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Dairy farmers riding high on one of the best seasons in recent memory

Dairy farmers riding high on one of the best seasons in recent memory

One of the best seasons in recent memory has boosted fortunes for lots of of Australia’s dairy farmers.

Key points:

  • Many Australian dairy farmers continue to trip a honest season, helping them decrease farm input costs
  • Examine remains true but production suppose is frail
  • Freight and economic concerns might per chance presumably presumably additionally hit exporters

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An industry narrative looking at the dairy sector’s operating environment has identified low input costs, true inquire of and true production as some of the components driving confidence and income.

On the other hand, Dairy Australia’s most up-to-the-minute Situation and Outlook narrative presentations things are no longer somewhat so rosy globally.

Senior industry analyst Sofia Omsted stated honest seasonal conditions during powerful of the country contain been a key facet in improving operating conditions at the farm gate.

First payment rain has helped farmers increase on-farm feed production, which helps decrease operating costs.

“We now contain seen a surge in grain and fodder production and with abundant pasture grown on farms, inquire of for bought feed has truly eased during the country which has resulted in an easing of input costs as effectively,” Ms Omsted stated.

Narrative prick, disaster over in Gippsland

Gippsland dairy farmer Ross Anderson is optimistic despite receiving a decrease model for his milk than final year.

Mr Anderson farms at Denison, shut to Heyfield, and recently recorded the largest harvest ever from his dry country.

Close-up of a dairy cow in the yards outside a dairy.

Dairy cattle at Ross Anderson’s Denison dairy.(

ABC Gippsland: Peter Somerville


“That has a enormous impression on our backside line,” Mr Anderson stated. “The more feed we are able to grow there the much less now we should always make a selection in assorted areas.”

He stated the industry had overcome its share of setbacks over the previous decade, nonetheless a contemporary outlook changed into once main.

“I think presumably there changed into once lots of negativity round dairy … but now we should always change that script a miniature bit. It’d additionally peaceable be something we would additionally peaceable be truly proud of,”

“We are producing a expansive product mostly off pasture, our cows are exterior, we’re rather environmentally friendly and trying to finish our bit,”

“We should always finish talking about disaster and think about how there’s masses of opportunities,” Mr Anderson stated.

Examine strong but production stagnates

Ms Omsted stated the picture changed into once further improved by inquire of for dairy merchandise from the meals provider sector recovering.

On the other hand, production is common with the change in production this season seemingly to only shift by 1 per cent above or below final year’s ranges.

She stated components including labour shortages, farm exits and a smaller national dairy herd are slowing suppose.

“In the previous few years of truly challenging conditions we contain seen distinguished culling of our national dairy herd and it’s going to gather rather lots to rep better that forward of we’ll inspect suppose come by means of.”

Dairy farmers learn to negotiate with milk buyers.

Examine for dairy merchandise globally remains consistent.

World picture much less rosy

Whereas international inquire of for dairy merchandise remains beneficial, there are peaceable lots of question marks round the industry on a international scale, brought on by the appreciating Australian forex and worldwide shipping container scarcity.

“It is reasonably of a headache to industry that hasn’t gone away for the duration of the final year.”

Ms Omsted stated the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations had buoyed market sentiment and driven optimism.

Tasmanian dairy farmer James Greenacre stated his optimism changed into once tempered by markets foreign.

“World dairy costs contain been very definite but unfortunately for us the Australian greenback has been strong but we’ll inspect where the milk corporations land.”

Sophie and James Greenacre holding baby in dairy

First-generation Tasmanian dairy farmers James and Sophie Greenacre contain expanded their herd and irrigated land at Cressy in the command’s north(

Provided: Dairy Tasmania


“On a farm business foundation we contain honest tried to beget the farm where the cost of production is ample to maintain and bound forward in assorted milk model environments,” Mr Greenacre stated.

As first-generation dairy farmers, James and his wife Sophie are learning snappy with the wait on of Dairy Tasmania.

They consume nine of us and contain grown their herd to 1250 cows, having doubled their amount of irrigated land to 300 hectares.

They are section of a highlight farm project with a network of farmers and industry experts who review the farm’s production targets and the family’s work-life balance.

“We contain altered our farm map, feeding much less grain and relying more on grass to feed the cows,” Mr Greenacre stated.

Confidence decrease in NSW

David Williams stands in a paddock with cows behind him.

Hunter Valley dairy farmer David Williams is peaceable recovering from the prolonged drought.(

1233 ABC Newcastle: Robert Advantage


The lingering impression of the three-year drought peaceable has a sustain on dairy farmer’s finances in some regions of Recent South Wales.

“We’re peaceable playing purchase up, things received brushed off during the drought because of this of we contain been spending so powerful on irrigation and grain,” Hunter Valley farmer David Williams stated.

He stated maintenance and replacement of machinery had fallen behind.

“At the finish of the month there’s no longer lots (of funds) left by the time you make a selection fertilizer and feed.”

Mr Williams stated farm expansion changed into once additionally refined, as local producers fight to compete with cashed up Sydney and Newcastle investors.

Dairy farmers riding high on one of the best seasons in recent memory