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Cyber attacks on JBS meat processor causing livestock trade tumult

Cyber attacks on JBS meat processor causing livestock trade tumult

A cyber assault is grinding Australia’s greatest meat processor to a quit and the fallout is causing disarray for farmers and the livestock trade across the country. 

Key aspects:

  • JBS’s national abolish will be halted all week, affecting thousands of workers
  • The cyber hack is causing disarray for farmers across Australia
  • The meat processor is yet to convey when programs will be restored

JBS USA has confirmed the firm modified into once targeted by an organised cyber assault on Sunday, which has paralysed its operations in North The US and Australia.

Early Newspaper

In an announcement, a JBS spokesperson said the firm took rapid action by contacting authorities and enlisting the lend a hand of IT experts across the globe to repair the difficulty. 

“The firm is no longer attentive to any evidence at this time that any buyer, dealer or employee information has been compromised or misused due to the situation,” the spokesperson said.

In consequence, the national abolish is predicted to be cancelled for a lot of days and the ABC has been steered a astronomical preference of consignments of cattle in Queensland consider been cancelled at the eleventh hour and vehicles consider been compelled to expose spherical.

“We had to send them up on Sunday afternoon and then we got the message within the morning that they’d favor to execute the advise because the meatworks modified into once going to be shutting for an indefinite amount of time,” Central Queensland grazier Colin Baker said.

“We had a wasted day … because mustering the cattle, sorting them out and then trucking them up there and then we had to bring them dwelling as of late and let all of them trail again.”

Cattle at the Roma saleyard

Farmers across the country consider been effected by the interruptions for Australia’s greatest meat processor.(

Supplied: Chris Fithall


Cattle trade tumult

JBS has 47 facilities across Australia and operates the splendid community of production facilities and feedlots within the country.

Hundreds of meatworkers across Australia consider been despatched dwelling due to the cyber attacks, per the Australian Meat Industry Staff’ Union.

“The entire animals coming into the gadget, and the total meat going out of the gadget are all done by computer programs, whereas within the conventional days it modified into once done with the labelling and tagging gadget,” Tasmanian Secretary Andrew Foden said.

“Since the pay flow is in general done by the computer, they’re in actuality frantically doing it at the second … they’re right going to rollover closing week’s pay manually,” he said.

At JBS’s facility come Townsville in Northern Queensland, about 600 head of cattle would consider been killed as of late.

Ray White Rural agent Liam Kirkwood said the shutdown had thrown the northern cattle supply into disarray.

An outside view of the JBS Stuart meatworks, south of Townsville.

The shutdown at JBS’ Stuart meatworks come Townsville has thrown the northern Queensland cattle industry into disarray.(

Eliza Rogers


“Absolute confidence loads of oldsters would consider had cattle on the avenue and they’ve been turned into spherical and despatched dwelling,”

“Folks will right wait and discover what happens, or no longer it is all reasonably fresh here as of late, so I’d convey folks will be taking a glance for solutions from JBS within the next 24 hours as to what’s going to happen.”

The situation is also having spacious implications for farmers in other places within the country.

Gabrielle Coupland farms on the southern NSW border and delivers sheep to the JBS plant at Brooklyn right exterior of Melbourne.

She said deliveries consider been cancelled the day earlier than as of late and the shutdown had precipitated abundant disruption to the provision chain within the region.

“Nonetheless or no longer it is no longer right the farmers, It be the truck drivers, the stock handlers, or no longer it is the re-organising, or no longer it is precipitated a astronomical disruption to the market.”


Sheep in the foreground with two men in the background leaning over a fence.

The situation might maybe consider spacious implications for the broader livestock trade within the approaching weeks.(

ABC Rural: 


Market implications

Mr Kirkwood said the shutdowns might maybe consider an affect on livestock sales within the approaching weeks.

“Absolute confidence the cattle they’re no longer killing at the second, they’re going to be pushed lend a hand, and everyone’s abolish dates will be pushed lend a hand, which is able to throw out both mustering, trucking schedules, you title it,” he said.

“There will be folks taking a glance to trail to other picks treasure our sales, however that will dwell to be viewed within the next week or two.”

JBS is also a serious buyer of livestock and its absence from the market might maybe consider implications for competition and prices.

Duncan Mcleod, president of the Roma Livestock Agents Association, said the situation would consider shrimp fabricate on the sale at Australia’s greatest cattle sale at Roma in Southern Queensland as of late. 

“The competition general at Roma has been reasonably strong, and I’d consider there’d even be other consumers … per chance some of those consumers will discover it as a chance to trail reasonably tougher and derive a pair of extra additional cattle,” he said.

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud the day earlier than as of late confirmed the authorities modified into once investigating the hack and working to discover the firm lend a hand online.

The ABC has contacted JBS Australia for comment, however previously it has no longer responded or indicated when its operations would resume. 

“Resolution of the incident will engage time, which might maybe maybe lengthen definite transactions with potentialities and suppliers,” a spokesperson from the US division of JBS said.

Producers treasure Mr Baker consider been left with unanswered questions.

“They haven’t been ready to swear us when it’ll also happen after they might maybe maybe discover going again,” he said.

Cyber attacks on JBS meat processor causing livestock trade tumult