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Dwelling Policy for UK enumerations for distributed simulation

Dwelling Policy for UK enumerations for distributed simulation

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VersionDate IssuedFeedback
0.122 Mar 13Initial draft for review
1.014 Jun 13First version
2.03 Jan 18Revised to think cross to DMaSC and coverage review
3.09 Mar 2021Revised to be capable of add clarity and simplification


With the use of distributed simulation, a requirement exists in an effort to name individual entities across linked simulations in a co-ordinated system. This to originate obvious the identical 3D devices are viewed in every linked simulation at any given time.

This requirement is delighted by a numerical identifier for every that you just can well presumably also specialize in of 3D model identified as an Enumeration. These enumerations are managed by blueprint of co-ordinated lists of numerical values and descriptions.

Early Newspaper

As this requirement has grown and change into more standard across worldwide borders, a co-ordinated worldwide Grasp Enumerations Checklist (MEL) (continuously identified as SISO-REF-101) for distributed simulations, and responsibility for its administration, turned into placed beneath the auspices of the Simulation Interoperability Requirements Organisation (SISO).

First and foremost place designed for the Distributed Interoperability Long-established (DIS), enumerations in the imply time are also ancient by the High Stage Structure (HLA), Take a look at and Coaching Enabling Structure (TENA) and other interoperability standards.

Global enumerations administration

There is a SISO Special Working Team (SWG) (identified as SWG Enumerations) that publishes, maintains, supports, and updates the worldwide SISO Reference Product, SISO-REF-010; Enumerations for Simulation Interoperability. This reference product is recognised by NATO and the wider M&S community as the definitive worldwide coordinated enumerations reference document.

The most up-to-date version of SISO-REF-010 and its linked Operations Handbook (OPMAN) (SISO-REF-010.1) are readily accessible on the Simulation Interoperability Requirements Group web enlighten online.

UK enumerations administration

The DSC Front Door, with toughen from DMaSC Technical Authority (TA), is accountable for:

a. The administration of all UK enumerations on behalf of the MOD in the form of a UK Enumerations Checklist (UEL); and

b. UK submissions to the SISO SWG Enumerations for inclusion into SISO-REF-010.


The UEL is to be a subset, and presumably a superset (to permit for different classifications of information and other reasons), of the unclassified MEL as managed by SISO.

The UEL will be damaged down into parts, every to quilt a separate classification diploma.

The enlighten of the UEL will consist of:

a. UK operated equipment (the place different from other nations);

b. Project particular requests; and

c. Non-procured and research equipment.

Recent enumeration course of

The starting up point for all contemporary enumerations requests is the DSC Front Door.

The DSC Front Door will assemble and mutter a non everlasting entry in the UEL in the certainty of a probable solution supplied by the SISO SWG Enumerations; to whom a formal enumeration will be requested by the DSC Front Door by blueprint of a formal Alternate Quiz (CR) for subsequent integration into the MEL.

If the important enumerations are commence air of SISO applicability, for instance for the rest above unclassified or to meet a local requirement, then a local course of will be followed. These enumerations will be held in a separate segment of the UEL and distributed by the DSC to inform UK programmes as required.

Requests for enumerations will be assessed by the approvals course of shown in Figure 1. If the inquire of of is upright, that is also forwarded as a CR to SISO for incorporation into the SISO-REF-010. In every other case that is also held individually in the UEL.

An infographic showing the workflow from a new renumeration request to its approval and the request response

Figure 1 – DMaSC External Enumerations Process

The DMaSC Enumerations inner course of, as shown in Figure 2, is managed by the DSC Front Door and overseen by the DMaSC TA. The Militia SME Approval is to confirm that the enumeration(s) requested think the navy ability that is being represented. The Technical Approval stage is undertaken by the DSC FD in accordance with the solutions of the old stages.

An infographic showing the DMaSC internal process from a new renumeration request to completion.

Figure 2 – DMaSC Inner Enumerations Process

At all stages, the situation of the inquire of of will be readily accessible in an on-line spreadsheet. As soon as the approval has been granted or refused, the requestor will be informed by e-mail of the consequence of their inquire of of, and any contemporary enumerations allocated. Requests that stir forward to SISO will be formatted into the SISO change inquire of of course of by the DSC FD and placed into their review course of. The outcomes of the SISO review will be communicated help to the requestor. While present process SISO review the enumeration will be held in the UEL nonetheless removed as soon as and if permitted by SISO.

SISO approval course of

The SISO Enumerations Approval Process is detailed for the duration of the Reference for Requirements Activities Committee Special Working Team Enumerations for Simulation Operations Handbook that will even be stumbled on on the Simulation Interoperability Requirements Group web enlighten online.

Submitting a inquire of of for a recent modification

Any requests for a recent enumeration wants to be submitted to the DSC Front Door in an Excel document with columns populated as shown beneath in Figure 3.

Figure 3 – Instance Enumerations

1222450   UAVs
12224501  HERTI UAV
122245011 HERTI 1-D UAV
122245012 HERTI 1-A UAV
12224502  Watchkeeper WK450 (variation of 1.2 105.50.1)
12224503  Blackstart UAV

Every column in the table is outlined as follows:

a. Form: Platform, munition, lifestyles form, environmental, cultural, etc.

b. Domain: Land, air, surface, sub-surface, area, etc.

c. Nation: Where from (e.g. 224 = UK, 225 = US).

d. Category: Form, within particular Domain (e.g. for Land: 01=Tank, 02=APC, etc).

e. Sub-category: Aged to extra refine Category slight print (e.g. a Challenger Tank).

f. Particular: True form/mark of entity (e.g. a Challenger 2).

g. Further: Various refinement if wished (less continuously ancient). Present: now to not be ancient for look functions, e.g. forms of masks.

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