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Dizzee Rascal wants to ‘throw himself’ into making music

Dizzee Rascal wants to ‘throw himself’ into making music

The ‘Bonkers’ superstar insists the “major thing” he is repeatedly engaged on is his music profession, as adversarial to “investing” in any different parts and businesses.

Asked what’s on his to-enact list, he talked about: “Factual making music as repeatedly. That is the principle thing I’m repeatedly making an are attempting to work on. I’m no longer the dude who’s making an strive to gain all this different stuff to ranking stuck into, to invest in. Other folks throw that observe spherical lots now – invest, invest. Presumably I might maybe well also accumulated be but I feel that is the time to throw yourself into what you for trot know that you just’re apt at.”

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And Dizzie finds that he is repeatedly “competing with himself” as adversarial to different artists.

He added: “It’s somewhat of both. You notion artists doing stuff and also you desire to possess to ranking entangled but within the pause it is you apt competing with yourself. You possess gotten a particular fan detrimental and other folks are into you for different reasons. Social media can for trot bring quite a pair of pointless distraction. You notion what different other folks are doing and also you have confidence you studied that is what you need to enact. My major thing is I for trot treasure working with different artists. I’ve been doing that somewhat extra impartial no longer too lengthy ago. Social media is apt for linking up with different other folks.”

The 36-year-feeble rapper is “taking a search for ahead” to when are living presentations shall be returning.

He told the Metro newspaper: “Not as noteworthy as maybe I assumed I might maybe well be. Not treasure, ‘Oh God, I for trot desire to ranking out and enact a present.’ I possess no longer for trot felt treasure that. I way no longer know what that’s about. I’m apt awaiting the arena to ranking licensed all all over again generally. I’m taking a search for ahead to presentations but I possess no longer been unhappy that I possess no longer had any … I’m taking it easy with the truth that there might maybe well also no longer even be any this year.”

Dizzee Rascal wants to ‘throw himself’ into making music