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Egypt’s Training Ministry to teach Judaism in schools for first time ever

Egypt’s Training Ministry to teach Judaism in schools for first time ever

In an unprecedented drag, the Egyptian parliament now not too long ago commended the Ministry of Training on approving a up to date faculty field: Non secular values ​​and verses that maintain the identical meaning in the three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Al-Monitor reported

The resolution will allow Egyptian students to explore verses from the Jewish religion for the first time ever.

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“The Ministry of Training’s approval of the topic of non secular values ​​shared between the divine religions expresses the dispute’s keenness to spread the values ​​of tolerance and fraternity,” declared Kamal Amer, the head of the parliamentary defense and the Nationwide Security Committee, in the Egyptian Parliament.

The three religions “include traditional values ​​that students must explore to be in a way to confront the extremist and takfirist tips that backward groups are working to spread in society,” Amer continued. 

He added that “President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is captivating to teach the formative years the values ​​of appreciate for others, tolerance and rejection of fanaticism and extremism. Here’s why the Ministry of Training made up our minds to teach the topic of traditional values ​​in schools.”

On February 14, the Ministry of Training accredited the parliament’s proposal on the topic of traditional values ​​between the total Abrahamic religions and the principles of tolerance, citizenship and coexistence.

“Due to its significance, the topic shall be factored into students’ GPAs, though non secular classes are veritably now not counted,” Deputy Minister of Training Reda Hegazy acknowledged during the meeting, Al-Monitor reported. 

Farid el-Bayadi, a member of the Protection and Nationwide Security Committee and author of the proposal told Al-Monitor that “The resolution to teach this field ​​in schools will play a crucial role in spreading principles and values ​​that stand against extremism and hatred,” as he on the total is named for the elimination of Islamic non secular texts from a host of subjects comparable to Arabic.

“Teaching non secular texts through subjects unrelated to religion leads teachers to interpret such texts in extremist and subversive strategies and reports maintain established a link between this field and the spread of extremist tips,” he added.

“Teaching students texts that lift traditional values from the three Abrahamic religions ​​is terribly vital in phrases of strengthening the principles of humanity,” Bayadi continued. “The disaster lies in extremist interpretations of texts that would simply lead to intolerance and hatred.”

He added, “The most modern non secular curricula need to be developed so that their targets promote the battle against intolerance and extremism.”

Journalist Kamal Zakher told Al-Monitor, “The resolution to teach the topic of traditional values ​​can now not alone confront extremism as a result of Egyptian society is riddled with extremism and intolerance.”

Egypt’s Training Ministry to teach Judaism in schools for first time ever