Home Breaking News Dumbo jet: UK elephants head to the wild in Kenya

Dumbo jet: UK elephants head to the wild in Kenya

Dumbo jet: UK elephants head to the wild in Kenya

Touting a world first for “rewilding”, an animal charity talked about on Tuesday 6 July it used to be situation to waft a herd of elephants from a British zoo to a brand recent dwelling in Kenya.

The Aspinall Foundation talked about it will use namely constructed crates aboard a Boeing 747, dubbed the Dumbo jet, to recall the 13 pachyderms from their most modern dwelling end to Canterbury in Kent, southeast England.

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Prolonged-timeframe survival of herd of elephants

The charity talked about it will work with anti-poaching groups to support be hotfoot the lengthy-timeframe survival of the herd — which includes three babies — as soon because it reaches one in every of two sites below consideration in southern Kenya.

The charity’s head of communications is Carrie Johnson, companion of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who talked about the thought would additionally enhance Kenya’s economy after the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Africa is the build they belong’ – Carrie Johnson

“Lifestyles in Kent is blooming impartial correct for these elephants, all things regarded as. However Africa is the build they belong,” she talked about in an editorial for The Sun newspaper, co-written with foundation chairman Damian Aspinall.

It is miles the first time a breeding herd of elephants will maintain been rewilded, they talked about, adding that the operation is deliberate for subsequent one year.

“In time, their descendants will quantity in the tons of — and then the hundreds — and fabricate fragment of the incomparable ecosystem that helps drive the Kenyan tourist economy.”

Cheetahs rewilded in 2020

The Aspinall Foundation operates two wildlife parks in Kent. While the strive to rewild elephants is a main, last one year it transported two cheetahs back to their native territory in South Africa.

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Dumbo jet: UK elephants head to the wild in Kenya