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Edy Cohen: A one-man hasbara machine with 409K Arab Twitter followers

Edy Cohen: A one-man hasbara machine with 409K Arab Twitter followers

Dr. Edy Cohen, a journalist and researcher on Arab Affairs, is comparatively unknown to the Israeli public. But at the same time as you happen to hold a study his Twitter memoir, you are going to be ready to fetch 409,000 followers, on the topic of all of whom are from the Arab world. He is a one-man hasbara (public diplomacy) machine. Blunt, evocative and controversial, nonetheless with results which also can very successfully be arduous to argue with. 

“Obviously I am blunt, because of that is what Arabs appreciate,” Cohen explained. “That is the style you’d like. It’s miles no longer the Foreign places Ministry… I am the assorted, so without a doubt I in actuality hold made some enemies. And if you happen to hear to the Foreign places Ministry’s model, they are saying I am hurting hasbara, nonetheless that is fallacious: I am making it stronger.

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“Arabs had a feeling that we’re condescending, so my chums and I developed a dialogue to enlighten there would possibly be plenty infrequently religiously and politically,” he stated. “Three years ago they had been critically surprised to appreciate [my tweets] – and right here now we hold broken that barrier down.”

Cohen’s personal memoir is out of the ordinary. Until 30 years ago, he had grown up in Lebanon, where he lived thru the bloody civil battle, noticed the IDF invade Beirut, and skilled the tragic death of his father, Haim, who become kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah within the mid 80s.

When he made aliyah (immigrated) in 1995, after travelling in France and Mexico, he did no longer know a note of Hebrew and become no longer acutely aware of the Oslo Accords. As he become finding out Hebrew, he remembers seeing Yasser Arafat on tv in ulpan (intensive Hebrew direction) and feeling one thing click on.

“I grabbed my head and stated ‘wow, we ran remote from him in Lebanon and he made it to right here!

“The total Lebanese, even the Muslims, stated that Arafat is the face of execrable. Wherever he goes he brings trouble; no person would possibly perchance also stand him,” Cohen stated. “But right here, the Israeli Left thinks that the total world loves the Palestinians and is drawn to them. It’s miles the assorted: the Palestinian inform does no longer interest somebody, splendid right here they’re looking out to be holier than the pope.”

COHEN IS no longer critically surprised of controversy. On the eve of International Holocaust Day, he published a guide titled The Mufti and the Jews, about Mufti Amin al-Husseini’s part within the Holocaust and his battle against Jews in Arab states.

“I wrote about Abu Mazen’s [PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s] doctoral be taught because of I become alarmed that there become no translation of it right here,” Cohen explains. “Abu Mazen accused us of cooperating with Hitler, and his guide become sold in all Arab international locations. Build a question to Arabs what the Holocaust become and a quantity of will affirm ‘BS’ – and that’s how he got his doctorate. He essentially based entirely it on a be taught center in Baghdad and some newspapers. It’s miles a propaganda guide.”

In his unique guide, he makes a speciality of al-Husseini, who “influenced the Muslim Brotherhood and did no longer desire Jews within the condominium,” Cohen stated. “He is the one who stated for the first time ‘Jews are against Islam’ and become straight away influenced by Nazi propaganda.”

When asked why the guide become published now, Cohen stated that “it is a ways an educational and honest crucial to submit info [about the Mufti]. The person damage and damaged us for years, collectively with within the direction of the painful time of the Holocaust. What did he fabricate in Germany for four years whereas the Jewish other people had been being destroyed? Planned to break Jews in Arab international locations.”

Cohen went on to enlighten about his part in Israeli hasbara and the diagram in which he thinks it contributed to most modern adjustments in Arab attitudes toward Israel.

“Most of my followers on Twitter are from Gulf States, and if I urged you I helped plenty with the Abraham Accords, that you just would be able to no longer imagine me, right?” Cohen asked.

“In point of fact that for two years I in actuality had been helping,” he stated. “I enlighten other people in those international locations the suitable face of Palestinians and, at the the same time, divulge them about us. I enlighten that Israel has Arab judges in court and Israeli-Arabs hold the the same rights by law; they did no longer imagine that there had been Muslims within the IDF. To this point as they had been enthusiastic, [all] Arab-Israelis are Palestinians. 

“For 2 years now, I in actuality had been shoving materials at them. The head become when the [United Arab] Emirates sent abet to Palestinians thru Ben-Gurion Airport and Abu Mazen stated ‘no thanks.’ I pointed it out and stated ‘he doesn’t even desire your inspire.’

“I am obvious I made a distinction – nonetheless no person will affirm ‘we made peace because of of Edy Cohen.'”

Edy Cohen: A one-man hasbara machine with 409Okay Arab Twitter followers