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Ending hostilities and averting famine in Yemen

Ending hostilities and averting famine in Yemen
  • UK helps UN efforts to lead to total political route of in Yemen

  • UK reiterates calls for international community to step up humanitarian funding to avert famine

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Remarks by Ambassador Barbara Woodward at the Security Council briefing on Yemen

My as a result of Particular Envoy Griffiths, Below-Secretary-Classic Lowcock, and Ambassador King for their briefings.

For Yemen, 2021 began worthy as 2020 left off: an intractable battle with what threatens to be the worst famine in decades. However as we have got heard, there is a possibility. Increased US engagement on Yemen, including the reversal of designation, is a welcome milestone. And we fully beef up UN efforts to broker a deal that ends hostilities, eases financial restrictions, and outcomes in a total political route of.

Nonetheless, the Houthis bear spoke back to this push for peace by escalating their attacks against Saudi Arabia and by launching a current offensive on Marib – a metropolis where a million Yemenis bear sought refuge.

This can win the collective efforts of this Council to persuade the Houthis to end this offensive. This battle will not be going to finish with out a total deal involving all of Yemen’s key political groups, including the Houthis. In this regard, I welcome the supportive statements that Martin Griffiths bought during his recent visits to Tehran and Riyadh, and hope that the Houthis will now receive Martin in Sana’a to talk in regards to the kind forward.

While the warfare rages, as we’ve heard, thousands and thousands of Yemenis risk hunger. To cease famine, the international community and Yemen’s key partners have to step up at the Pledging Convention on 1 March – or, as Brand said, sooner than that. History – and the Yemeni people – will not be going to examine kindly on us if we fail.

UNSC Choice 2417 makes definite that humanitarian win entry to have to not be impeded. In addition, Government of Yemen restrictions on gas imports are sharply increasing costs, as we’ve heard, threatening the provision of not current companies, and the lives of Yemenis. Well-known exterior financial assistance to the Central Bank of Yemen is additionally urgently wished.

Finally, additional Houthi delays to the UN mission to assess the SAFER oil tanker are unacceptable. With one other vessel doubtlessly identified, I hope the UN can outline in bigger element what extra they need from the Houthis for this mission to deploy.

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