Home News Magazine ‘Deliver’ Host TJ Lavin Explains His Snarky Attitude to Some Contestants

‘Deliver’ Host TJ Lavin Explains His Snarky Attitude to Some Contestants

‘Deliver’ Host TJ Lavin Explains His Snarky Attitude to Some Contestants

Ready to rumble! TJ Lavin isn’t greatest is named the longtime host of The Deliver — he can also honest prison be the host with essentially among the most reasonable aspect commentary. The athlete, 44, has made it known since he began hosting in 2005 that he doesn’t approve of quitters, nonetheless his angle is greatest reserved for folk that truly deserve it.

In fact, he in overall receives some extent to from production the day sooner than a project so he knows what took region within the dwelling the evening sooner than.

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“It’s a synopsis of what took region the evening sooner than on the dwelling. So I know who’s getting alongside, who’s now not getting alongside, what’s occurring and I will more or less play off of it or tread lightly if it’s something that’s severe,” the BMX official explained throughout the “Look With Us: Deliver Edition” podcast on Wednesday, March 24. “If somebody’s grandmother died or something that I know that I’ve gotta kick again. In the occasion that they’re now not feeling very prison, you don’t paddle in on them. And if somebody’s pregnant throughout a final, you don’t issue, ‘You’re gonna quit? What are you doing?’ You don’t paddle loopy on them. It’s very reasonable that I if truth be told devour, fancy, producers Danny Wascou and Skye Topic, who are guilty of the story and stuff.”

'Challenge' Host TJ Lavin Explains His Snarky Attitude to Some Contestants
TJ Lavin on “The Deliver: All Stars” MTV

As well to what’s going down within the solid’s private lives, there’s one other factor that adds into how the host treats these competing: how that person speaks to others.

“How they treat the crew if truth be told issues to me. If somebody’s if truth be told injurious with the crew and I survey that then I’m a minute bit bit fairly a few toward them. I’m fancy, ‘Oh, that’s what more or less person you are? OK. We’ll survey how it is,’” the Nevada native told Us. “I don’t take care of that in any appreciate, and I’m now not wintry with that in any appreciate. I mediate I presumably receive that from the showrunner that I’ve known my entire life, Justin Sales reputation. And he’s very tall on letting the full crew first, and he’s very tall on treating the crew with fairly tons of compassion. On the full, all that you just may well additionally devour to impress is be respectful.”

On The Challege: All Stars, Lavin seen “a minute bit bit” of a inequity for the reason that cast is rather older.

“It used to be very attention-grabbing to survey what a decade did to a few of them. I haven’t viewed a few of them in 10 years and longer. Some of them grew up for decided. Just a few of them, presumably now not so vital,” he teased, noting that Derrick Kosinski is a longtime well-liked. “He prison goes within the market and he affords it his all, 100 percent at any time when. what you’re going to receive with that child. … He’s definitely one of my all-time favorites on fable of his heart.”

Total, he used to be extremely satisfied to reunite with The Deliver vets. With some who haven’t competed in twenty years, nonetheless, he used to be looking out ahead to the each day challenges to be rather more straightforward than in a traditional season. Long story immediate, he used to be tainted.

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“I used to be fancy, ‘Dude may well well presumably well’ve made this a minute bit too onerous.’ On the first project, I used to be fancy, ‘The exact Deliver teenagers who are in their 20s couldn’t devour performed this.’ So some of the stuff we did, presumably we overshot the difficulties. It used to be very, very onerous, and they receive it performed. I used to be very impressed,” Lavin acknowledged. “Mark Long is a Greek God. Have you viewed that man? He’s sturdy. He’s realizing the full time and Alton [Williams] is the linked factor. And there are a few of these these that are more fancy myself, fancy, whatever. Appropriate kick again!”

For more from Lavin, hear to the “Look With Us: Deliver Edition” podcast above and subscribe for free for more new interviews.

The Deliver: Double Brokers airs on MTV Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. The Deliver: All Stars premieres on Paramount+ Thursday, April 1.

‘Deliver’ Host TJ Lavin Explains His Snarky Attitude to Some Contestants