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COVID-19 update: Cases in SA rise by 1 862 as 41 809 vaccines are administered

COVID-19 update: Cases in SA rise by 1 862 as 41 809  vaccines are administered

The most fresh COVID-19 figures had been released. According to the Neatly being Ministry, 1 862 fresh cases were identified in South Africa. As of on the present time, the loss of life toll stands at 49 523 with recoveries at 1 422 622.

The total amount of vaccines administered is 41 809.

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COVID-19 update: 24 February 2021

Breakdown of present confirmed COVID-19 cases

As per Neatly being Minister Zweli Mkhize’s sage, 1 862 confirmed cases were identified during the past 24 hours (998 on 23 February 2020). Unfortunately, we additionally lost 110 sufferers to COVID-19-related ailments.

As per the sage: 5 sufferers from the Eastern Cape passed away, 61 from the Free Command, 12 from Gauteng, 7 from KwaZulu-Natal, 7 from Mpumalanga, 1 from Northern Cape, and 17 from Western Cape.

On the time of publishing, the Neatly being Ministry recorded 8 967 460 cumulative COVID-19 assessments, of which 34 510 were completed during the past 24 hours: 14 357 at public amenities and 20 153 at non-public amenities.

New cases, deaths and recoveries by province

The confirmed COVID-19 cases per province is as follows:

ProvinceFull Cases in South AfricaFull DeathsFull RecoveriesCrammed with life Cases currently
Eastern Cape193 77311 269182 074430
Free Command79 6413 19569 7096 737
Gauteng403 0749 547389 5293 998
KwaZulu-Natal327 7609 539308 4919 730
Limpopo61 6971 84058 6771 180
Mpumalanga70 5111 24167 9831 287
North West60 5411 12656 2603 155
Northern Cape33 70566430 7502 291
Western Cape276 74611 102259 1496 495

COVID-19 updates from at some stage in the arena

AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine update

Heart East: Jordan has reimposed an all-day curfew on Fridays to stem the spread of coronavirus as cases rise, officers mentioned Wednesday, 24 February 2021.

Ukraine launched a nationwide marketing campaign to inoculate its population against the coronavirus, following delays that sparked infuriate against the govt. in one in all Europe’s poorest nations.

Slovakia: A group of 5 scientific doctors and nine nurses arrived in Slovakia from Romania on Wednesday to inspire fight what’s currently the arena’s top doubtless Covid loss of life charge.

France can even must impose fresh local restrictions to contend with a worsening COVID-19 wretchedness as it scrambles to e book certain of a fresh nationwide lockdown, a govt spokesman mentioned Wednesday.

United States: President Joe Biden’s administration is location to distribute 25 million cloth masks starting from subsequent month as half of efforts to defeat the pandemic, White Condo Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Zients mentioned Wednesday.

Global statistics

On the time of publishing, COVID-19 is affecting 219 nations and territories. The international caseload stands at 112,945,635, with the loss of life toll at 2,503,415 and recoveries at 88,539,425.

The US is the worst-affected with 516,403 deaths from 28,940,131 cases. After the US, the toughest-hit nations are India with 156,742 deaths from 11,046,432 cases, and Brazil with 248,646 deaths from 10,260,621.

Russia has 84,430 deaths from 4,200,902 cases whereas the UK recorded 121,747 deaths from 4,144,577 cases. South Africa is currently 16th on the listing, preceded by Iran, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and France.

As of on the present time, the total amount of confirmed #COVID19 cases is 1 507 448 the total amount of deaths is 49 523, the total amount of recoveries is 1 422 622 and the total amount of vaccines administered is 41 809. pic.twitter.com/fSuGPvaBDT

— Dr Zweli Mkhize (@DrZweliMkhize) February 24, 2021

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COVID-19 update: Cases in SA rise by 1 862 as 41 809 vaccines are administered