Home Breaking News Dubai parts with curtain covers for restaurants in Ramadan

Dubai parts with curtain covers for restaurants in Ramadan

Dubai parts with curtain covers for restaurants in Ramadan

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Dubai is parting with a longstanding requirement that restaurants be covered by curtains in the daylight hours during Ramadan to defend the peep of food from of us fasting.

The cross, introduced Sunday by the city-boom’s Economic Increase Department, is the latest change aimed at boosting tourism in the autocratically ruled Muslim nation.

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“Restaurants will most likely be allowed to abet clients without putting in put curtains, dividers or facades as has been the distinguished prepare beforehand,” the boom-sprint WAM information agency said. “The new spherical replaces circulars issued in outdated years which gain required restaurants to block dining areas from the peep of of us who are fasting.”

The new solutions also don’t require restaurants to obtain special permits to abet food during daylight hours as successfully.

During Ramadan, Muslims observing the holy month abstain from food and drink — even water — during the day. Muslims historically spoil the daylong Ramadan lickety-split with their first sips of water and their evening meal, called iftar.

Among Gulf Arab states, dwelling to gargantuan, non-Muslim expatriate populations, most require curtains be keep as much as block the peep of food from those fasting. Eating and drinking in public also would possibly possibly presumably well also bring fines and supreme pains.

Dubai, considered one of many seven sheikhdoms in the United Arab Emirates, prolonged has been a tourism destination for those wanting seashores, shopping and partying in this skyscraper-studded city. Then again, Ramadan continually represented a slower duration resulting from its restrictions.

In latest years, hoping to boost tourism as Ramadan will most likely be marked during its principal winter months, Dubai has started to interchange. In 2016, Dubai loosened solutions prohibiting daylight hours alcohol gross sales.

Dubai parts with curtain covers for restaurants in Ramadan