Home Breaking News Dover sole, wilted spinach and new potatoes with a piquant Hollandaise sauce

Dover sole, wilted spinach and new potatoes with a piquant Hollandaise sauce

Dover sole, wilted spinach and new potatoes with a piquant Hollandaise sauce

Typically the easiest dishes are probably the most luscious. This grilled Dover sole mixed with wilted spinach, new potatoes and creamy Hollandaise sauce is completely divine.

After all, this recipe comprises a complete range of luscious spices, ingredients and technique making it mouth-watering luscious. This is also why it is the signature dish of Executive Chef Nathan Hindmarsh of The Chesterfield Mayfair in London.

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With its delectable, almost candy taste, Dover sole is ideal to assist as a light dinner or to prepare for company coming over. Try and gather the freshest Dover sole you can and cook dinner it from unusual and web ready for a butter-comfortable fish melting in your mouth.  

After tasting this piquant dish, you may now no longer ever gather out about at Dover sole the same way again.

Dover sole, wilted spinach and new potatoes with a piquant Hollandaise sauce recipe

Recipe by Dirnise Britz
Course: MainCuisine: GlobalSituation: Moderate

Total time






  • Dover sole
  • 4 unusual dover sole cleaned and skinned

  • olive oil

  • salt and pepper

  • Hollandaise sauce
  • 250 g butter

  • 4 egg yolks

  • 1 teaspoon tarragon vinegar

  • lemon juice

  • cayenne pepper

  • 1 lemon

  • Wilted Spinach
  • 1 handful of washed spinach leaves

  • 1 knob of butter

  • salt and pepper

  • pinch of nutmeg 

  • New Potatoes
  • 5 medium new potatoes per individual

  • chopped parsley

  • salt and pepper

  • knob of butter


  • Dover sole
  • Lightly season each fish with salt and pepper and dirt with flour.
  • Brush either aspect with olive oil and place on a sizzling charcoal grill for about 90 seconds.
  • Then carefully turn each fish at a 90-level angle on the same aspect for another 90 seconds to achieve the diamond despicable marking.
  • Flip the fish over with a metal spatula and repeat on the various aspect.
  • Then place the dish on a baking tray and transfer to the oven at 180°C for 9 minutes.
  • The fish is cooked when the bones stream easily away from the flesh when delicately inserting a fork.
  • Hollandaise sauce
  • Melt 250 g butter in a saucepan and sail any white solids from the surface.
  • Encourage the butter warm. 
  • Put the 4 egg yolks, tarragon vinegar, a pinch of salt and a splash of ice-frosty water in a metal bowl that will fit over a small pan.
  • Trudge for a short time, then put the bowl over a pan of simmering water.
  • Trudge constantly till pale and thick. or ribbon in consistency, for about 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Take away from the heat and slowly dash in the melted butter, bit by bit till it’s all incorporated and you have a creamy hollandaise.
  • Season with a squeeze of lemon juice and a small cayenne pepper.
  • Encourage warm till needed.
  • Wilted Spinach
  • Melt the butter in a saucepan on excessive heat.
  • Add the spinach leaves and sauté, stirring hastily for about 40 seconds to maintain colour and minimise liquid.
  • Add nutmeg and season with salt and pepper.
  • New potatoes
  • Boil for 15 minutes in water with a pinch of salt.
  • Drain the potatoes.
  • Mix in a saucepan with butter, parsley and seasoning.

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Dover sole, wilted spinach and new potatoes with a piquant Hollandaise sauce