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Deny, deny and deny some extra: Gigaba says estranged wife is a ‘pathological liar’

Deny, deny and deny some extra: Gigaba says estranged wife is a ‘pathological liar’

Mature minister Malusi Gigaba is certain to persuade the state capture inquiry that he is an “just man of integrity”, while his estranged wife Norma Gigaba is a “pathological liar”.

This after Gigaba on Thursday evening continued to deny all proof equipped at same forum by Mngoma, who had implicated him as a Gupta puppet who served the fugitive Indian family with aplomb at some stage in his tenures in various ministerial postings.

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The commission equipped several allegations made by Mngoma, to which Gigaba spoke back, “That is a lie.”

Gupta house ATM, cinema and steam room

For starters, the faded a couple of-portfolio minister was quizzed on Mngoma’s claim that at some stage in one of their many visits to the Gupta compound in Saxonwold, Johannesburg, she saw a cash-dispensing machine in the house. She said it appeared worship an ATM, the place the family withdrew cash to bribe politicians and executives of SOEs.

Gigaba laughed at this, saying it was the primary time he had heard that a private individual may well have an ATM in their house.

“It is bizarre to me that Miss Mngoma can be confirmed an ATM that may well dispense an entire R10,000,” said Gigaba. “If she is no longer lying, as she always does, it may perhaps mean she was alone. I regain no longer know anything about it. I have visited many folk that are wealthy, I have by no means considered any of them including leaders of banks who have an ATM at their private residences.”

Mngoma also advised the inquiry that she and Gigaba had been to a cinema and a steam room within the Gupta situation. According to Gigaba, if such issues existed at the Gupta house, he had by no means had observe of them.

Who pulled the scamper on their marriage?

Nonetheless the Zondo commission can be incomplete if the Retaining Up with the Gigabas reality display did no longer contact on their separation.

On Thursday evening it was asked who first requested the divorce between the estranged couple.

Mngoma claims it was her who did so in February 2020 and that Gigaba asked her to support off unless his appearance at the Zondo commission. Nonetheless Gigaba disputes her model.

“The issue of the divorce was initiated by me in August/September of 2020. In February 2020 I did no longer know that I would appear ahead of the commission,” he said.

Was Mngoma equipped their house to remain mum on Gupta relationship? 

Mngoma had also alleged that Gigaba equipped to provide her their Blue Valley house as part of the settlement agreement, if she pulled out of testifying at the Zondo commission.

“Miss Mngoma lied. She asked me how about I give her that situation and I advised her the situation is the legacy of our young folk and it was tranquil owing a lot of cash. I said I am willing to provide you the house but then you definately wish to carry on the bond,” said Gigaba.

Adv Tembeka Ngcukaitobi entanglement

Gigaba also slammed Mngoma’s allegations that he was enthusiastic about advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi and “cherished deciding on on him”. 

And he understands why she is doing this, he said, because it was her who spilt the beans on secrets she had with Ngcukaitobi. 

Gigaba charged: “She advised me that Mr Tembeka Ngcukaitobi was very mad with her submitting an affidavit at the commission. 

“The place would have I stumbled on that she had spoken to Mr Ngcukaitobi? I would no longer exit of my way appropriate to fabricate lies, these are all issues that she advised me. 

“I respect advocate Ngcukaitobi, he represented me after I was at house affairs. I have no personal grudge against him. Nonetheless Miss Mngoma was kicked by a horse on her chest, she was no longer able to pick the secrets that they had. I have excessive regard for advocate Ngcukaitobi.”

Status to ‘waste Gigaba’

For the duration of their domestic drama last July, it was asked why Gigaba unleashed Hawks officers on Mngoma, and why the officers confiscated her digital gadgets. 

Gigaba said the officers were the same that had been investigating a case he had opened earlier — that of an alleged situation to waste him, in which Mngoma was suspected to be eager.

Mngoma claimed that the Hawks officers who confiscated her digital gadgets and did as a way to delete photographs implicating Gigaba in state capture.

“The confiscation of her gadgets was to establish if she was eager with the situation to waste me. It had nothing to regain with expunging anything from her phone. What she is saying is a deliberate misinform present a particular image about an attempt to conceal anything.

“Early last year I purchased an SMS text which alleged that Miss Mngoma had employed folk to waste me.”

Why think about Gigaba and no longer Mngoma?

Gigaba insists that Mngoma is a discredited “pathological liar” who has contradicted her have testimony at the commission and does no longer deserve to claim the moral excessive ground.

“I would wish to emphasise that I am a man of integrity and I am just,” said Gigaba.


Deny, deny and deny some extra: Gigaba says estranged wife is a ‘pathological liar’