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Farmers reject animal shelter call

Farmers reject animal shelter call

Victoria’s high farm physique says a proposal to pressure farmers to present a minimum quantity of color and shelter for their farm animals is pointless and “totally impractical”.

Key factors:

  • Farmers reject calls to legislate animal shelter
  • MP Andy Meddick made the call in parliament the day prior to this
  • He introduced a dwell lamb into the chamber

Member for Western Victoria Andy Meddick raised eyebrows this week when he introduced a lamb into parliament to carry out his case that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act wants to be expanded to carry out color and shelter predominant.

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Mr Meddick said better than 15 million lambs die from publicity every three hundred and sixty five days, though a CSIRO document puts this make a selection at nearer to 10 million.

Whereas the Act already makes it an offence for an owner or any individual responsible of farm animals to no longer present appropriate and sufficient shelter, Mr Meddick said this did no longer roam some distance sufficient.

But Agriculture Minister Mary-Anne Thomas, Nationals Chief Peter Walsh and the Victorian Farmers Federation all said the legislation wasn’t predominant.

‘Positively no longer’

Steve Harrison is president of the VFF Cattle Neighborhood and a farmer at Giffard West, in Gippsland.

He said farmers had been easiest positioned to carry out selections about color and shelter, and did no longer must be compelled by authorities.

“Farmers must be extra pro-active on selling our memoir; to police where we effect shelter is … totally impractical.”

Mr Harrison said farmers had been improving and better at offering shelter for their farm animals.

“It comes again to 20 or 30 years ago when Landcare changed into as soon as executed and farmers have been proactive on the shelter entrance [since then],” he said.

Farmer Steve Harrison standing in front of a shearing shed.

Giffard West farmer Steve Harrison says legislating animal shelter standards is pointless and “totally impractical”. (

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“The money is secondary, the closing factor any farmer wants to gaze is lambs or shorn sheep tucked up in a nook, so the trees offer color and shelter and I’ve tin walls in areas where I can no longer develop trees.”

‘Farmers can attain better’

Andy Meddick, a member of the Animal Justice Occasion, acknowledged that some farmers had been doing a factual job of offering shelter, nonetheless said others weren’t.

“Farmers on the whole talking are caring for their animals, nonetheless they’ll attain better,” he said.

“Utilizing by plan of my electorate of Western Victoria, there is a huge distinction between those doing the correct factor and folks which are no longer.”

Andy Meddick is a vegan who’s overtly adversarial to meat consumption, nonetheless said he permitted that farm animals production changed into as soon as here to cease.

“So in the intervening time I’ve an responsibility as a particular person that’s been elected to parliament on an animal protection platform, to be obvious the lives of all animals are conducted in the supreme seemingly ways.”

Farmers reject animal shelter call