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Evolve Skateboards carves up the Hadean Sequence electric board with crazy 50km/hr top speed and 65km range

Evolve Skateboards carves up the Hadean Sequence electric board with crazy 50km/hr top speed and 65km range

Evolve Skateboards maintain electric skateboards and non-public real launched the Hadean Sequence, with 4x occasions extra performance than its predecessor the GTR series which launched aid in 2019. There’s now 37% extra battery ability and a crazy top speed of 50km/h, double what’s came upon in electric scooters and eBikes.

The Hadean Carbon is the world’s first chassis vogue physique (patent pending), designed to allow elevated performance without compromising on size and the swish low profile look they are known for. To achieve the strength required in the deck physique construction they got right here up with another first for electric skateboarding – solid carbon fibre, the likes of which is able to be came upon on top-of-the-line high performance super autos love Lamborghini.

Early Newspaper

The deck also entails another first for the industrial, air vents, which aid to withhold the inner electronics frigid. With constructed-in lights that consist of facets reminiscent of responsive brake lighting fixtures for improved security, the Hadean Sequence represents a brand unique know-how for developed electric skateboards and encapsulates all that has been learnt, came upon, and imagined by the group that has been passionately designing electric skateboards since Evolve’s inception in 2008.

“Since the successful originate of our Carbon GTR series in 2019, we non-public looked to reach our product staunch into a board that produces elevated performance while inserting forward the swish, constructed-in electrical make the GTR is infamous for. Improved performance required elevated size of the battery and motors and this innovation overcame a size constraint that might per chance per chance well per chance beef up the customers’ regulate and riding expertise.

Our region used to be to lift the level of innovation within our industrial while advancing the make impressed by the sophisticated look and performance of super autos”.

Founding father of Evolve Skateboards, Jeff Anning

A brand unique level of regulate

The Hadean Sequence saw Evolve re-take into accout every fragment of the board and the motor controller, as the heart of the board, used to be an incredibly foremost ingredient. Evolve has teamed up with an Australian firm that excells in motor controller make to kind an totally unique proprietary motor controller for the brand, the E-FOC. With expertise in defense force drones and other high stop products the groups collaborated on all the pieces from schematics to the best most likely quality invoice of materials to maintain particular the E-FOC is the most developed motor controller Evolve has ever created, revolutionising how smoothly a rider can harness the intense strength produced by the Hadean’s twin 3000w motors and 12S battery structure.

Solid carbon chassis

The Hadean Carbon is the world’s first “chassis” skateboard deck, restful of solid carbon fibre, a cloth came upon in aircrafts and bustle autos. The seamless integration of know-how and recede performance is done by a solid carbon composite physique. The high fibre shriek material and variation in strand orientation creates the strength foremost to support a next-know-how electric system without adding pointless bulk. With this board, the rider will expertise better performance, including speed and range, without compromising the handiest riding feeling.

Bamboo version

The Hadean Bamboo has all the performance facets of the carbon version, the same twin 3000w motors and 12S battery structure, however with the flexibility of a bamboo deck for a particular riding feeling. The Hadean Bamboo offers the most up-to-date in performance in the traditional look of a bamboo longboard with developed facets such constructed-in lighting fixtures.

Comparability with the outdated series

Each ingredient on the Hadean Sequence used to be constructed from the ground up. After two years of pattern, the Hadean Sequence has left no facet of the deck untouched. Compared to GTR, the Hadean Sequence can scamper up to 20% faster and has 30% extra range.

Evolve has partnered with top ingredient manufacturers to device the Hadean Sequence with the best most likely quality materials and know-how out there to maximise performance and reliability from the battery and motor controller. This has allowed for a 37% expand in battery ability and four occasions the performance over the outdated series.

The Hadean supersedes the GTR as Evolve’s flagship board and continues the brand’s race in leading the industrial.


The Hadean Sequence uses 2170 lithium-Ion battery cells and 2 x 3000-watt electric motors to strength itself. It produces zero carbon emissions, and can scamper back and forth up to 65 km on a single charge. Which capacity that of its transportable nature, it’s an ideally suited, environmentally friendly urban assemble of transportation. Sustainable and filled with life commuting is right here to stop.

In 2020, the search quantity on Google for electric skateboards and other non-public electric autos, reminiscent of e-scooters and e-bikes, has grown by 95% when as compared with the outdated year.

With the recent adjustments triggered by the pandemic outbreak, Australians non-public been procuring for an quite a whole lot of formula to bag spherical the metropolis, as 30% of commuters are alive to by public transport hygiene, and traffic congestion in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne non-public been aid to pre-COVID numbers.

The Hadean Sequence enables the rider to scamper back and forth from doorstep to destination or to combine with other transport conceivable picks, making it the excellent “final mile” solution as riders can bag about town at the same time as saving money, reducing carbon emissions and having fun at the same time.

Key facets

Unusual distant: The Phaze distant has a brand unique make for hardcore conditions. It’s constructed to final, housed in a machined alloy physique with rubber overmolded sides. It also hosts an array of orderly facets reminiscent of speed regulate, light adjustments, and board diagnostics.

Trim lighting fixtures system: The Bluetooth connection between the Phaze distant and deck offers staunch-time hazard lights when the brake is applied, bettering both the rider and surrounding parties security when travelling. The lights also encourage as a hallmark for low-battery, board updates and various other eventualities.

Customisation: The Hadean Sequence is love minded with extra than 100 combinations of wheel and gear setup. 

App: The Detect By Evolve App opens up even elevated stages of customisation, with the introduction of strength, acceleration and brake curves and an particular person might per chance per chance well per chance also goal furthermore dial in their in-constructed lights with twin colours and elephantine RGB color desire. The app might per chance per chance well per chance also furthermore be inclined to worth board diagnostics and track their rides the use of GPS to compete on a world leaderboard.

Preferrred stance: We have subtle the contours and widths of our decks to supply the optimal stance for all riders, atmosphere up apartment for a valuable wider foot stance without expanding the wheelbase of the board.

Versatility: The 2-in-1 version, which contains the all-terrain and boulevard location up, will be found in for both decks. 

Cooling: An aluminium air vent system blends into the deck for maximum heat dissipation and the final performance conceivable.

Hadean Sequence Specs

  • Range: up to 65km
  • Energy: 3000w twin 6368 motors
  • Top Speed: 50kph
  • Truck: Solid / CNC Super cut 30.6cm / 12” width
  • Battery: 16AH Lishen Lithium Ion 21700 12S with custom BMS 691.2 W
  • Hills: 35%+
  • Rated Charger Energy: 50V

To be taught extra about Evolve Skateboards focus on with https://www.evolveskateboards.com.au

Evolve Skateboards carves up the Hadean Sequence electric board with crazy 50km/hr top speed and 65km range