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Cotton growers pick site for NT’s first gin

Cotton growers pick site for NT’s first gin

Constructing is determined to begin on the Northern Territory’s first business cotton gin in July as growers commit to a site shut to Katherine.

Key parts:

  • High Finish growers had been trucking cotton 3,500km to Queensland for processing
  • Between 6,000 and 8,000 hectares of cotton are anticipated to be grown in NT next season
  • The chair of the growth team in the abet of the project says the NT gin will no longer impact on a doubtless WA operation

Over the outdated couple of years, High Finish farmers hold slowly elevated plantings of cotton, nevertheless the enterprise’s type has been hampered by the inability of a neighborhood processing facility.

Early Newspaper

Growers hold been trucking cotton bales 3,500 kilometres to gins in south-east Queensland, with transport charges severely cutting into earnings.

The Northern Cotton Gin Pattern Neighborhood has presented it has chosen a site 35km north of Katherine, on freehold land at Tarwoo Disclose, to fabricate a gin.

The capability shall be constructed and operated by Fresh South Wales-basically based totally totally firm RivCott Ltd and is anticipated to be operational by the 2022 season.

A map of the Northern Territory, highlighting where Tarwoo Station is.

Tarwoo Disclose modified into sold in 2020 and would perhaps well also simply now transform dwelling to a cotton gin.(

Website: Elders


Grower-owned operation

Pattern team chair David Connolly said the gin would be owned “solely by all capability cotton growers in the High Finish of the Northern Territory and Western Australia”.

“The NT executive hasn’t been asked to chip in any money for this,” he said.

“We are succesful of inquire of the manager to make certain that the publicly funded infrastructure, such as roads and vitality, shall be accessible to the site.

“We now hold had nothing nevertheless certain abet from the manager about this type and I bask in they’re taking a look forward to this as noteworthy because the growers are.”

Cut to boost

About 3,000 hectares of cotton are being develop in the NT this year, nevertheless Mr Connolly expects that to build greater to between 6,000 and 8,000ha next year.

“A range of the hectares which would perhaps well be being planted to cotton aren’t contemporary [cleared] hectares,” he said.

“[Farmers] aren’t jumping in bulldozers and ripping a heap of bushes down and planting cotton.

“In our occasion, at Tipperary, now we hold transformed hay nation and diversified nation that we develop pasture on — we’re changing that to cotton nation.”

He said about 90 per cent of the cotton being grown in the NT modified into dry-land cotton, which relied on moist season rains fairly than irrigation.

A close up of a cotton bale in a paddock, with several other cotton bales in the background.

About 3,000 hectares of cotton is being grown all the device thru the High Finish this season.(

ABC Rural: Jon Daly


Ord gin serene viable

Mr Connolly said a gin shut to Katherine would no longer impact the viability of plans to fabricate a gin all the device thru the border in WA’s Ord Irrigation Plot.

“We envisage a time when the WA slit gets to a voice the attach its volumes are huge sufficient to protect a gin,” he said.

“Then these shareholders would perhaps well also simply work and fabricate a gin at Kununurra.

“For the time being there is no longer sufficient quantity being grown in WA for [an Ord gin] to be viable, so those growers are invited to be a shareholder of this gin and bring their cotton over here at no extra value.”

He said originally the NorCott gin would price every northern cotton grower the same quantity to freight modules, regardless of the space to rating to Tarwoo.

A document by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2020 said northern Australia’s cotton enterprise would perhaps well doubtlessly be rate at the very least $200 million interior a decade, and succesful of producing more than 400,000 bales per annum.

Cotton growers pick site for NT’s first gin