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DIY training: Greek teacher creates TV classes for inmates

DIY training: Greek teacher creates TV classes for inmates

AVLONA, Greece (AP) — Developing a television channel from scratch isn’t the most evident or absolute most sensible ingredient for a math teacher to attain — particularly without prior technical information and for use inner a penal complicated.

But that is precisely the job Petros Damianos, director of the college at Greece’s Avlona Special Childhood Detention Heart, took on so his students would possibly gather entry to the classes that coronavirus lockdowns nick them off from.

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Greek colleges comprise shut, reopened, and closed again correct thru the final 365 days as authorities sought to curtail the spread of the virus. Be pleased their chums throughout well-known of the globe, the nation’s students adapted to virtual classes.

But the online world isn’t accessible to all.

The Avlona penal complicated, a former armed forces penal complicated, holds near to 300 young men broken-down 18-21, and rarely up to 25. The college Damianos founded there in 2000 now teaches foremost grades thru to varsity, following the national curriculum and awarding graduation certificates same to any Greek college.

Whereas attendance is voluntary, the penal complicated college has grown in reputation and saw file enrollment in September, when up to 96% of inmates signed up. But with net gadgets banned in their cells, the penal complicated’s students had no come to proceed finding out when the lockdowns canceled classroom classes.

“Our teachers couldn’t attain the young folks care for they attain all diversified young folks in Greece,” stated Damianos, a gentle-weight-mannered man in his 60s. “This used to be a full dispute, a essentially full dispute that regarded nearly insurmountable.”

The truth that inmates are stacked four or five to a cell with much less condo per person than the penal complicated classrooms didn’t matter. Their college needed to halt along with the comfort for the duration of lockdowns in March and again in November.

When he heard in early December that Greece’s colleges wouldn’t reopen before Christmas, “I felt … despair,” Damianos stated. Making matters worse, the lockdown ended visits and furlough leave, so inmates “experienced a double penal complicated,” he stated.

Whereas gather entry to to training is basic for all students, it’s miles presumably even extra well-known for Avlona’s, a pair of of whom were convicted and others who are ready for trial. Many by no come graduated or even executed foremost grades, and training is the most concrete tool they’ll use to flip their lives round.

“Essentially, our students are those that … before they got to penal complicated, the training gadget expelled them,” Damianos stated. “These young folks are young folks we didn’t decide in time. To whom we as a society, after we must easy comprise, didn’t give what we must easy comprise given.”

Determined for a answer, Damianos had an idea: he would possibly attain his students thru the televisions in their cells if he would possibly determine the arrangement to develop a dedicated TV channel to broadcast their classes.

Technician chums told Damianos it used to be imaginable with the basic equipment. The following hurdle used to be obtaining the equipment with outlets also closed for the duration of the nationwide lockdown. Then the college’s workers needed to search out out the arrangement to use it.

The college’s music teacher, Nikos Karadosidis, took on the role of technician, the use of expertise from occasional concert tech work and steering gleaned from YouTube tutorials.

“I very snappy realized — and here is the magic of it, too — that this complete ingredient is basically DIY,” Karadosidis stated. “Cessation it yourself, with whatever materials you comprise, with whatever tools you comprise, to clutch a evaluate at to attain the most efficient you have to presumably.”

Via donations, volunteers and online orders, the employees cobbled collectively what they basic. A well-known share of apparatus — a modulator to transmit the TV sign — ran into transport delays, so a store lent them an older one. 200 meters (toes) of cable arrived, and inmates helped trek it from the college to the penal complicated’s central aerial.

One penal complicated classroom used to be transformed into a rudimentary studio, with an economical handheld video camera taped to a tripod. Multicolored Christmas lights served as a makeshift recording light, warning those initiating air to retain aloof for the duration of recording sessions.

On Jan. 8, a pair of month after Damianos had the foundation, the channel used to be ready. They named it Prospathodas TV, Greek for “Attempting TV.” Via observe of mouth, they got inmates to re-tune their televisions to construct halt the fresh channel.

The pilot program used to be a half of-hour math class. Now the channel operates 24 hours a day, running six hours’ price of pre-recorded classes on a loop on weekdays, and eight hours of exclaim on a loop on weekends.

The teachers file fresh classes each day: from math and handicrafts to economics and music. Karadosidis edits into the evening and declares the classes tomorrow, since reside declares are easy beyond their technical capabilities.

For the scholars, going to class equipped extra than factual training. Beyond the sequence of barred steel doors, past the courtyard with soccer balls caught in coils of razor wire, college used to be a speedy respite from the harshness of penal complicated lifestyles.

“College is one thing diversified. It’s a piece of extra human than the comfort of the penal complicated,” stated M.S., a 21-365 days-passe who earned his high college diploma in Avlona. “We attain here and we comedian story round with our teachers. They clutch care of us…. It’s a piece of care for a family.”

Beneath penal complicated regulations, inmates can handiest be identified by their initials.

M.S. has about one other two years to cross after serving 31 months for theft, theft and beatings. He is conscious of his criminal file has dashed his dream of practicing literature, nonetheless he made it into university and is now finding out pictures and visual arts.

Having graduated from high college, he doesn’t need to peep Attempting TV, nonetheless he has followed a category on making purses out of journal paper and tape “because I’m attracted to handicrafts and stuff. It affords me suggestions.” He says the TV channel has transform reasonably in vogue.

“You trek out of (cigarette) filters and you poke into the next cell to place a quiz to for a filter, and you eye five full guys fighting with their little paper strips looking to manufacture purses,” he stated. “Then you definately poke to the next cell later, and any person’s looking to resolve an equation.”

Once the pandemic is over, Damianos would bewitch to develop the channel to incorporate documentaries and diversified helpful functions. But while it’s plugging a hole in training and declaring contacts between students and teachers, he stresses that televised classes can’t insist what in-person classes attain.

“Let’s be correct, the channel can’t change the training that takes attach in college,” Damianos stated. “This could increasingly be very well-known, nonetheless it’s no longer ample.”


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DIY training: Greek teacher creates TV classes for inmates