Home Breaking News Ex-Catalan leader vows to keep fighting extradition to Spain

Ex-Catalan leader vows to keep fighting extradition to Spain

Ex-Catalan leader vows to keep fighting extradition to Spain

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Catalonia’s outdated regional President Carles Puigdemont has vowed to keep fighting extradition again to Spain if the European Union’s parliament strips him of his immunity as a lawmaker this week.

Puigdemont and two fellow Catalan separatists received seats in the European Parliament in 2019, two years after fleeing Spain because they’d led a failed secession are trying for Catalonia, which Spain thought to be illegal.

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On Monday, Puigdemont, alongside with cohorts Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí, face a vote by the European Parliament on whether to cast off their immunity as lawmakers, a transfer that has been instantaneous by the parliament’s Honest Affairs Committee.

“We peep all conditions, clearly even that we are able to lose our immunity, which is largely the most likely,” Puigdemont told The Linked Press on Saturday evening from his house in Waterloo, Belgium. “But we know that can now not be the tip of the avenue.”

Lifting their immunity would permit Spain to as soon as again pursue their extradition to stand trial admire fellow separatist leaders who remained in Spain and were learned responsible of sedition and the misuse of public funds for the 2017 breakaway expose.

To this point, courts in Belgium, Germany and Britain grasp refused to ship Puigdemont and his colleagues again on grounds of sedition as requested by Spain. Outstanding arrest warrants in Spain mean they may be able to be straight away detained in the event that they attempted to return house.

Puigdemont talked about moreover resisting in the nationwide courts, the three can even “decide our case to the Courtroom of Justice of the European Union.”

Puigdemont appealed to fellow lawmakers on the grounds that his cause is shared by rather a few minorities in bigger European worldwide locations.

“The quiz is whether political persecution is popular. If political minorities, nationalists and dissidents grasp the same exact as others to be represented, to attain politics, they’re going to be balloting on that,” Puigdemont talked about.

The EU parliament’s Honest Affairs Committee did now not sight any threat for political persecution when it analyzed their case last month.

In October 2017, Puigdemont’s regional government skipped over warnings from Spain’s top courts that authorizing a referendum on independence can be unconstitutional. They pushed ahead anyway, and tons of of of us were injured in a police crackdown on the day of the vote. The professional-secession side received the vote by a landslide with most unionists now not balloting.

Subsequent legitimate elections grasp many events shown that Catalan voters are equally split by the secession quiz.

After issuing a declaration of independence that did now not grasp any ideally suited halt, Puigdemont fled Spain for Brussels prior to prosecutors could well additionally scenario an arrest warrant.

Spanish courts grasp handed down detrimental corruption verdicts towards the conservative Current Celebration that dominated Spain in 2017 and are investigating the alleged financial misdoings of outdated King Juan Carlos I. Even so, Puigdemont believes that Spanish courts will now not be fair when hearing cases spirited Catalan separatists.

“In Spain, the courts will now not be freed from political pursuits,” he talked about. “The justice machine is clearly biased and we are responsible from the launch of any trial.”

No topic the setbacks to his cause, Puigdemont sees the depart he helped foster in a solid blueprint after professional-secession parties retained a majority of seats in the Barcelona-primarily based parliament’s most contemporary election.

“In due direction there’ll likely be but any other opportunity,” to rupture free, he talked about. “Now we grasp to be taught our classes. Now we grasp to procure energy, and we have to be well ready.”

Ex-Catalan leader vows to keep fighting extradition to Spain