Home News Magazine Elena Davies Finds ‘Spacious Brother’ and ‘Ex on the Seaside’ Salaries

Elena Davies Finds ‘Spacious Brother’ and ‘Ex on the Seaside’ Salaries

Elena Davies Finds ‘Spacious Brother’ and ‘Ex on the Seaside’ Salaries

Reside and learn! Two years after starring on Spacious Brother 19, Elena Davies used to be in a position to strive against for more money when she used to be solid on Ex on the Seaside.

“We’re paid a stipend per week. $1,000 per week for as long as you movie. Squawk you are the first person sent home and you only spend six hours in the condominium, you get $1,000,” Davies, 30, mentioned of her time on the CBS fact demonstrate in 2017 in the route of the Monday, July 12, episode of Dear Media’s “Purchasing and selling Secrets” podcast. “I used to be in the jury condominium, so I technically filmed the whole season. I obtained paid the whole 13-week stipend.”

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After host Jason Tartick common that added up to about $142 a day, the old-fashioned radio personality explained that once it involves Spacious Brother, nothing is negotiable. The winner wins $500,000, the runner-up will get $50,000 and the remainder of the solid acquire their stipend and any sigh winnings that they could additionally maintain earned in the route of the demonstrate.

Elena Davies Reveals How Much She Made Spent Big Brother Ex On The Beach

Elena Davies on ‘Spacious Brother’.
Invoice Inoshita/CBS

Plus, she common, she spent around $5,000 sooner than going on the demonstrate, guaranteeing she had ample clothes, make-up, hair products, and so forth. for what’s going to be up to 110 days.

On MTV’s Ex on the Seaside, things maintain been a minute diversified.

“I obtained paid nearly as necessary as I obtained paid for Spacious Brother filming Ex on the Seaside, nonetheless I only filmed Ex on the Seaside for 5 days because I used to be the first person that they sent home,” the Dropp Collective cofounder shared of her time on season 3 of the dating demonstrate. “I magnificent negotiated higher than other of us that I do know.”

The “MiscELENAeous Podcast” host added that MTV in actuality desires to solid capability from CBS, so they will generally pay them more over solid contributors from Are You the One? or The Concern.

“That works for my favor a minute bit bit, nonetheless I demanded a reasonably excessive weekly stipend, and then I demanded guaranteed pay, which they don’t generally offer because I used to be treasure, ‘I’m no longer doing all this and then get getting sent home the first week,’” she explained. “Pay me what I would favor or no, thanks.”

The Texas native at the starting up used to be going to be a serious solid member nonetheless because they wanted more males, they decided her ex, Label Jansen, can be a solid member and she’d be introduced in as his ex — something that made her label point scramble up.

Elena Davies Reveals How Much She Made Spent Big Brother Ex On The Beach

Elena Davies on ‘Ex on the Seaside’.

“I used to be treasure, ‘No, it is a have to to pay me no longer no longer up to three weeks’ pay.’ I would favor to notify that my stipend used to be $4,500. I made it out with perchance $17,000 from this demonstrate, and that used to be magnificent me in actuality playing the recreation,” Davies mentioned. “Even when they wanted to fly me serve to shoot magnificent my headshot — because why wouldn’t I shoot that while I used to be there? — I used to be treasure, ‘I would favor my weekly stipend.’ I flew in at 11: 00 at evening, and I used to be on the flight the subsequent day at 9: 45 in the morning. And I obtained paid my weekly [stipend] for that.”

She joked that she went on to “spend $3,500 on therapy” after being on the demonstrate.

“I form of s–t on MTV a minute bit bit more, nonetheless if I’m being candid, I used to be filming a demonstrate in the route of one of the hardest occasions in my existence,” Davies shared. “It used to be exploiting that [relationship] and I used to be privy to it so I’m able to blame no one nonetheless myself. They desire to form staunch TV.”

While she didn’t return to her frail job after being on TV, Davies did open a podcast and now makes most of her money on Instagram and OnlyFans.

“Must you’re a female and you scramble on fact TV, sell your feet photos online,” she explained, noting that she has equipped photos of her feet for up to $450. “I maintain moved over to OnlyFans. … I’ve had a secret OnlyFans for 2 months that’s paid me contrivance bigger than something that I made in the year 2020. I only submit followers. It’s magnificent me and followers.”

She went on to expose that the photos are in reality of her, entirely dressed, with electrical followers. Plus, the memoir has some “sexy selfies” thrown in. She prices $17 a month and has around 300 subscribers, which equals out to around $61,000 a year.

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Elena Davies Finds ‘Spacious Brother’ and ‘Ex on the Seaside’ Salaries