Home Australia Farmers excited with BOM forecasting another wet spring amid commodity prices boom

Farmers excited with BOM forecasting another wet spring amid commodity prices boom

Farmers excited with BOM forecasting another wet spring amid commodity prices boom

Farmers are cautiously excited in regards to the Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) forecast of a wetter-than-common period throughout spring.

Key components:

  • To the satisfaction of farmers, BOM is forecasting a wetter-than-common spring
  • Analysts notify a La Niña would push commodity prices increased
  • Farmers would possibly maybe well additionally ride a trifecta of appropriate seasons

It would possibly maybe maybe per chance maybe additionally imply a trifecta of appropriate seasons and a huge turnaround for the farm sector after some very robust drought years.

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The BOM outlook is in accordance with a hostile Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) match which will increase the potentialities of above-common cool weather-spring rainfall for a lot of southern and jap Australia.

Image of the ENSO

Most climate devices point out the central tropical Pacific is seemingly to cool over the coming months, but dwell ENSO-honest, so the potentialities of La Niña increasing are also honest.(

Equipped: BOM


There was some excitement in farming circles in regards to the probability for a La Niña system increasing when the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) came in at +6.3 for the 30 day period to August 15.

That would possibly maybe well be appropriate recordsdata for farmers, however the index returned to honest values since then.

Dr Naomi Benger, a climatologist at BOM, acknowledged while La Niña is now not on the cards now, a wet spring across south-jap Australia is seemingly.

“We’re seeing hotter sea surface temperature stunning south of Java, in jap aspects of the Indian Ocean, and near common temperatures on the Horn of Africa,” she acknowledged.

Dr Benger acknowledged the beautiful weather systems had been still wished in Australia to impart that moisture across to the east flit.

The a couple of thing affecting the outlook for spring is the temperature of the central tropical Pacific, and climate devices are indicating it’s seemingly to cool over the coming months.

That shall be contributing to the wetter-than-median rainfall outlooks in Australia, alongside with the hostile IOD.

A graph of sea surface temperatures

Three of the seven devices surveyed by the BOM predict sea surface temperatures will meet or exceed La Niña thresholds throughout November, but finest one sustains cooling long ample between October and December to point a plump-fledged match.(

Equipped: BOM


Commodity markets transferring already

Forecasts of a wet spring in Australia are already catching the distinction of commodity analysts.

Cheryl Kalisch Gordon from Rabobank acknowledged La Niña is regularly spoiled recordsdata for northern hemisphere farmers, but appropriate recordsdata for Australia.

“If we rep the advantages of La Nina in relation to a wetter-than-common season then it’s seemingly to be drier and hotter within the Northern Hemisphere and South America.

Trifecta of appropriate seasons

A man in a wheat field, holding wheat.

Neil Westcott, pictured with closing season’s nick, is excited by the prospect of another wet spring.(

ABC Rural: Luke Wong


Farmers fancy Neil Westcott at Parkes are licking their lips on the forecast of a wet spring. 

His plants are already taking a recognize stunning appropriate on the 2nd.

Illness can still be a problem in a wet year, mice are still a possibility, and rain at harvest time can reason complications. 

A field of canola in bloom.

Canola prices had been at file stages as a result of unhappy seasons within the Northern Hemisphere.(

ABC Rural: Jo Prendergast


Farmers are excited though on story of appropriate plants would possibly maybe well additionally additionally arrive at a time when commodity prices are excessive. 

Just a few of the pricing would possibly maybe maybe be very out of the ordinary, especially canola, and the cereals are slowing getting that diagram too.”

There’s still a protracted system to head before farmers can bank the cheque and Mr Westcott remembers completely different years when issues had been taking a recognize stunning appropriate, finest to drop in a heap.

“We take into account 2011-12 summers, we had been on the cusp of some out of the ordinary plants and watched them rep downgraded,” he acknowledged.

Farmers excited with BOM forecasting another wet spring amid commodity prices boom