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DA wants vote recount in motion of no confidence against premier David Makhura

DA wants vote recount in motion of no confidence against premier David Makhura

The DA in the Gauteng legislature has called into ask the outcomes of a motion of no confidence vote against premier David Makhura held earlier this week.

Gauteng premier David Makhura. File recount.


DA chief whip Mike Moriarty acknowledged in a statement on Thursday that he had written to speaker Ntombi Mekgwe to build a matter to for a recount of votes.

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The DA had initially asked for a vote by means of a secret pollagainst Makhura, who is also facing internal fights within his bear celebration.

The motion of no confidence against him was motivated by contemporary revelations in regards to the involvement of his office in the deepest protecting equipment corruption scandal.

“The DA has written to the speaker in the Gauteng provincial legislature for the foundations committee to learn in regards to the original vote of the motion of no confidence in premier Makhura from earlier this week, and institute a recount.

“The DA has raised scenario regarding the overall number of votes that get hang of been recorded, and how the voting process in a hybrid plenary improvement takes contrivance,” acknowledged Moriarty.

He wondered the overall number of votes which defeated the motion of no confidence, saying they prompt Mekgwe might maybe maybe presumably also get hang of voted.

“Whereas the overall number of seats in the [legislature] is 73 [which includes the speaker], one MPL had abstained, and two other individuals did not respond during the roll name. Regardless of this, the speaker had recorded a total of 70 votes.

“This intended that the speaker included a vote for herself, which is a violation of the foundations, because the speaker handiest has a vote in the occasion of a tie. Whereas the speaker announced a consequence of 33 votes for the motion and 37 against, this was not a factual reflection of the tally,” acknowledged Moriarty.

He acknowledged one member of another opposition celebration, who according to the recording clearly voted for the motion, was recorded as voting no.

“It has been alleged that this inform member had changed their mind to vote against the motion. The DA has asked the speaker to be certain the foundations committee also opinions this and ascertain if the member in reality did exchange their mind or whether or not there was coercion at play.

“The DA believes, after removing the speaker’s vote and including the member of the other opposition celebration who voted in support of the motion, the final tally wants to be 34 votes for the motion, and 35 votes against,” acknowledged Moriarty.

He acknowledged they wished the foundations and integrity of the foundations to be salvage, even supposing the recount reveals that the motion would aloof remain defeated.

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DA wants vote recount in motion of no confidence against premier David Makhura