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Coronation Road star Shobna Gulati’s life now and reason for leaving the soap

Coronation Road star Shobna Gulati’s life now and reason for leaving the soap
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She showed off her culinary abilities on BBC One’s Superstar Simplest Residence Cook dinner, but most of us will most recognise Shobna Gulati from the cobbles.

The actress played Sunita Alahan, companion to Dev Alahan on ITV’s hit soap Coronation Road from 2001 to 2013.

However the put is 54-year-old-fashioned Shobna since she waved goodbye to the soap?

Right here’s all you wish to know…

Coronation Street star Shobna Gulati opens up on having coronavirus and the death of her mother

Shobna played the characteristic of Sunita on Corrie

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Who used to be Sunita Alahan?

After escaping from an organized marriage in Mumbai, Sunita found herself in Weatherfield in 2001.

Dev welcomed her into his dwelling as they had been buddies from the past and Sunita used to be sadly disowned by her family.

After, Dev provided Sunita with a job at the Nook Shop and she went thru a failed engagement with Ciaran McCarthy who unfortunately wasn’t in care for with her.

Sunita used to be married to Dev Alahan

After falling head over heels for every Dev, Sunita’s mind tumour used to be treated and the couple obtained married in 2004.

The pair then brought twins Asha and Aasia Alahan into the world, nonetheless Sunita divorced Dev when she found out he had two secret formative years with another girl.

Sunita’s care for for Dev wouldn’t die and the family came reduction together in number 7 Coronation Road.

It used to be years after that Sunita veered away and fell for barman Karl Munro as she worked in the Rovers.

The couple had twins together

Sadly for Sunita, Karl space the Rovers on fireplace and even supposing she survived he later killed her in successfully being facility by removing her breathing provide.

He used to be later imprisoned in 2013, but it surely resulted in Shobna leaving her characteristic as Sunita.

Why did Shobna lunge away the cobbles?

Shobna left the avenue to pursue a profession in writing and comedy.

Shobna revealed she left her characteristic on the showcase as she felt unfortunate

The actress moreover revealed that popularity made her so unfortunate that she essential two counsellors to reduction her thru.

“Corrie popularity made me a recluse,” she acknowledged. “When I handed in my resignation I knew it used to be the appropriate thing.”

“If you’re in a glum location, there supreme appears to be like to be one manner out,” persisted Shobna. “You are trying now not to take into accout that. I’ve repeatedly tried now not to achieve that low. However when a bout of despair hit me I would perhaps also lock myself away for per week. Lived like a hermit.”

The put is Shobna Gulati now?

The actress has since made a series of TV appearences

Shobna now has a 26-year-old-fashioned son known as Akshay Gulati, but wasn’t in a field to fill any further formative years.

The soap star moved in with her mum unless her unhappy loss of life in 2019, as a result of her community didn’t agree with her having a son out of wedlock.

Shobna first married Anshu Srivastava in 1990 in a Hindu ceremony, but that ended four years later to which she then started a romance with Emmerdale actor Gary Turner.

After issues didn’t last with Gary the actress fell into a relationship with Anthony Brown, who used to be 17 years youthful than her.

Shobna is mother to a 26-year-old-fashioned son

The grand age gap used to be essentially the reason she ended her relationship with Anthony.

Following her stint on Corrie, Shobna appeared on The put the Heart is and Netflix series Paranoid.

She’s moreover found herself on the panel of Free Females from 2018 to 2020 and played Najia Khan in Physician Who.

Most these days we’ve considered Shobna compete on Superstar Simplest Residence Cook dinner which saw Ed Balls rep the showcase.

Coronation Road star Shobna Gulati’s life now and reason for leaving the soap