Home Breaking News Family of IDF intelligence officer does not want his identity revealed

Family of IDF intelligence officer does not want his identity revealed

Family of IDF intelligence officer does not want his identity revealed

The family of the intelligence officer who died in militia jail final month has requested that his name and photograph not be published, despite the fact that his image and internal most recordsdata bear already been posted on social media and published by distant places websites.

His identity is currently being withheld at the family’s needs.

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The Israeli militia sees no motive to not publish his identity from a security standpoint, nevertheless per a document in Walla Recordsdata, the family was angry at the announcement.

“This was opposite to all agreements,” stated the family’s attorney, Benny Kuznitz. “I noticed what the IDF despatched and we’re all in favour of steps against this.”

The officer was arrested in September, and was held within the motivate of bars for knowingly committing offenses that precipitated “extreme damage to nationwide security,” the IDF stated.

The investigation of the officer, who served in a technological unit within the Intelligence Division, discovered that he had “consciously utilized a quantity of acts that severely harmed command security,” and that he had been  “mindful of the capability damage to nationwide security because of this of his actions and even tried to veil them.”

The militia stated that the officer “had cooperated in his interrogation and confessed to many of the acts alleged against him,” and that the investigation discovered that he had “acted independently, for internal most motives, and not for ideological, nationalistic or economic motives.”

At the dwell of the investigation, he was indicted on costs alleging serious security offenses, the militia stated, adding that “weight was given to the vital damage precipitated by the alleged offenses.”

The IDF has pressured that his case is not equivalent to that of “Prisoner X” Ben Zygier, who was arrested in March 2010 and held under an alias within the secluded Cruise 15 of the Ayalon Penitentiary till he hanged himself in December of that year. Zygier’s identity was not released by Israel till three years later.

The officer was alive to with family and company while imprisoned, and was held under his possess name. He stayed in a cell with other cellmates and was not held in solitary confinement. He additionally obtained clinical therapy and support from psychological health professionals while within the motivate of bars.

In accordance with a document by Haaretz, on the evening of his death, he suggested his cellmates that he was feeling sick and he then vomited. He collapsed and misplaced consciousness a speedy time later, and was taken in serious condition to Laniado Medical Heart in Netanya, the set up he later died.


Channel 12 reported that he was discovered to bear prescription medicine in his possession when he collapsed. A partial toxicology end result additionally discovered remnants of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics bear been discovered in his bloods.

Whereas the officer’s identity remains hidden, he is stated to bear been an extremely talented programmer who excelled at what he did.

A outmoded colleague who works at a hi-tech company stated he was one of the “notable pillars” within the department the set up they worked, “each and every in his scope of recordsdata and within the excessive stage of execution that he delivers, be it complicated field-solving, revolutionary concepts, or merely his willingness to motivate.”

Another outmoded colleague stated that “he did issues in hours the set up, for others, it would bear taken days or even weeks. He made computers spy uninteresting.”

On Wednesday, IDF Chief of Workers Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi stated that while he had knowingly dedicated extreme offenses, “he was one of my soldiers, one of our officers… he was a huge officer.”

Talking at an tournament in memory of outmoded IDF chief Amnon Lipkin-Shahak at the Inter-Disciplinary Heart Herzliya, Kohavi stated that “the total lot we did was to select his privacy and the privacy of his family out of dazzling therapy. We wanted to win care of him. We wanted to win care of his family. And at the equivalent time, defend the gargantuan secret that he nearly compromised, nevertheless that we stopped at the final minute.”

Family of IDF intelligence officer does not want his identity revealed