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Eka Ventures closes $95M Affect VC fund for sustainable consumption, healthcare and society

Eka Ventures closes $95M Affect VC fund for sustainable consumption, healthcare and society

It’s definite that there is a big and rising speed for meals amongst customers to substitute to merchandise and products and services which address just among the biggest problems with our era, whether it be climate trade or problems with society. So we’ve seen the upward push of ethical investing apps, or ideas to cut wait on our carbon footprint, or shop extra ethically. so it follows that VC must restful reach up with funds to make investments in these user spaces.

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That’s been the fundamental point of curiosity of UK-based entirely mostly Eka Ventures ventures since started investing in April 2020, ahead of as we recount time’s announcement of the fund’s closing.

It’s now reached a final shut on its $95m (£68m) fund, and now claims to be the “biggest affect-driven early-stage mission capital fund centered on the UK” even supposing TechCrunch became unable to verify that claim.

Traders in the fund embody British Exchange Monetary institution, BSC, Isomer, Guys and St Thomas Basis, Planet First Partners, Draper Esprit, Snowball and others. It’s furthermore backed, it says, by 24 entrepreneurs, 12 of whom are founders the Eka companions comprise previously backed both at fund or particular particular person level.


Eka’s aim can be to make investments in user expertise corporations centered on sustainable consumption, user healthcare, and the ‘inclusive economic system’. The fund will point of curiosity on the UK at between £500okay and £3m per deal.


Founders Jon Coker, Camilla Dolan and Andrew Richardson has previous trip in mission the put they had been interested in VC affords for Gousto, Bloom & Wild, Peak and Elder. Coker became previously with London-centered VC MMC Ventures.


Jon Coker, Total Accomplice of Eka told me: “We handiest make investments in corporations the put we uncover a clear affect straight connected to the products and services or merchandise that they sell. So as they grow, the affect grows with the corporate. We obtained’t make investments in corporations the put we don’t uncover that. We’ve talked about to all of our investors that we are going to handiest make investments in corporations the put that is delivered. We’re assessing corporations we scrutinize for founder alignment, so understanding how the founders are thinking about building their company and the affect that’s delivered thru the merchandise and products and services. When we’ve passed thru that process of alignment and overview we then measure that affect over time. We can furthermore co make investments with investors that don’t comprise a issue affect point of curiosity on their fund.”

I requested him how they quiz to measure the affect of their investments: “We exhaust a framework known as the Affect administration project framework which is making an strive to build an industry-standard across the scale of affect in mission. It looks at diversified dimensions to establish the particular affect that the corporate you’re investing in is creating. If you’re backing in actuality early-stage corporations, you would perhaps probably maybe maybe probably measure the affect that their product is currently having however you furthermore deserve to measure progress against initiatives that will notify future affect. Now we comprise a chain of affect-centered LPs in the fund who comprise performed a huge selection of work with us in actuality on helping us own about this framework.”


Camilla Dolan, total accomplice of Eka, talked about: “One among our first investments became Urban Jungle insurance coverage. This is an instance the put we own about it as being inclusive, as they noticed a grand opportunity to strive and again the section that has historically been underserved. They invent out that thru underwriting the exhaust of behavioral characteristics rather then demographic characteristics, which is how the incumbent industry does it. This excludes most of the prospects. They’re now launching a social housing-issue product on account of they’d so many testimonials from social housing.”

She added: “By formulation of working with corporations, we are definite in our select for scale, and we can perform the full lot in our vitality to aid the founders we work with perform their bold objectives. We are taking a scrutinize for entrepreneurs who plight the bar for affect-driven innovation excessive and who are centered on fundamentally changing or creating a class, in the a connected formulation Tesla has single-handedly propelled the electrical vehicle industry forward. We plight Eka up to wait on corporations with that level of ambition.”


Timo Boldt, Founding father of Gousto talked about: “Jon and Camilla are two of the handiest investors a founder would possibly probably maybe maybe furthermore probably hope for. They supported Gousto with our Series A wait on in 2013 and comprise been cheerleaders ever since. Their unique mission, Eka, is tightly aligned with our like philosophy on account of of their point of curiosity on sustainability. Very like them, we impart in the vitality of oldsters to power trade.”


Ken Cooper, Managing Director, Endeavor Solutions, British Exchange Monetary institution talked about: “The Monetary institution’s Endeavor Capital Funds programme is a key tool in helping to assemble and retain an effective mission capital provision in the UK, lowering the barriers to entry for rising fund managers and for those targeting much less successfully-served areas of the market.  Our dedication [of £36m] to Eka Ventures, will allow them to reinforce unique and rising sustainable user expertise agencies in the UK.”

Eka Ventures closes $95M Affect VC fund for sustainable consumption, healthcare and society