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Family farewells 11,254ha farm after 157 years

Family farewells 11,254ha farm after 157 years

After 157 years the Crothers family has supplied 11,254 hectare mixed farming property Booligar in Queensland’s southern inland.

Key sides:

  • The 11,254 hectare irrigation property has supplied to a NSW farming family
  • The Crothers family modified from wool to cotton manufacturing about 25 years ago
  • Locals allege they’ll be sorry to search them bound

The cotton, cropping and grazing operation 44 kilometres south-west of Dirranbandi became purchased by the Hunt family from Mallawa, Contemporary South Wales, for an undisclosed imprint.

Early Newspaper

Flee in partnership between brothers Douglas and Donald Crothers and their families, the land with Narran River frontage and five water storages, has been within the marketplace since it became passed in at public sale in December 2017.

Douglas Crothers acknowledged it became a advanced decision to build the land within the marketplace however the sale came as a reduction.

“We’re leaving the region in proper fingers,” he acknowledged.

“They’ll be working it alongside with the Swain family that also advance from the Walgett/Carinda attach and they’re also leasing a region within the Dirranbandi attach for the time being.

The Crotherses have witnessed big adjustments to agricultural manufacturing within the procedure for the duration of their ownership, including the growth of Australia’s most attention-grabbing cotton farm, the nearby Cubbie Situation.

Black and white image of an old car in front of a homestead surrounded by trees.

The Booligar procedure house in 1920.(

Supplied: Crothers family


‘Factual time to be selling’

The sale comes amid a crimson hot marketplace for farmland, especially in irrigation nation, with a series of gross sales in Queensland breaking records.

The precise season has seen the property’s five storages full to their 9,210-megalitre skill and has sizeable water licences, including a nominal entitlement of 4,005ML, a volumetric licence of 4,834ML, plus 298ML of overland circulation.

The customers and distributors have declined to divulge the cost of the sale, but Mr Crothers intimated it became more than the $14 million it passed in for on the final public sale in 2017.

“I feel you is inclined to be perhaps within the splendid attach there,” he acknowledged.

“We’re clearly rather contented with the cost — it be a proper time to be selling nation for the time being with the commodity costs the attach they’re.”

Black and white photo of a three older people sitting on a bench and three people behind them.

The family’s 2nd technology.(

Supplied: Crothers family


Surviving and thriving

Mr Crothers acknowledged Henry Crothers purchased the customary maintaining in 1864, which became then expanded down the generations.

“It has been added to within the years since then — Brooks, being my grandfather, added to it when he drew a block in 1905 and in 1913 Brooks supplied an further block from our southern neighbours the Treweeke family,” he acknowledged.

“Brooks died in 1954, at which stage my father and his brothers took over the region, and in later phases, my father – being Tom – supplied his brothers out.

“Ma and pa lived right here till they retired to the Gold Cruise after which Donald and myself took purchase watch over, buying for it out from my people over a time duration.”

Black and white image of young ewes standing behind a fence in a dip yard.

Booligar became within the starting attach a merino operation sooner than the level of interest shifted to cotton within the mid-1990s.(

Supplied: Crothers family


The early clan ran a substantial merino flock and wool manufacturing became the mainstay sooner than shifting to cropping.

“My father constructed a water storage within the gradual 1950s — it became on the time imagined to be one amongst perhaps the most attention-grabbing in Australia. and within the early ’60s he had a minute centre pivot going hoping to drought-proof the property,” Mr Crothers acknowledged.

Two farmers in hats kneel in a field, inspecting the growth.

Douglas and Donald Crothers allege they’re cheerful with their family’s legacy.(

Supplied: Crothers family


He acknowledged he and his brother had been centered heavily on cotton by the mid-1990s.

“I feel the means we have developed the property is terribly proper and we have run as a family partnership for a in point of fact long time, which is perhaps moderately extraordinary,” Mr Crothers acknowledged.

The Dirranbandi district has had an very perfect season up to now in 2021, however the leisure few years and the previous decade had been dominated by particularly advanced droughts.

Whereas the Balonne Shire remains in drought, the family is chuffed their remaining memories of Booligar can be of some green in their gardens, full water storages and paddocks planted.


Heading east

Each and each brothers lived their total lives at Booligar and after marrying lived in nearby with their better halves, raising families and striking forward involvement in as many neighborhood events as their farming time desk would allow.

Douglas’s wife Lorraine is a board member of Queensland Ag Presentations and spent many years as the organiser of the Showgirl Awards.

A middle-aged couple in the front garden of their home.

Lorraine and Douglas Crothers are transferring to a minute block come Carbarlah.(

Supplied: Crothers family


Donald’s wife Pam served with the Isolated Childrens’ Parent’s Affiliation devoted herself to the growth of the Dirranbandi Rail and River precinct.

Balonne Shire Mayor Samantha O’Toole acknowledged the total family had contributed in assorted ways.

“It is sad to search them bound and signals a valid changing of the guard,” she acknowledged.

Cr O’Toole acknowledged the Crothers brothers had been repeatedly concerned to support with events around the Hebel and Dirranbandi districts, but their better halves that also deserved recognition.

“Each and each of them have contributed hundreds of hours of volunteer time to assemble the neighborhood a bigger region,” she acknowledged.

“They have not decrease and run and I am determined in many ways the shire will repeatedly be in their heart and they’ll endeavour to advance to home.”

An older bearded man and his smiling wife sit at a table with coffee cups in front of them.

Donald and Pam Crothers are retiring to Maleny.(

Supplied: Crothers family


Near neighbours and owners of the Hebel Pub, Frank and Megan Deshon, acknowledged they had been sad to search the family bound.

“We need to wish all of them of the appropriate in their retirement,” Mr Deshon acknowledged.

He acknowledged he became heartened that a young family had purchased Booligar.

“It is sizable to search,” he acknowledged.

Mr Crothers acknowledged he and Lorraine had been retiring to Carbarlah, north of Toowoomba, whereas Donald and Pam had been heading to Maleny within the Sunshine Cruise hinterland.

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Family farewells 11,254ha farm after 157 years