Mr Funnell mentioned.

“Residing on the river we glean the natural impacts but here goes to be a person-made flood.”

The NSW Water Minister Melinda Pavey introduced a original consultation program earlier this week but wasn’t out there for an interview.

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NSW Water Minister Melinda Pavey has introduced original concultation on increasing environmental flows int he Murray and Murrumbidgee rivers.(

Provided: NSW Authorities


NSW claims Basin Understanding targets unrealistic

In a assertion, a spokesperson for Ms Pavey mentioned NSW had long-held the position that the 2024 timeline for lifting constraints position down in the Basin Understanding modified into unrealistic.

“Now no longer only will there need to be coverage changes there will also need to be infrastructure equivalent to bridges built.

“We are in a position to consume as long as our communities need and we command that constraints initiatives in other states contain no longer but started.

“Self reliant experiences contain also made it certain that the aim regulated flows of 80,000 megalitres at the South Australian border are unrealistic.

“We contain now made it certain that we is no longer going to be going to flow heights that are no longer acceptable to our communities or contain essential third-occasion impacts.”

Rebranding consultation

Following criticism of earlier years of consultation, the NSW government has hit the reset button with a brand original program title and extra correct inundation modelling.

A narrow river runs through the centre of the image, on either side is a thick blanket of river red gum trees.

Farmers express the government has a quantity of work to conclude discover belief from landholders.(

ABC News: Peter Healy


Reconnecting River Nation Program director Tracey MacDonald mentioned the level of curiosity would now be on collaboration with farmers.

“We’re no doubt no longer going out there with outlined flows or influence mitigation programs and at once negotiating outcomes with communities,” Ms MacDonald mentioned.

“We’ve learnt that we need to reinforce the science that we consume. We’ve learnt that we need to present communities with match-for-motive information that permits them to be informed on this job and in the fashion of the initiatives.”

But Mr Funnell mentioned the government had a quantity of work to conclude to discover the belief of landholders upset by the earlier consultation on the concern.

“This substitute about ‘we are going to run some adverts, run some public consultation and consume wonderful words like ‘neighborhood’, “Effectively, they know every rateable property on the river they need to door-knock every one of these and physically come here.

Compensation wants to be considered

“If they can mitigate the impacts with infrastructure immense, on the other hand, if they can no longer, they need to pay out or compensate the landholders, no longer honest for the recent lack of earnings but the future lack of earnings.

“If they are no longer though-provoking to conclude that, then it reveals they are no longer serious, and they are only having a gaze for one consequence, which is the environment rather than social or economic.”

The consultation is anticipated to consume 18 months, and a document will seemingly be keep to the suppose government to develop a decision.

“Contempt and disregard for everyone on the system”: Criticism forces restart on environmental flow consultation