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Enhypen’s Beautiful Mini-Album Border: Carnival Is Verified Vamp Vibes

Enhypen’s Beautiful Mini-Album Border: Carnival Is Verified Vamp Vibes

By Tássia Assis

When MTV Info connects by means of Zoom with Enhypen (stylized all-caps), the South Korean pop crew’s seven members sit down spoil up into two neat rows: Heeseung, Jake, Jay, and Sunoo in the entrance, followed by Jungwon, Sunghoon, and Ni-ki moral on the wait on of them. Their outfits are carefully coordinated in neutral hues, and their hair is styled with boyish aspect-aspects, with the exception of Ni-ki, whose foreheadis lined by a precisely positioned ash-blonde fringe. Starting from 15 to 19 years outmoded, it’s finest been five months since they debuted with their first project, Border: Day One, the supreme-promoting initiating of all of the work place out by closing year’s beginners. But no topic their ages, the artists elevate themselves with an air of poise — and perchance a little of thriller.

Early Newspaper

Across their lavish tune videos and allegorical lyrics, Enhypen agree with crafted an intricate universe filled with vampires and Shakespearian odes. They aren’t merely mystifying performers, sitting on this convention room to talk about their 2d mini-album, Border: Carnival, which is out lately (April 26); they are both the creators of and creatures inner a multidimensional fantasy that used to be laid out closing year. Formed by Belift Lab, a joint endeavor between South Korean entertainment companies CJ ENM and HYBE Company (formerly identified as Elephantine Hit), Enhypen came collectively by draw of the survival point out I-Land. The program’s opening scene featured a quote from the German creator Hermann Hesse’s unusual Demian that would perchance well even be applied to the crew’s agree with anecdote: “The fowl fights its draw out of the egg. The egg is the enviornment. Who will be born must first fracture an global.”

If Border: Day One cracked the shell, now the artists are keen to spread their wings. The six-tune Border: Carnival tracks their arrival to the gorgeous, dizzying world of standing in three definite variations — “Up,” “Hype,” and “Down” — with definite visuals filtered by draw of the sugary highs and crashing lows of visiting this form of shiny festival. These topics are captured in the tune video for the galloping pop-rock single “Drunk-Dazed,” where they throw a home birthday celebration that rapidly devolves into a chilling nightmare. The psychedelic “Intro: The Invitation” offers a deliciously dramatic first taste of this coast, whereas the hip-hop and rock sounds of “Combined Up” replicate their inclined experience rising up in the public undercover agent. Right by draw of, there are symbols to be deciphered with seemingly never-ending interpretations — Victorian apparel, crimson blood — but all signifying an global waiting to be stumbled on.

MTV Info: Congrats on your 2d mini-album! Now that you have got got crossed Border: Day One, how does it in actuality feel to step into this Carnival, as you’ve named it?

Jungwon: Border: Carnival is where we’re peaceable form of puzzled, but these are factual emotions of us looking out out for to revel on this moment. We’re waiting for [our fans] Engenes to also revel on this unusual album, and we’re in actuality alive to with our unusual tune and exhibiting our performances.

MTV Info: Your debut happened finest five months previously, but how agree with you ever changed since then?

Jake: Love you talked about, it’s finest been five months, so I wager we’re peaceable on the very early levels of our careers. But we surely feel relish we agree with taken a huge step as artists, and that we grew quite a bit as a team, especially on this album. We hope that our followers will doubtless be succesful to perceive that chemistry on stage as well to off stage.

MTV Info: How plan you’re feeling wchook you agree with a look at your achievements to this level? Is it interesting to imagine that probabilities are you’ll need so noteworthy accountability at a young age?

Heeseung: I can’t in actuality suppose that we performed quite a bit. There’s peaceable quite a bit that we want to plan, quite a bit that we want to learn, quite a bit that we want to grow. That’s something we’ll proceed to derive collectively, both with the members and with our followers. The strengthen and the worship from Engenes are what drives us to retain achieving this stuff.

MTV Info: The pandemic has been laborious for all americans, but groups relish Enhypen, who debuted after it began, have not had many opportunities to meet their followers. What are you discovering out from these making an are trying times?

Sunghoon: Unfortunately, we haven’t had barely about a probabilities to meet our followers, but peaceable, we agree with received barely about a worship and barely about a strengthen. That made us uncover how treasured our followers are, and we’re looking out out for to give wait on to them. We are looking out out for to retain on working laborious in remark that in the future we can meet head to cross, originate, and recount. It factual occurs that we want to wait on a little of bit extra.

Belift Lab

MTV Info: Your most indispensable theory for this comeback is “carnival,” and your title tune is named “Drunk-Dazed.” Did you intend to take these emotions of astonishment and pleasure that you experience at a festival? 

Jay: After we debuted, what we skilled are issues I never skilled earlier than, and I ponder it’s the first time for all of the opposite members too. Every little thing looks in actuality elaborate, in actuality glamorous, but also very out of the ordinary. I wager that’s what that probabilities are you’ll experience at a carnival, in regards to unfamiliarity, but also all of the fanciness, the glitter and glamour. It’s relish all these emotions and emotions melted down into one tune.

MTV Info: Can you talk about referring to the tune video for “Drunk-Dazed” and piece some memories of the shoot?

Heeseung: I be conscious training the chorus segment on the save. There used to be this moment when we had been all in the center, and it used to be sizable. Then, we saw the draw in which it used to be turning out and it used to be in actuality unbelievable. It used to be also the first time we had been doing the choreography outdoors of the put collectively studio. The total workers used to be giving us certain ideas, and that made us in actuality feel in actuality sizable. It used to be an indispensable experience.

MTV Info: What are the tracks you most repeat to on this album and why?

Jungwon: The tune that resonated with me basically the most is the fourth tune, “Combined Up,” because it’s about issues that I didn’t experience as a trainee. After I-Land and after our debut, I began to fetch all this attention from barely about a folk, so here’s when your complete ambiance changed for me and introduced up these emotions of being combined up.

Jake: For me, it has to be our title tune, “Drunk-Dazed,” because it expresses the final theme and message of the album in actuality successfully. It’s one in all my favorites.

MTV Info: Engenes throughout the enviornment are looking out out for to perceive: What’s the relation between Enhypen and vampires?

Jay: Oh, that’s silly.

Heeseung: [To Jake:] What plan you ponder?

Jake: If truth be told, we’re very queer about that. What plan you ponder?

MTV Info: For me, it looks relish there are two various tales going on simultaneously. One is Enhypen as you are surely, as idols, and the opposite is a extra fantastical one. 

Jake: I wager the hypothesis that probabilities are you’ll need is a in actuality correct one.

MTV Info: Are you attentive to the theories that Engenes salvage?

Jake: We plan know that barely about a Engenes attain up with their agree with theories, and it’s in actuality thrilling to trail making an are trying at them and all their ideas.

MTV Info: So what’s the accurate anecdote on the wait on of it?

Jay: It’s begin.

Jake: Sure, we’re looking out out for to disappear it for the followers to define it themselves.

Heeseung: In case you define or are trying and divide the storyline the employ of our title tracks because the center of it, I wager it will be more straightforward to agree with a look at extra about our world.

MTV Info: Jay, you worship rock, so how plan you’re feeling referring to the sounds and visuals on this album?

Jay: The tracks “Combined Up” and “Drunk-Dazed,” as well to the “Hype” version of the album, in actuality reveal that rock sensibility. There are barely about a peculiar, recent, and interesting issues that attract me. Those topics are corresponding to how I costume, the roughly dresses that I relish, so I in actuality enjoyed it.

Belift Lab

MTV Info: Heeseung, you once talked about, “The beyond regular time you utilize on your work, the less time there would possibly perchance be to make investments for your self.” How plan you separate your time between work and investing for your self?

Heeseung: At the present time, I’m mostly spending time on work, but specializing in work is segment of investing in myself. I don’t assume these two are very various for me.

MTV Info: Jake, where plan you’re feeling corresponding to that probabilities are you’ll need grown basically the most for this comeback? 

Jake: Now that we agree with spent beyond regular time collectively as a team, I wager our chemistry has no doubt improved, as well to having a deeper working out for one any other. But additionally, in phrases of singing and dancing, as well to facial expressions on stage, all the pieces has gotten considerably better.

MTV Info: Jungwon, you’re the leader, but how plan you protect centered?

Jungwon: I search advice from the opposite members quite a bit and they offer me ideas about what I’m doing and the draw in which issues are going. That enables me to agree with interplay an unbiased stare of myself, repair up what I’m doing, and abet heading in the correct direction.

MTV Info: Sunoo, you will be succesful to adapt to any theory with out peril. What is that course of relish for you?

Sunoo: There are three ideas on this album, so I had to imagine quite a bit about how one can regulate [to each of them]. But once we bought on save and tried on the outfits, we did barely about a preparations, and I used so to with out peril adapt to the numerous atmospheres. Also, especially for the “Up” version, me and the opposite members studied photography and videos of outfits that had been corresponding to that theme, so these efforts made up for it.

MTV Info: Sunghoon, Jake, and Heeseung are introverts in step with the MBTI personality test. Sunghoon, when plan you ponder it be an help to be introverted?

Sunghoon: There are correct and wrong issues for both personalities, introverted and extroverted. The incontrovertible truth that we agree with both in Enhypen offers us an help, a synergy. I wager it’s an true element that we agree with a combination of various personalities.

MTV Info: Ni-ki, coming from Japan and being the youngest member, how plan you’re feeling about rising up with Enhypen?

Ni-ki: The choice members continuously look out for me, and if there’s something I don’t know or that I can’t resolve out, they are continuously moral there. They in actuality abet me quite a bit. I in actuality feel relish I in actuality agree with a household here in Korea.

MTV Info: Can you piece something about Enhypen’s next adventure, as foreshadowed in “Outro: The Wormhole”?

Ni-ki: I can’t spoil too many little print, but I can listing you that we are going to be wait on all all over again with sizable tune and sizable performances that every person Engenes can no longer sleep for. So please, no longer sleep for that.

Enhypen’s Beautiful Mini-Album Border: Carnival Is Verified Vamp Vibes