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Defense secretary: US and allies evacuated 6,000 Americans and 124,000 civilians

Defense secretary: US and allies evacuated 6,000 Americans and 124,000 civilians
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Defense secretary: US and allies evacuated 6,000 Americans and extra than 124,000 civilians

From CNN’s Ellie Kaufman

Susan Walsh/AP
Susan Walsh/AP

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin mentioned the US defense power and its allies evacuated about 6,000 Americans and a complete of extra than 124,000 civilians from Afghanistan at some stage in a speech at the Pentagon on the conclude of The US’s longest war on Wednesday.

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Gen. Frank McKenzie, commander of US Central Command, previously mentioned the US and allies had evacuated extra than 123,000 civilians and 6,000 Americans.

“Our commanders never flinched, and our allies and companions had been out of the ordinary. The US evacuated some 6,000 Americans and a complete of extra than 124,000 civilians, and we did all of it within the midst of a pandemic and within the face of grave and growing threats,” Austin mentioned.

On the day of the terrorist attack exterior of Abbey Gate at the Hamid Karzai World Airport, Austin mentioned US troops and ally companions restful got 89 rescue flights off of the bottom and evacuated “12,500 souls to freedom” within the span of 24 hours.

“It’s grand that on the day of the attack at the airport, our troops and their companions pushed now not easy and carried on, putting 89 rescue flights within the air within the span of 24 hours, and lifting 12,500 souls to freedom,” Austin mentioned.

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Defense secretary remembers the 13 US provider participants killed in closing week’s Kabul blast

From CNN’s Adrienne Vogt

US President Joe Biden and other officials attend the dignified transfer of the remains of fallen service members at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware, August, 29, after 13 members of the US military were killed in Afghanistan last week.
US President Joe Biden and other officials lend a hand the dignified transfer of the stays of fallen provider participants at Dover Air Force Gruesome in Dover, Delaware, August, 29, after 13 participants of the US defense power had been killed in Afghanistan closing week. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Photography

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin paid tribute to the 13 US provider participants who had been killed in an attack exterior Kabul’s airport closing Thursday, announcing the defense power will constantly “honor their heroism.”

“Our forces risked their agree with lives to construct the lives of others, and 13 of our very easiest paid the final designate. Many of them had been too younger to for my fragment have in mind the 9/11 attacks. The US defense power will constantly honor their heroism. We mourn with their households, and we owe them give a earn to by the days and years forward,” Austin mentioned in remarks after the closing US troops pulled out of Afghanistan on Monday.

Austin moreover commended all those who participated within the evacuation effort.

“Our outstanding males and females showed right judgment under crushing tension, along with some very younger provider participants who summoned up distinctive braveness at shut quarters. They ran an world airport. They speeded up visas. They fed the hungry. They comforted the desperate. And they got airplane after airplane after airplane into the sky,” he mentioned.

Austin mentioned it was once “grand” that on the day of the Kabul attack, troops and allies had been restful ready to evacuate 12,500 folks on 89 rescue flights.

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“It was once fearless”: Defense secretary honors those who died in Afghanistan as war ends

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is honoring those who died over the course of the war in Afghanistan, as he says the US has ended its closing mission.

“The US’s longest war has come to a shut,” he mentioned.

“Now we hang just true concluded the biggest air evacuation of civilians in American ancient previous. It was once fearless. It was once ancient,” Austin mentioned.

As evacuations decide, he mentioned this has been a busy time as smartly as a “proud one and a solemn one, too.” He mentioned his solutions were with the Americans who served after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

All the draw by remarks, Austin took a minute to have in mind the provider participants who died in Afghanistan at some stage within the battle and those who had been wounded, “some restful carrying the scars that you cant’ sight on the exterior,” he added.

“I’m hoping that one and all Americans will unite to thank our provider participants for his or her braveness and compassion. They had been working in an immensely unhealthy and dynamic atmosphere. Nevertheless our troops had been tireless, brave and selfless. Our commanders never flinched. And our allies and companions had been out of the ordinary,” Austin mentioned.

He moreover thanked world companions and other allies along with Afghan soldiers, cops and civilians.

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Taliban checkpoints are “inconsistent” and “unpredictable,” Convey Division legit says

From CNN’s Jennifer Hansler

A senior Convey Division legit mentioned that the factors the Taliban veteran for allowing folks by checkpoints to regain entry to the Kabul airport was once “variable” and every now and then “inconsistent” with assurances given to the United States “that they would enable decided folks to cross.”

“Despite our easiest efforts to come relieve up with an potential on a day-to-day, every now and then hour-by hour-foundation that would enable groups to cross, it was once unpredictable as to whether or now not they would in point of fact be ready to regain by,” the legit told newshounds Wednesday.

This individual described this keen Taliban criteria as one amongst somewhat a few challenges that faced the huge US and world evacuation effort – individual who left US officials who worked on the bottom “skittish by the selections we needed to determine on out and by the folk we weren’t ready to attend leave in this main segment of the operation.”

“It wasn’t dazzling. It was once very unparalleled,” the senior legit mentioned, “and it concerned some, some with out a doubt painful alternate-offs and selections for all people concerned.”

The legit spoke of the complex physical regain entry to points to the airport, the scoot of threats from ISIS-Okay, viral communications which ended in special swaths of Afghans having identification meant for a priority community, and mischaracterization by exterior groups of the folk they had been making an are trying to regain into the airport. 

The senior Convey Division legit mentioned the “level of pragmatism” displayed by the Taliban and described by other US officials “was once eager on guaranteeing that we would perchance be ready to leave on the time desk that our President had predicament and that we would perchance now not be lingering or offering reasons why we wanted to out live August 31.”

They mentioned the foundation that the US handed the Taliban “a holistic list” of Special Immigrant Visa candidates and other weak Afghans making an are trying for to leave the country “is inaccurate,” however that they did “on a few times” provide bus manifests to bewitch a peep at to facilitate those vehicles’ passage by Taliban checkpoints.

“When it worked smartly, and it did for a few days, for courses, It enabled us to transfer by those checkpoints, thousands of folks that we and NATO allies and companions had been making an are trying for to hang leave,” they mentioned.

On the different hand, the legit told newshounds there had been moreover days where it didn’t work smartly.

“We had a few cases where buses had been a mixture of international nationals and Afghan local workers of different missions, and the Talibs would easiest let cross the international nationals, and they grew to alter into away or they held at that place the Afghan citizens who had been on that narrate movement,” they mentioned. “In some of those cases, we had been ready to successfully persuade them to then, in subsequent days, to enable that community to head forward.”

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NOW: Defense secretary and high US general focus on about conclude of War in Afghanistan 

From CNN’s Maegan Vazquez and Kevin Liptak

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Photography

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Military Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Workers, are turning in remarks from the Pentagon in regards to the conclude of the US defense power mission in Afghanistan.

President Biden on Tuesday supplied a energetic defense of his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, defending the chaotic withdrawal from Kabul.

The President, who faces a political reckoning for the US’s handling of the withdrawal, mentioned in an announcement Monday that “it was once the unanimous advice of the Joint Chiefs and of all of our commanders on the bottom to complete our airlift mission as deliberate.” He’s moreover argued that he idea chaos within the country was once inevitable when US troops departed.

US Central Command Commander Gen. Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie acknowledged Monday that the US defense power “didn’t regain every person out that we wanted to regain out.”

A senior Convey Division legit mentioned the department believes there are fewer than 250 Americans for the time being in Afghanistan — and Secretary of Convey Antony Blinken mentioned Monday that quantity could perchance moreover merely be nearer to 100 — who could perchance moreover merely be pleased to leave, as US officials confused a Taliban dedication to let Afghans leave the country after the US and allies left.

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Camp in Indiana prepares to fetch as many as 5,000 Afghan refugees for short housing

From CNN’s Kiely Westhoff 

Camp Atterbury in Indiana is getting ready to fetch as many as 5,000 Afghan evacuees for short housing, origin as quickly as later this week, enlighten officials mentioned in briefing Wednesday. 

“Stunning now, our planning assumption is to idea for five,000,” refugees, Brigadier General R. Dale Lyles, adjutant general of the Indiana Nationwide Guard, mentioned. 

The camp – which has the functionality of housing up to 10,000 folks in dorm-be pleased barracks and has a medical treatment facility – is predicted to fetch folks in increments of 1,000 origin later this week or next, he mentioned. 

Officers mentioned 800 soldiers from Citadel Hood are coming to complement the camp with a “robust equipment” of medical affords and mental smartly being practitioners.

Refugees will undergo a vetting course of in Europe or the Center East, and after they arrive within the US, they will undergo a second stage of vetting as smartly as medical screening along with a 14 day settle on.  

Lyles added, “Now we hang identified potentially a cohort of evacuees who could perchance moreover merely hang Covid, so they will fetch three Covid assessments en route to camp Atterbury.” 

“We’re very cognizant of the tension that we could perchance well positioned on the local folks on account of Covid,” Lyles mentioned.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb mentioned he as smartly as the congressional delegation had been notified Tuesday by military command that evacuees would be coming to Camp Atterbury “for what has been described to us as a matter of weeks now not months.”

“These are the identical of us who for many years hang assisted and aided us on a with out a doubt unhealthy terrain,” he mentioned. “We’ve got to be there for folk who had been there for us. Length,” he added.

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Fewer than 100 feminine journalists restful working at non-public media stations in Kabul, portray says

From CNN’s Celine Alkhaldi and Hira Humayun

Fewer than 100 feminine journalists are restful formally working at non-public radio and tv stations in Kabul, when when put next with an estimated 700 closing three hundred and sixty five days, based fully on a Newshounds Without Borders (RSF) portray.

Of the 510 females who worked for eight of the very best media shops and press groups, easiest 76 are restful for the time being working – of which 39 are journalists, based fully on the portray printed on Monday, asserting that “females journalists are within the midst of of disappearing from the capital.” 

Pauline Ades-Mevel, RSF editor-in-chief, tells CNN that whereas the group can take a look at the fresh amount of feminine journalists, the group is undecided of what number of there had been in 2020, announcing “we can’t evaluation this three hundred and sixty five days’s figures with the closing.” 

RSF collaborated with the Centre for the Protection of Afghan Females Journalists (CPAWJ) to achieve these findings, conducting loads of tallies over time to determine on out a database of newsrooms within the capital, based fully on Ades-Mevel.

She tells CNN that RSF started itemizing all media shops in Kabul in mid-August, and added up the amount of workers at every of them. She says here is being monitored each day. 

“As an instance, we hang 8 final at Ariana Recordsdata, 0 at Maiwand,” she adds. 

The RSF portray mentioned most females journalists were forced to stop working within the provinces, where near to all privately-owned media shops stopped working as Taliban forces developed. While some predicament up to uncover a dwelling from house, RSF states there could be “no comparability with 2020, when the behold by RSF and the CPAWJ established that extra than 1,700 females had been working for media shops in three provinces (the provinces of Kabul, Herat and Balkh, within the east, west and north of the country).”

In August, journalist Shabnam Dawran who worked for RTA mentioned in a video message that she was once now not accepted to head to work and was once warned to now not continue her job, whereas her male colleagues had been allowed to head into the distance of labor. 

“I was once warned that that you can now not continue along with your job as the regime has changed. Here there are predominant threats against us,” she mentioned.

Some background: CNN previously reported that the homes of two unidentified feminine journalists had been visited by Taliban opponents, based fully on a contact of the females, along with that each and every females had been severely shaken psychologically. Several feminine journalists are mentioned to hang got threatening calls from the Taliban, with the calls rising over most modern days, the provision added. One prominent feminine journalist in Kabul mentioned she had got a threatening name from the Taliban, telling her they “will come quickly.”

Following the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, CNN spoke with Taliban opponents, one amongst whom mentioned feminine journalists would restful be ready to hang a examine their occupation as prolonged as they adhered to these principles. Female journalists, he mentioned, will likely be anticipated to wear the niqab, and could perchance moreover merely restful now not snatch with males exterior of their household.

At a files conference closing week, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid mentioned females could perchance moreover merely restful now not go to work for his or her agree with safety. He admitted the measure was once vital because the Taliban’s soldiers “preserve changing and are now not expert.”

In his first examine a press conference two weeks within the past, Mujahid mentioned the Taliban “desire the complete media to be free, self sustaining, to continue publications…within the framework of Islam, they’ll hang free reports and self sustaining publications.” He moreover mentioned that there will likely be “no violence against females” in Afghanistan and assured participants of the realm community that they “could perchance moreover merely restful now not be stricken” on this matter. 

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Pope criticizes Western intervention in Afghanistan

From CNN’s Hada Messia and Lindsay Isaac

Guglielmo Mangiapane/Pool/AFP/Getty Images
Guglielmo Mangiapane/Pool/AFP/Getty Photography

The Pope has criticized the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, claiming that “now not all eventualities had been taken into consideration here,” relating to the shambolic enlighten of the country following the Western coalition’s departure. 

In a huge ranging interview with Spanish radio place COPE recorded lifeless closing week, Pope Francis mentioned he didn’t settle on to “resolve” however “with out a doubt there was once somewhat a few deception most likely on the fragment of the fresh authorities. I enlighten deceit or somewhat a few naiveté.” 

Francis accidentally attributed a quote from Russian President Vladimir Putin to German Chancellor Angela Merkel when reflecting on the US withdrawal after 20 years of “occupation and then leaving.” 

“I was once touched by something that Chancellor Merkel, who’s one amongst the broad figures of world politics, mentioned in Moscow, closing 20th [of August]. And she mentioned, I’m hoping the interpretation is factual: ‘You need to place an conclude to the irresponsible coverage of intervening from exterior and building democracy in other countries, ignoring the traditions of the peoples.’ Concise and conclusive. I bet this says plenty; and all people can interpret it as they wish. Nevertheless there I felt a wisdom in hearing this girl enlighten this,” the Pope mentioned.

The quote was once in point of fact from a files conference with the two leaders at some stage in which Putin mentioned the Taliban come was once evidence of the need to complete exterior intervention by the west.  

The Vatican’s Secretariat of Convey will play a diplomatic role in Afghanistan to bewitch a peep at to stop extra violence against civilians, the Pope mentioned. 

“Cardinal Parolin is on the total more than likely the greatest diplomat I even hang ever met. A diplomat who adds; now not one amongst those who detracts. He’s somebody who constantly seeks, a individual of settlement. I’m certain he helps or now not less than offering to attend. It’s miles a fancy danger. I bet that as a pastor I hang to name Christians to a varied prayer at present,” he mentioned.

“I’m going to bewitch a peep at to inquire for what the Church constantly asks for in times of big anxiety and crisis: extra prayer and fasting. Prayer, penance and fasting, which is what is requested for in moments of crisis,” he added.

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UK affords eternal residency to Afghans who worked for British defense power and UK authorities

From CNN’s Sarah Dean

Afghans who worked for the British defense power and UK Executive in Afghanistan will likely be ready to stay within the UK completely, the UK Home Place of work announced on Wednesday. 

“Other folks already relocated to the UK under the Afghanistan Relocations and Assistance Coverage (ARAP) will likely be ready to hang a examine free of designate to convert their short leave into indefinite leave [permanent residency]. This is in a position to perchance give Afghans the easy job and balance to rebuild their lives with unrestricted rights to work and the probability to hang a examine for British citizenship within the long slide,” the authorities mentioned in a files launch

“We owe an immense debt to those who worked with the Armed Forces in Afghanistan and I’m decided that we give them and their households the give a earn to they settle on to rebuild their lives here within the UK,” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson mentioned in an announcement. 

“I do know this is in a position to perchance moreover merely be an extremely daunting time, however I’m hoping they will bewitch heart from the wave of give a earn to and generosity already expressed by the British public,” he persisted.

Dubbed “Operation Heat Welcome,” the authorities has allocated $16.5 million (£12 million) for added college locations for Afghans, 300 undergraduate and postgraduate university scholarships and free English courses for adults.

Defense secretary: US and allies evacuated 6,000 Americans and 124,000 civilians