Home Canada ‘Extraordinarily rare’: N.S. woman, 21, taken to hospital after apparent shark attack

‘Extraordinarily rare’: N.S. woman, 21, taken to hospital after apparent shark attack

‘Extraordinarily rare’: N.S. woman, 21, taken to hospital after apparent shark attack

There is shock and alarm in a picturesque fragment of Western Cape Breton, after a 21-year-venerable woman used to be airlifted to hospital following an apparent shark attack on Friday.

Whereas no longer totally unheard of, this extra or less factor is remarkably rare around here.

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It used to be appropriate off Margaree Island, alongside the west drag with the bolt of Cape Breton, where a dream summer day on the water grew to develop to be into a nightmare for a 21-year-venerable woman.

“Here’s repulsive. Here’s demanding,” says Fred Whoriskey, excecutive director of the Ocean Monitoring Community at Dalhousie College.

Whoriskey says for something esteem this to happen in Canadian waters is noteworthy extra rare than it is likely you’ll presumably per chance also deem.

“Within the event you drag to the realm shark attack file, there’s no longer even a register for Canada on it. For unprovoked shark attacks, or provoked shark attacks. Either a form of explicit things. So in our attach, terribly rare, and non-existent for no lower than 100 years.”

Ravishing sooner than 5 p.m. on Friday, Nova Scotia RCMP obtained a name fabricated from the boat, which had on the very least six other folks on it.

“The sufferer used to be swimming within the water, off the boat, and used to be allegedly attacked by this shark,” says Sgt. Andrew Joyce of the N.S. RCMP.

The boat used to be half of 1 mile west of Margaree Island.

“The person used to be transported to shore by the boat that she used to be on,” says Joyce.

Joyce says as soon as on shore, the girl obtained support from EHS and a local fire division. She used to be then taken to hospital domestically, sooner than being airlifted to Halifax.

No one is aware of for particular but what extra or less shark also can were enthusiastic, but Whoriskey says it used to be likely a white shark, an endangered species whose populations he says are starting to rebound.

Whoriskey says it’s conceivable that a shark may presumably even have faith mistaken a person within the water for food.

“We attain seem to be getting a lot of sightings and detections of the animals in offshore areas around islands,” says Whoriskey. “It’s a ways a attach where different wildlife is congregating, particularly seals.”

“We have faith a lot of young animals that seem to be constructing into our waters now. Which implies that they’re appropriate studying how to live to notify the tale. ‘What’s food? What attain I attack? How attain I attain this?’”

RCMP verify that the girl is from the native condominium, but weren’t ready to present an change on her situation on Saturday.

With ideal swimming weather now here, Whoriskey says others wondering how they are able to close safe may be ideal off averting getting into the water alongside offshore islands esteem this.

“Getting into these kinds of areas, anchoring your boat and going for a swim, is extra or less esteem going into the top looking grounds that sharks may be hanging out in,” says Whoriskey

For now, or no longer it is an gorgeous incident that also can by no means repeat itself around here in our lifetimes, but has other folks pondering twice about what lies below our waters here on the East Inch.

‘Extraordinarily rare’: N.S. woman, 21, taken to hospital after apparent shark attack