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Dazzling Bowl 2021: The 25 best football movies of all time, ranked

Dazzling Bowl 2021: The 25 best football movies of all time, ranked


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Dazzling Bowl Sunday is upon us once extra, and while the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs are taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend – with The Weeknd presumably stealing the total present at halftime – build no longer ignore these feisty West Canaan Coyotes, underdog Texas Thunder Armadillos and misfit Washington Sentinels who’ve each taken a turn profitable over Hollywood.

The best of all sports-movie subgenres, football motion photography occupy given us huge characters – accurate and fictional – and a bunch of awesome cinematic moments in every part from screwball comedies to accurate-lifestyles narratives. Everyone wants a man like Rudy Ruettiger, on their group or correct in lifestyles. Who cares about Tom Brady when there are dudes like Shane Falco? And on draft day, continually undergo in mind: Vontae Mack, regardless of what.

In honor of Dazzling Bowl LV, we’re ranking the 25 best football movies of all time. (Sorry, “Brian’s Song” fans: We’re simplest counting theatrical and streaming releases, no longer made-for-TV weepers.)

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25. ‘The Waterboy’ (1998)

Cajun accents and “high quality H2O” float in this responsible pleasure with Adam Sandler as a dusky-witted mama’s boy and college football wannabe who turns into a force of nature on cleats when he will get ticked off sufficient.

24. ‘Varsity Blues’ (1999)

When an all-voice high college quarterback (Paul Walker) will get injured, his backup (James Van Der Beek) learns the positives of Texas football celeb (recognition, ladies and strip clubs!) and the negatives (the wrath of Jon Voight’s merciless coach).

23. ‘Friday Night Lights’ (2004)

Let’s be lawful: The “Friday Night Lights” TV present is extra healthy than half this list, however the movie adaptation of H.G. Bissinger’s new about Texas high-college football is noteworthy for its legit obsession with the sport and Billy Bob Thornton’s thorny, lift-at-all-costs coach.

22. ‘The Particular’ (2008)

Syracuse working help Ernie Davis (Secure Brown), the first African-American to lift the Heisman Trophy, will get the biopic medication in an inspirational memoir with bigger than a splash of depression (since leukemia gash help his playing profession and lifestyles short).

21. ‘The Sport Contrivance’ (2007)

Even as you did no longer know Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became once a mammoth ol’ softie, this highlight of his household-friendly section sides the dilapidated Miami Storm as a cocky professional quarterback who has to be taught a complete recent playbook when he finds out he has an 8-year-old daughter.

20. ‘Paper Lion’ (1968)

A grasp of participatory journalism, George Plimpton (Alan Alda) has the muse to head to a professional group’s coaching camp and strive to fabricate the group, however the Detroit Lions are the best ones to chunk. While his teammates (like all-huge name Alex Karras) near around to digging him, his one game as a quarterback is catastrophe. (Three plays, harmful 41 yards!)

19. ‘Invincible’ (2006)

Mark Wahlberg continually appears like a dude in correct sufficient shape to play some ball, and in this factual-lifestyles story, he also rocks some serious 1970s vogue as a Philadelphia bartender who manages to shock all people when he goes to an launch tryout for his most traditional Eagles and makes the squad.

18. ‘Safety’ (2020)

The most modern entry on this list is one to offer you all the feels and some challenging-hitting hurry. A Clemson freshman (Jay Reeves) dangers his football scholarship by having his miniature brother (Thaddeus J. Mixson) secretly dwell on campus with him when their drug-addicted mom goes to rehab in an emotional accurate-lifestyles story referring to the energy of community.

17. ‘All the Correct Moves’ (1983)

Earlier than he felt the need for tempo, Tom Cruise became once all about selecting off passes in one of his earliest movie roles. He plays a high college defensive help who sees football as a technique out of his working-class Pennsylvania metal city, will get on the immoral facet of his coach (Craig T. Nelson) and, surprisingly, dates a marching band member (Lea Thompson).

16. ‘The Final Boy Scout’ (1991)

This correctly over-the-prime hurry movie teams a disgraced quarterback (Damon Wayans) and an LA deepest be taught (Bruce Willis) to investigate shady dealings inspiring legalized playing. The bonkers opening is a highlight, with a rockin’ “Monday Night Football”-form intro and a man in a drug rage shooting his plan into the cease zone mid-game.

15. ‘Horse Feathers’ (1932)

The Marx Brothers hit the field for one of their classic comedies. Groucho Marx stars because the recent president of Huxley College, who attempts to tag on two professional avid gamers to support beat rival Darwin College however finally ends up getting a pair of bootleggers as an replacement. Excessive jinks ensue, including a hilarious scene in the Enormous Sport with a scampering dogs and a chariot trot. 

14. ‘The Replacements’ (2000)

When the Washington Sentinels wander on strike, a disparate squad of schmoes takes the field as an replacement of the typical avid gamers. Now at quarterback and No. 1 in your hearts: Keanu Reeves’ Shane Falco, who’s serene making an are attempting to pass on from an epic Sugar Bowl meltdown when he became once a college All American.

13. ‘North Dallas Forty’ (1979)

The simplest component that will possibly additionally just be crazier than the explicit football lifestyles is that this satirical comedy-drama that has extra to form with a hedonistic existence than play-hurry passes. The North Dallas Bulls are led by a constantly blitzed receiver (Cut Nolte) who has the next hobby in intercourse, treatment and alcohol than in the sport itself. 

12. ‘A really significant Roughness’ (1991)

Oh, no, Texas Thunder College’s football program bought shut down! No worries with no scholarships, since the Fightin’ Armadillos receive success fielding a community of misfits, including a talented 30-something freshman quarterback (Scott Bakula), a brainiac defensive lineman (Sinbad in his best just ever) and a female kicker (Kathy Ireland) with no patience for on-field misogyny.

11. ‘Take into accout the Titans’ (2000)

Piece civil-rights drama and section inspirational sports flick, “Titans” forged Denzel Washington as a coach who has to salvage white and sad formative years all on the identical page when he takes over the group at desegregated T.C. Williams Excessive. Come on now, who would no longer have to play for Denzel? (Additionally of present: Younger Ryan Gosling!)

10. ‘The Longest Yard’ (1974)

Even as you are serene mourning the loss of Burt Reynolds, dig into one of his best movie roles ever as Paul “Wrecking” Crewe, an ex-professional baller convict tasked with main a jailhouse squad (aka the “Mean Machine”) in opposition to a community of villainous guards set collectively by a inappropriate warden (Eddie Albert).

9. ‘Heaven Can Wait’ (1978)

Football is the framing instrument for this romantic fantasy about LA Rams quarterback Joe Pendleton, who wins the beginning job, then dies in a site visitors accident while biking residence (on account of angelic error). Because of this of he wasn’t alleged to croak yet, though, he will get a 2d probability at lifestyles and like in the physique of a murdered industrialist.

8. ‘Jerry Maguire’ (1996)

Oh, determined, there is the total “You full me” lovey-dovey romance, whilst you are into that type of component. But then there is the bromance: Cuba Gooding Jr. acquired a best-supporting actor Oscar for playing uber-assured Arizona Cardinals wideout Rod Tidwell, who shouts “Present me the money!” and turns into best ideally suited friend to his struggling agent (Tom Cruise).

7. ‘Any Given Sunday’ (1999)

Oliver Stone gave us the following loopy level up from “North Dallas Forty” with the on- and off-field drama of the Miami Sharks, from their embattled high-profile coach (Al Pacino) to the insanely talented third-string quarterback (Jamie Foxx) to the large name working help (LL Wintry J) who would no longer like others transferring into the manner of his highlight.

6. ‘The Freshman’ (1925)

Even help in the 1920s, nerdy formative years went to extremes to be standard. Harold Lloyd is the title rookie who will get to Tate College shopping for football glory and presumably a female friend, too, and quick turns into the resident tackling dummy in a template for sports and college comedies that adopted.

5. ‘The Blind Facet’ (2009)

Sandra Bullock acquired a best actress Oscar for this charming biopic about Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a really huge foster kid in Memphis whose lifestyles is turned around when he’s taken in by a caring couple (Bullock and Tim McGraw) and finds he’s really correct at conserving quarterbacks. 

4. ‘We Are Marshall’ (2006)

Tragedy is at the center of this movie about Marshall College and the 1970 plane smash that killed most of the football group. Jack Lengyel (Matthew McConaughey) is hired because the recent coach of a brand recent batch of avid gamers that support the city and college enhance however never omit their loss.

3. ‘Draft Day’ (2014)

An exhilarating and quotable movie referring to the wheeling and dealing of the NFL Draft, specializing in a Cleveland Browns fashioned supervisor (Kevin Costner) whose job hinges on his picks. Gawk out for a pre-“Sunless Panther” Chadwick Boseman as linebacker prospect Vontae Mack, who has one of the all-time goose-pimply sports-movie moments when he’s drafted – one which implies even extra now following Boseman’s dying. 

2. ‘Knute Rockne, All American’ (1940)

The old-college biopic casts Pat O’Brien because the Notre Dame participant-turned-coach, though or no longer it’s future President Ronald Reagan who steals the movie with his just as Combating Irish halfback George Gipp and his illustrious deathbed line to “Rob one for the Gipper.” Sadly, or no longer it’s a loss at the recent time for the explanation that factual victor of this list is …

1. ‘Rudy’ (1993)

As rousing as any “Rocky” movie – and somewhat great any movie, length – this component has you all in thru the recede of Sean Astin’s “5-foot-nothing, 100 and nothing” squirt as he wins the hearts of no longer simplest the viewers however also his Notre Dame teammates. By the time he hits the field in the movie’s climax, you are going to be ready to joyously type out any individual, too.


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