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Dr. Leana Wen says there is one last best hope to get people vaccinated

Dr. Leana Wen says there is one last best hope to get people vaccinated


David Axelrod, the founder and director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, brings you The Axe Files, a series of revealing interviews with key figures within the political world. Plod previous the soundbites and get to know about a of the most sharp gamers in politics.

  • Ep. 457 — Dr. Leana Wen

    Early Newspaper

    Dr. Leana Wen has turn into a main express offering easy steerage on the Covid-19 pandemic, but her budge to official prominence became as soon as something else but easy. Her household left China—where her father became as soon as most steadily jailed as a political dissident—when she became as soon as a dinky one, arriving within the US with like minded $40 of their possession. She joined David to discuss the amazing story of her household’s budge to America and the struggles they confronted as soon as within the nation, her roles as a physician and effectively beingPresent more suggest, what she believes is the last and best hope to get people vaccinated towards Covid-19 and her original book, Lifelines: A Doctor’s Creep within the Fight for Public Wisely being.

  • Ep. 456 — Score. Raja Krishnamoorthi

    Rapidly after coming to America, Score. Raja Krishnamoorthi’s household hit a monetary tough patch. For a time, the household lived in public housing and relied on food stamps, a enhance that instilled in Score. Krishnamoorthi a lifelong appreciation for the US authorities and a necessity to give assist. He joined David to discuss what he sees as the US’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, his budge from engineering pupil to US Congressman and the best diagram the job has grown more awful within the previous few yearPresent mores.

  • Ep. 455 — Anne Applebaum

    Journalist Anne Applebaum started her career as a stringer in Poland within the leisurely 1980s reporting on the drop of communism, an task that led her to power to Germany when she heard the Berlin Wall became as soon as coming down. She has written widely on the veteran Soviet Union whereas turning into a prominent conservative journalist within the U.S., U.Okay. and Poland. She joined David to discuss how her early exposure to authoritarian governments fashioned her political ideology, how autocratic leaders get altePresent morernate realities and manipulate institutions to defend energy, and her most up-to-date book, Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism.

  • Ep. 454 — Amy Walter

    Put together dinner Political Document editor-in-chief and publisher Amy Walter grew up in a bipartisan household. Her mom became as soon as a Democrat, and her father became as soon as a Republican, a dynamic that her mom stated primed Amy for a career in political journalism. Amy joined David to discuss working a contentious congressional advertising campaign at like minded 25 years veteran, the importance of drawing near interviews with empathy and curiosity, diminished trust in American institutions, and what—if something else—the Ohio special election resulPresent morets mean for the style forward for the Democratic Get together. 

  • Best of The Axe Files: Megan Rapinoe

    With the Tokyo Olympics under manner, we revisit a dialog from 2020 with Megan Rapinoe, captain of the U.S. ladies’s nationwide soccer crew and Olympic gold medalist. On the time, Rapinoe became as soon as skeptical about the style forward for the 2020 video games. Megan joined David to discuss increasing up in a slight conservative town, finding and forging her identity, her embellished soccer career and World Cup wins, and the usage of her platform to select in innovative activism: from LGBTQ and racial justice to equal pay, elecPresent moretoral politics, and more.

  • Ep. 453 — Stephanie Cutter

    Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter says she has a fearless scoot. This fearlessness gave her the boldness to stir into Gov. Mario Cuomo’s administrative heart soliciting for a job in her early twenties and to later efficiently attain the virtual 2020 Democratic National Conference for the length of a virulent disease. Stephanie joined David to discuss her upbringing in a slight town in Massachusetts, her end relationship with the leisurely Sen. Ted Kennedy, working for veteran President Invoice Clinton for the length of the Monica LewinskPresent morey length, and placing together President Joe Biden’s Emmy-nominated inauguration program.

  • Ep. 452 — John Anzalone

    John Anzalone first met President Joe Biden whereas working as a arena organizer in Iowa on Biden’s 1988 presidential advertising campaign. Thirty-three years later, John became as soon as the top pollster for Biden’s 2020 advertising campaign, this time staring at as Biden secured the presidency. John joined David to discuss increasing up in a working-class household in Michigan, how dwelling far from Washington helps repeat his work, the surprising manner Covid-19 impacted the 2020 polls, and why he believes Biden is handing Democrats a stroPresent moreng platform heading into the 2022 midterms.

  • Ep. 451 — Ben Rhodes

    Ben Rhodes idea he wished to pursue inventive writing, but witnessing the 9/11 terrorist assaults as a graduate pupil at Unusual York University altered his career direction. He joined the 2008 Obama advertising campaign as a speechwriter, at last turning into deputy nationwide safety advisor for strategic communications within the Obama administration. He joined David to discuss how American foreign policy has fashioned the arena within the last 30 years, what he learned from touring with Obama for the length of and after his timPresent moree within the White Home, nationwide identity, and his original book, After the Fall: Being American within the World We’ve Made.

  • Ep. 450 — Nathan Law

    As an architect of Hong Kong’s official-democracy Umbrella Motion, Nathan Law first tried to sustain his activism a secret from his mom. But earlier than prolonged she seen police sharp him at a mutter on reside television. Since then, Law has been elected to political administrative heart, served time in prison and fled to London where he has been granted asylum. He joined David to discuss his upbringing and direction to disenchantment with Beijing, threats to democracy in Hong Kong and the US, and leaving within the assist of his famiPresent morely and the metropolis that he loves—perchance regularly. 

  • Ep. 449 — Surgeon Total Vivek Murthy

    Surgeon Total Vivek Murthy became as soon as selecting up his dry cleaning in Brooklyn when he bought a call from the Obama administration asking if he became as soon as drawn to the job. He wavered at the commence, but realized it became as soon as the very best mix of his healthcare nonprofit, advocacy and clinical practice experiences. He is now on his 2d stint as America’s top doctor under President Biden. Dr. Murthy joined David to discuss his household’s immigration story, Covid-19 and his issues over variants and vaccination ratePresent mores, gun violence, emotional wellness and loneliness and designing a higher put up-pandemic future.

Dr. Leana Wen says there is one last best hope to get people vaccinated