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Crime a key issue as Pilbara heads to ballot field, so what do the candidates say?

Crime a key issue as Pilbara heads to ballot field, so what do the candidates say?

Community leaders across the northwest say they are desperate for action on youth crime—and it is far shaping up to be a key election issue for the Pilbara seat.

Key facets:

  • Crime is shaping up to be a key election issue for the Pilbara seat
  • Community leaders say youth crime is rampant
  • Candidates for the seat are pushing extra extra police and wraparound products and services

In Newman a spate of car thefts, adolescents roaming the road at night, and general anti-social behaviour spurred the Shire of East Pilbara to ask the executive to intervene.

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Shire President Lynn Craigie said youth crime was “rife.”

According to Ms Craigie, the answer was no longer extra police — it was better wrap-around products and services to sustain adolescents off the road.

“We want extra intervention, we may well like products and services to address what’s happening with these adolescents, we may well like products and services that can say: ‘The place are the parents, the place are the adolescents coming from, what’s going on, what can we establish in place?’,” she said.

“We already have a few youth products and services available … nonetheless these issues are happening mighty later at night when clearly we don’t have programs operating.”

The ABC spoke to each Pilbara candidate about their plans to address voters’ crime considerations.

Kevin Michel: Labor

A mid-shot of Kevin Michel posing for a photo and smiling at the camera.

Kevin Michel says a lot of folk are vexed and angry about crime in the Pilbara.(ABC News: Charlotte Hamlyn)

Labor MP Kevin Michel has held the Pilbara seat since 2017, when he ousted Nationals Leader Brendon Grylls.

The incumbent member said his constituents were certainly vexed about crime.

“A lot of folk are angry,” Mr Michel said.

He said crime has been an issue in the Pilbara for years.

“You can’t leave your car unlocked and your condominium unlocked, I do know we passe to do that years ago when I first came up right here,” he said.

Mr Michel said Labor was centered on boosting the police presence across WA and in the Pilbara.

“We have done a lot, we now have actually bought 800 unique police recruits that are coming in off the power, and we are going to earn a few into the Pilbara,” he said.

Mr Michel also said extra products and services were wished to sustain adolescents from roaming the streets at night and committing crimes.

“We are taking a stare at making an attempt to make obvious we engage with the youth, and have some extra or less youth activities available for them to establish them on the fair track, earn them employment, earn them jobs,” he said.

He said Labor would also commit to funding ladies’s refuges and Salvation Army products and services in the procedure.

Camilo Blanco: Liberal

Two men stand on decking with a large ship at port behind

Liberal Candidate Camilo Blanco and party leader Zak Kirkup.(ABC Pilbara: Louise Miolin)

Mr Blanco grew up in the Pilbara and achieved his mechanical apprenticeship with BP.

He ran his acquire trade for 20 years and was Mayor of the Town of Port Hedland for three years.

He said he forced some certain change in the town.

The State Authorities suspended the council and appointed an administrator in 2019 due to ongoing complaints and considerations.

He said the Liberal party had announced tall plans to recruit 1,200 extra law enforcement officials.

“We also need to have a stable representative in the Pilbara to be certain that the executive understands the lack of law enforcement officials we have in the area,” Mr Blanco said.

He said products and services were below resourced.

“We have some of the perfect domestic violence per centages in the nation, child intercourse offences, we now have bought tall truancy issues, we may well like extra police,” Mr Blanco said.

He said the Pilbara wished extra funding in social housing, extra staff in social products and services, child protection, we may well like massive enchancment in education quality.

Scott Bourne: Nationals

A woman and man in Nationals' shirts, stand smiling on a hill outside the town of Pilbara, with the ocean as backdrop

Seat of Pilbara Nationals candidate Scott Bourne and Nationals leader Mia Davies.(Provided: National Party)

Scott Bourne has lived in the Pilbara for 14 years together with his wife and two adolescents.

Mr Bourne works as a health and safety officer at the Metropolis of Karratha.

He said ahead of the Nationals came to town there were a lot of broken-down, drained mining towns in the procedure.

He said he has considered the correct Royalties for Regions can do for the neighborhood, nonetheless the job was no longer done but.

“The last four years the taps have been grew to develop into off and cash has been diverted in other places,” he said.

Mr Bourne said massive systemic issues were to blame for crime in the Pilbara.

“There’s no silver bullet answer to the downside,” he said.

Mr Bourne said there was a need for extra wraparound and overnight products and services.

“What I’d treasure to observe in the subsequent four years is having that 24-hour police coverage across the Pilbara so when things do traipse down … so we now have bought a responsive police power,” he said.

He said he thinks Royalties for Regions was the key to tackle some of the issues which may lead to crime, such as housing and mental health.

Early vote casting has opened across the state ahead of the March 13 election.

Crime a key issue as Pilbara heads to ballot field, so what do the candidates say?