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Fears fish kill is imminent in Central Victoria but government says ‘no longer possible’

Fears fish kill is imminent in Central Victoria but government says ‘no longer possible’

A fish kill at a lake at Corop in Central Victoria is worrying residents and visitors who fear a bigger one will possible be on the horizon.

Invasive European carp lay on the banks of Novel Lake, a back lake adjacent to Greens Lake.

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Nearby residents, anglers and recreational users of the 32,500-megalitre Greens Lake allege a fish kill is imminent as the water level sits at 7105ML, or 22 per cent.

They are saying it is too low and desires to be topped up to cease it drying out and potentially killing fish, tourism and the communities that count on it.

But the Victorian Government says it is no longer possible that there will possible be a fish kill in Greens Lake.

‘Floating onto the shore, plain’

Lisa Foster is from Rochester and posted photos of the fish kill to social media after visiting the lake on Tuesday.

“I saw a complete bunch plain carp,” Ms Foster stated.

“I took the dogs down there for a swim and so that they [the fish] are sincere all floating onto the shore — plain.

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MP Suzanna Sheed wants an additional 10 Gigalitres dropped on the lake.(

Supplied: Suzanna Sheed


Ms Foster stated it turned into as soon as a confronting expertise on the lake.

“When the dogs went in, all this dismal mud came up and it stinks love sewage. It’s fallacious,” she stated.

Lake has environmental, recreational label: MP

Independent Member for Shepparton Suzanna Sheed will write to the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder to interrogate for water for Greens Lake.

She met with the acting Victorian Water Minister Richard Wynne the day prior to this to discuss her issues in regards to the formulation forward for the lake.

“One is with the Victorian Environmental Water Holder and the numerous with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder and Greens Lake has environmental and recreational values.”

Greens Lake is 22 per cent corpulent and is a decommissioned storage lake related to Novel Lake by a channel.

Geographically, they’re belief to be separate but to locals they remain one and the identical.

Fish kill match ‘unlikely’

An outline of the condition of Greens Lake has found the water quality is perfect and in a position to reinforce fish populations.

Researchers from the Arthur Rylah Institute visited the lake last week.

They examined the water and surveyed the fish population after issues had been raised there in overall is a fish loss of life match.

a dead fish lays in the water

Residents allege fish are dying in Novel Lake, subsequent to Greens Lake, at Corop in Central Victoria.(

Supplied: Lisa Foster


In fresh years, the lake turned into as soon as restocked with bigger than 300,000 Murray cod and golden perch at a label of $1.5 million.

In an announcement last week, a spokesperson from the Department of Atmosphere, Land, Water and Planning stated it turned into as soon as “no longer possible” that a fish loss of life match would possibly perhaps perhaps be “imminent” at Greens Lake.

Water quality ‘perfect’, says scientist

The principal study scientist with Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Examine, Jarod Lyon, stated he turned into as soon as satisfied with the dissolved oxygen ranges and temperature of the water.

“My steal is that the water quality for the time being is perfect and we imagine that the fish kill is no longer imminent so there is up to some metres deep,” he stated.

But Ms Foster does no longer accept as true with the overview and says Novel lake, which she says is one body of water with the adjoining Greens Lake, is emptying out.

Ms Sheed wants an additional 10 gigalitres of water to be disbursed to the lake to demolish far flung from a potential fish kill.

‘It’s going to dry out the neighborhood’: resident

VRFish, the recreational fishing top body in Victoria, is also calling on the acting Water Minister to instantly bring water to Greens Lake to prevent an impending and devastating fish kill from occurring.

A ute pulls a boat on a trailer out of a lake.

Sam and Brad McNally stated the water turned into as soon as “methodology too low” to water ski on the weekend.(

Supplied: Sam McNally


Corop resident Alan Lee advised ABC Radio he turned into as soon as jumpy the water would disappear.

Mr Lyon says there needs to be extra ordinary testing of the water in Greens Lake.

“There would possibly perhaps be other folks in the native catchment administration authorities, or water authorities, that would possibly perhaps perhaps have the opportunity to implement a bit extra of a regimented regime of taking about a extra water quality tests,” he stated. 

“I converse, if nothing else, to allay any neighborhood issues.”

Fears fish kill is imminent in Central Victoria but government says ‘no longer possible’