Home Breaking News CPT man accused of ‘assaulting journo’ throws anti-conceal tantrum in court

CPT man accused of ‘assaulting journo’ throws anti-conceal tantrum in court

CPT man accused of ‘assaulting journo’ throws anti-conceal tantrum in court

A staunch anti-conceal crusader ended up securing himself two nights in Pollsmore Reformatory on Monday, after his erratic behaviour raised some foremost horror bells. Craig Peiser, who’s imagined to gain assaulted a Cape Town journalist during a deliver against lockdown on Saturday, is due aid in court later this week – once he’s had a psychiatric overview.

Anti-conceal protester kicks-off in court

The original conflict between the defendant and other court officials erupted earlier this morning. On every occasion Peiser became confronted, things escalated to a better level. His appearance proved to be both fractious and farcical:

Early Newspaper
  • – His day started in prickly kind, as he began arguing with a security guard about conceal-wearing upon arrival.
  • – One official warned Peiser to ‘lower his dispute’ sooner than entering the premises.
  • – Then again, the anti-masker neglected pleas to restful down, throwing his conceal on the floor in a match of rage.
  • – The tantrum continued inside of Simonstown Justice of the Peace’s Court, as his lack of a face-covering sparked direct.
  • – Peiser would possibly be heard sharing debunked COVID-19 conspiracies, and handiest put his conceal on to enter the courtroom.
  • – The fun didn’t cease there, nonetheless. The protester swore, shouted, and claimed he became ‘in retain watch over’ of proceedings.

#JournalistAssault The suspect has misplaced his temper inside court, chucked his conceal in the courtroom, swore on the Justice of the Peace and would possibly well well even be heard shouting, “I’m in label, I in reality gain energy here.” LP

— EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) February 8, 2021

Craig Peiser heading in the correct course for ‘psychiatric overview’

As the chaos continued, the presiding Justice of the Peace became left with cramped preference but to hunch the case until this Wednesday. Peiser, in the intervening time, will now be remanded in custody – after law officials shared considerations concerning the man’s psychological health:

“The Justice of the Peace has kept the accused in custody and referred him to the district surgeon for evaluate and/or observation for that it’s possible you’ll well well well presumably also think of referral for psychological observation in consequence of his conduct in court. He rambled on and on, shouted and swore. The topic has been postponed to 10 February 2021.”

Spokesperson for the Nationwide Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Eric Ntabazalila

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CPT man accused of ‘assaulting journo’ throws anti-conceal tantrum in court