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Ella’s been living with severe period pain for years. She just wants to know why

Ella’s been living with severe period pain for years. She just wants to know why

It began when Ella became as soon as 14.

Bleeding that lasted weeks at a time. Pain that became as soon as so disruptive she became as soon as forced to wander away out college for days. Periods so irregular Ella by no procedure for sure knew after they’d return.

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When she went to search for a doctor about it in her miniature town about 300 kilometres south-east of Adelaide, Ella says she became as soon as told it became as soon as customary for of us her age to collect irregular periods.

She left the apply with a script for the pill in hand. It would possibly perchance perchance perchance presumably perchance be the first in a series of clinical appointments to are attempting to fix what became as soon as going on inside her physique. It didn’t work, but she saved making an try.

Over three years, she’s been prescribed a host of versions of the pill, a contraceptive injection, then an IUD and, sooner or later, a medications to hasty shut down her uterus. None had the specified enact. 

A yellow-beige pill box with four compartments seen with white pills in the bottom left corner, blue and yellow pills on right

Ella has tried loads of a host of medications for her periods, including a drug to shut her uterus down hasty.(

Supplied: Ella


Meanwhile, Ella’s excruciating, heavy periods collect changed the cloth of who she is and what she will be able to enact.

She has bled on daily basis since October 13 closing 300 and sixty five days.

Recently, the now-17-300 and sixty five days-customary’s pain has felt cherish someone has stabbed her within the stomach and is slowly pulling out the knife.

She has to meticulously belief when to replace over her tampons. However it surely doesn’t save a distinction; she quiet leaks  and has stained more items of her attire with her comprise blood than she will be able to take into accout.

Three years spent ready for a diagnosis, with as a minimal another to come

Ella believes the irregular, unbearable bleeding she experiences are symptoms of endometriosis.

Endometriosis — or endo, because it is continuously known as — is a condition the save tissue the same to the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) grows open air the womb.

A teenager girl looks into an unseen mirror. She has one hand in her hair and a vacant expression on her face.

The endometriosis specialist Ella sees is basically based an eight-hour spherical day out away from her regional town.(

Supplied: Ella


The trip of getting endo varies loads. It is going to reason a spread of symptoms including intense pain for the duration of menstruation, infertility and reduced fertility. Others don’t collect any symptoms at all.

There would possibly perchance be no treatment and no one-dimension-fits-all treatment.

Around 830,000 of us in Australia collect been identified with it, Endometriosis Australia says.

There would possibly perchance be handiest a technique to verify an endo diagnosis; by present process a laparoscopy (which is a keyhole surgery) and having a biopsy (in other words, a tissue sample) taken. 

Ella’s wished a laparoscopy for years.

Why can it steal goodbye to procure the diagnostic surgery?

There are just a few causes getting a laparoscopy can steal this long.

Sydney gynaecologist Amani Harris, who specialises in endo treatment, says the stigma and taboo related with some of essentially the most customary symptoms of endo, cherish period pain, are proper barriers to of us looking out for diagnosis and treatment, as is living regionally or rurally.

“Then there would possibly perchance be a account that younger of us don’t procure endometriosis, which is no longer just,” Dr Harris continues.

A white pad is seen in its white wrapper with an aqua tab on green linen sheets.

Ella says all of her vitality goes into managing her periods.(

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On top of that, she says there would possibly perchance be the fact that endo itself is sophisticated to diagnose; it requires surgery to verify, but no longer all people with endo requires further surgery to capture it.

“So, in most cases we expend clinical therapies, no longer on account of we don’t judge someone’s pain is reputable, or that they don’t require surgery, but on account of it is no longer a treatment,” she says.

Compounding these barriers, Dr Harris says there would possibly perchance be moreover a reluctance to operate on younger doable endometriosis sufferers on account of there would possibly perchance be presumably a smarter probability of the endo recurring.

“The sooner you enact that [surgery], the more years someone has the save they’re exposed to the hormones; the save they’re doubtlessly exposed to periods. [That’s why] there would possibly perchance be a doubtlessly better threat of it coming relieve,” Dr Harris explains.

“However we don’t settle on to extend surgery when it is wanted [and] we must no longer notify younger sufferers procure valid of entry to to surgery.

“Surgical treatment has been shown in numerous studies to very a lot strengthen pain related to endometriosis.

After years of making an try a host of medications that haven’t worked and going thru eight-hour spherical trips to procure from her regional town to appointments in Adelaide, Ella says she’s been told she’s now customary sufficient to collect the laparoscopy.

The waitlist is 12 months long, so she’ll seemingly be an grownup by the time she goes below the knife.

If Ella’s identified with endo following the laparoscopy, she’ll collect managed to enact so effectively before the frequent timeframe: it within the intervening time takes a median of six and a half years to procure an endo affirmation, according to Endometriosis Australia.

Right here is down from the pre-2013 moderate of seven to 12 years, Donna Ciccia, Endometriosis Australia’s co-founder and director explains.

Ella stopped going to college and spending time with her mates due to her periods

Ella understands why she’s been made to wait.

“Even even though I would possibly perchance presumably perchance also no longer agree, I quiet collect to listen to what [the doctors] are announcing, which is steadily hard on account of I enact know my comprise physique and I need to if truth be told be taken seriously,” Ella says, after which pauses.

“However I don’t procure that on account of I’m so younger.”

And knowing why she’s had to wait hasn’t made the act of ready, or the trial and error of a host of medications before a laparoscopy, more straightforward to endure.

When her periods began getting for sure unhappy, Ella began keeping aside herself due to the dismay that came with no longer being in a position to know when or how mighty she would bleed.

“I wasn’t in a position to hang out with my mates after college if I became as soon as bleeding too mighty,” she says.

That led to exclusion, which sooner or later morphed into bullying. Soon, Ella became as soon as too apprehensive to wander to college, even when she wasn’t bleeding.

Ella’s since moved faculties. While the one she attends now is an hour-long pressure away when put next to the outdated five minutes, the unusual starting save helped her focal point on her education all yet again.

A teenage girl with mousey brown hair looks down and holds her stomach as she sits on a bed.

Ella says the pain she experiences for the duration of menstruation has no longer too long ago felt cherish someone has stabbed her within the stomach.(

Supplied: Ella


However the query of who she would possibly perchance presumably perchance be if she didn’t trip such debilitating periods lingers.

“I’m striking all my vitality into just looking out after myself and dealing with my period,” Ella explains.

“It takes away from what I’m in a position to put into my schoolwork and my sport and seeing my mates in college.”

“It is miles steadily laborious, having this illness.”

In the absence of solutions, Ella began doubting her comprise pain

There are occasions when Ella has puzzled whether the pain she experiences on a conventional basis is even proper — despite knowing, logically speaking, that it is.

Ella became as soon as no longer too long ago identified with depression, dismay and OCD. She believes her irregular periods and having to time and all yet again justify her power pain caused those stipulations, in addition to to being isolated from college and her mates.

“My mates, most of us collect just vogue of brushed all of it off and stated, ‘Oh, it is just your period’,” she says.

“Various the time, I feel cherish I’m vogue of going loopy. I’ve been doubting my pain loads and [feeling like] I’m overreacting.”

According to Tamara Cavenett, who’s the national president of the Australian Psychological Society and a practising clinical psychologist, really appropriate one of many hardest things for someone who’s experiencing severe period pain “is that you simply’re questioning what your symptoms point out”.

Ms Cavenett says no longer having a label for the constellations of symptoms would possibly perchance presumably perchance also moreover be notably hard on account of it would possibly well save of us query their experiences, as a replacement of getting the language to save sense of them.

“You are doing a vogue of questioning, and you will doubtless be in a position to trip a vogue of dismay and depression about no longer being heard,” she says.

“To be able to be in a position to factor in will collect to you’re going to search for of us, and you’re no longer getting a transparent diagnosis or a transparent acknowledge, it feels cherish there isn’t such a thing as a hope, it feels cherish it would possibly presumably perchance also no longer replace, and that will moreover be extremely demoralising.”

The first step of being your comprise champion? ‘Take into accout doctors are there to work for you’

Bridget Hustwaite is a presenter for triple j and the author of How To Endo. It took her 12 years to procure a diagnosis.

She says being your comprise champion is predominant: “Do not forget that [doctors] are there to work for you. You would possibly presumably collect to no longer stroll in there feeling cherish you collect got to persuade them that you simply’re no longer effectively. You need to relieve yourself no topic what.”

Hustwaite moreover suggests taking your time in appointments.

“Originate no longer feel cherish it is likely you’ll presumably well like to speed into making a resolution on the position, or sigh sure to a treatment you’re no longer obvious about.

“It be so predominant to know that you simply are going to be in a position to store spherical … if it doesn’t feel upright, apply your instincts.”

Because endometriosis is complex and impacts on so many of us’s physical and psychological wellbeing, Hustwaite stresses clinical care must take into yarn both.

“It is miles steadily predominant to peep at it from a total-physique standpoint, whether that is doing pelvic physio or looking out for dietary recommendation, even looking out for a pain psychologist or traditional psychologist to address the psychological aspect,” she says.

Ms Ciccia is of the same opinion: “Surgical treatment is handiest one portion of it. Hormonal medications are handiest one portion of it.”

“We’ve obtained other things that we enact, cherish pelvic physiotherapy to relieve clean down muscle tissues which collect been in spasm for goodbye.”

Sooner or later, Ella says the supreme thing for her has been allowing herself to steal her comprise pain seriously.

“Right here is vogue of my lifestyles now. It be for sure hard, but it is making me stronger as a person,” she says, resigned.

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Ella’s been living with severe period pain for years. She just wants to know why