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Erika Jayne Sued for $25 Million in Financial catastrophe Case Involving Tom’s Agency

Erika Jayne Sued for $25 Million in Financial catastrophe Case Involving Tom’s Agency

Erika Jayne Sued for $25 Million in Bankruptcy Case Involving Tom’s Firm

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Erika Jayne.

Erika Jayne is being sued for $25 million by the trustee who’s overseeing the chapter case involving her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s regulation company, Girardi Keese.

The Staunch Housewives of Beverly Hills broad title, 50, used to be implicated in the lawsuit because she allegedly knew the company used to be paying for her costs for at least 12 years, according to court docket documents obtained by Us Weekly. Therefore, the trustee requested that the court docket show Erika to repay the firm the $25 million she allegedly spent plus interest.

“It’d be a miscarriage of justice if [she] used to be allowed to easily whisk entirely free of owing over $25,000,000 to the estate,” the filing stated.

The swimsuit further argued that Erika must restful be held personally guilty for the funds, regardless that the money allegedly went to her firm, EJ Global LLC. “She makes an strive to create a distinction between handing her money straight versus paying all of her payments straight,” the papers read. “The distinction, admire her prior circulate for reconsideration, is meritless. Any payments made for her income are her accountability.”

The trustee claimed that “the glam can’t be supported by a sham,” referring to the money she allegedly spent on her glam squad in addition to PR, assistants and her bank card invoice.

Ronald Richards, the legal genuine for the trustee, suggested Us in a Friday, August 27, commentary that the lawsuit used to be filed “to manufacture a advance-to-Jesus moment” for Erika.

“The regulation company paid out over $25 million in costs which had been favorite and generated by one individual, Erika Girardi,” the commentary continued. “We’re hopeful that Ms. Girardi comes down the mountain from a attach of privilege and rude wealth and returns most of these costs so the former clients and creditors of this regulation company can mitigate the horrific and unfair losses perpetrated by her husband and others.”

Girardi Keese is $101 million in debt, according to court docket documents obtained by Us earlier this week. “It would not compensate the estate for the fleshy amount but some effort to get the true thing would lumber a protracted method in backing up her public relate that the victims must restful advance first,” Richards added. “Ms. Girardi enjoys a wise wage from her abilities in addition to get entry to to radiant sums of cash from anonymous sources. We’re hopeful she finds it a bigger path to get to the bottom of this topic without from now on avoidance of her obligations to this estate instead of continuously draining estate sources with meritless exact positions and threats. No extra investigation is wished to veil the money in one route: To Erika Girardi.”

Erika’s legal genuine, then again, suggested Us in a Friday commentary that the swimsuit “is one other example of the trustee and her counsel jumping to conclusions with out a fleshy investigation, and bullying and blaming Erika for actions taken by Girardi Keese for which Erika would not have exact legal responsibility.”

The legal genuine claimed that “factual because Erika owned 100 p.c of the interests of EJ Global LLC doesn’t imply that she has legal responsibility for its money owed” and alleged that Girardi Keese “managed the EJ Global LLC finances.”

Erika filed for divorce from Tom, 82, in November 2020 after 20 years of marriage. She has since claimed that she used to be not responsive to his alleged mistreatment of his clients and their money. The correct case is ongoing.

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Erika Jayne Sued for $25 Million in Financial catastrophe Case Involving Tom’s Agency