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Feb 12 Traditional Meeting RM of Hoodoo

Feb 12 Traditional Meeting RM of Hoodoo

By Carol Stanley 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, Native Journalism Initiative ReporterThe Wakaw Recorder

Thu., March 25, 20216 min. read

Early Newspaper

The long-established meeting of the council of the RM of Hoodoo No. 401 used to be held on February 12, 2021 and called to uncover at 8: 08 am. In attendance had been Reeve Derreck Kolla, Councillors Hal Diederichs, Eugene Jungwirth, Reg Wedewer, Donavin Reding, Bruce Cron and Don Gabel alongside with CAO Joan Corneil. Cllr. Cron moved that the agenda be adopted as amended. Cllr. Wedewer moved that the January 13, 2021 Traditional Meeting minutes be permitted as corrected. Crd. Then Cllr. Gabel moved that the January 15, 2021 9: 30 am Particular Meeting minutes be permitted. Crd. Cllr Jungwirth extra moved that the January 15, 2021 9 am Particular Traditional Meeting minutes be permitted. Crd.

With the demand any trade springing up from the January minutes, discussion centred around the building needs of the RM and Cllr. Reding moved that Eugene Jungwirth and Donavin Reding be appointed as members of a building committee to examine recent and future building needs. Crd.

Being that there had been no Notices of Proclamations, Presentations, nor Public Hearings, council heard Mr. Ken Campbell concerning charges to the North Lagoon which resulted in a motion by Cllr. Diederichs that members of Council meet with the Hamlet Boards and indicate the next: that for worthy capital projects deemed predominant by the RM, that the fraction dispensed to the Hamlets be most productive invoiced for 40% of that quantity, ie: Hamlet fraction $28,000 invoiced for $11,200. Crd.

It used to be then moved by Reeve Kolla that Council depart to Committee of the Total-in camera at 10: 08 am to discuss about land, appropriate, labour and/or strategic planning in accordance with the Municipalities Act Sec 120. Crd. Reeve Kolla the moved to reconvene the meeting at 12: 15 pm. Crd.

Cllr. Gabel moved that Council authorizes administration to proceed with accepting the Summit Sand & Gravel quote for 25,000 yards of gravel with payment to be revamped a four (4) 12 months period Crd.

Transferring on to the subject of Civic Addressing Cllr. Gabel moved that the quote from Lake Country Co-op be permitted for posts related to Civic Addressing. This motion being defeated, Cllr. Cron moved that the quote from Prairie Breeze be permitted. Crd.

In recognition of the time Reeve Kolla moved that Council recess for lunch at 12: 45 pm. Crd. Reeve Kolla then moved that Council resume at 1: 02 pm. Crd.

*Cllrs. Redding and Wedewer left chambers @ 1: 03 pm.

With appreciate to the First reading of Bylaw 2/2021, Cllr Jungwirth moved that Bylaw 2/2021- A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 14/2018 identified as the Zoning Bylaw be placed on the table below uncover of trade “Bylaws” and that Bylaw 02/2021 be given first reading and that administration is directed to advertise a public listening to to be held 9 am at the Particular Council Meeting on March 12, 2021/ Crd.

*Cllrs. Redding and Wedewer returned to Chamber @1: 08 pm

Dialog had been obtained from (1) the Census Management Office of Stats Canada concerning the 2021 Census, (2) SARM concerning a letter to Ministers Monsef and Morgan mentioning that respectable broadband connectivity is a in actuality predominant service for rural residents (3) SARM asserting the disappointment with the Keystone XL Pipeline suspension (4) Sask Water Security experiences (5) E. Scott concerning the water build at Wakaw (6) Rick Wedewer concerning invoice for firefighting. Cllr. Diederichs moved that the conversation from Census Management be obtained and filed. Crd. As to the letter to Ministers Monsef and Morgan, Cllr. Gabel moved that a letter of make stronger be despatched by scheme of SARM concerning Broadband. Crd. Additionally, to the SARM verbal exchange concerning Keystone XL Pipeline, Cllr. Cron moved that a letter be despatched by scheme of SARM re Keystone Pipeline. Crd. As for the Sask Water Security experiences Cllr. Reding moved that they be obtained and filed. Crd.

On the subject of the conversation obtained from E. Scott, Reeve Kolla moved that a letter be despatched explaining the water fob machine, Crd. Cllr. Reding moved that in accordance with Rick Wedewer’s letter,a gathering be held with the Fire Chiefs to discuss about efficiencies and that the invoice despatched to Rick Wedewer be reduced by $512.50 and that the invoice must aloof replicate 7 firefighters and no longer 12 despatched from the Cudworth Uncover 22 situation. Crd.

Next on the agenda had been the Experiences of the Administration. The Foreman’s file used to be deferred to February 25, 2021 Particular Meeting. The CAO offered the file of actions to the starting up of February and Cllr Wedewer moved that the CAO file be permitted. Crd. The Gravel summary file used to be offered by the CAO and Cllr. Jungwirth moved that the gravel file be permitted. Crd. CFO Fay Stewart offered her file of actions and Cllr. Cron moved that the CFO file be permitted. Crd.

*Cllr. Reding left Chambers at 2: 57 pm.

Cllr. Gabel moved that Tyler Wedewer be paid $300.00 for the use of his semi for scale calibration. Crd.

*Cllr. Reding returned to Chambers at 3: 03 pm.

Next the CFO offered the Monetary Statements and the Bank Reconciliation for January. Cllr. Reding moved that the Monetary Statements and Bank Reconciliation for January 31, 2021 be permitted. Crd. Additional the CFO offered the list of Accounts Payable for approval and Cllr. Wedewer moved that council approve the next List of Accounts: Cheques 27895 to 27913 total $71,897.91; cheques 27914 to 27953 total $137,157.16; January 9, 2021 payroll of $13,560.56, January 22, 2021 payroll of $19,692.81, and January 2021 firepay of $2,150 for total payments of $244,458.44, to approve the extra payments as offered for a total of $899.92. Crd.

In the Reeve and Councillors discussion board Reeve Kolla reported on utter/ building permits, and Cllr. Donavin reported on the Ritchie Brothers auction.

The subsequent item on the agenda used to be Unique Alternate and the first item used to be the motion by Reeve Kolla to lengthen the meeting previous 5 pm. Crd.

With the SARM Digital Convention being held on March 9 and 10, Cllr. Jungwirth moved that administration is directed to register Council and workers for the Digital SARM Convention to be held March 09 and 10, 2021 and that public notification be given for trade of time for the March 10 Traditional meeting of Council from graduation time of 8: 00 am to 1: 00 pm and that a Particular meeting be held on March 12, 2021 to preserve out any trade from the March 10th meeting. Crd.



Cllr. Diederichs moved that administration is directed to be pleased a examine to the RIRG program for highway construction projects to be acknowledged by administration. Crd. The Rural Constructed-in Roads for Pronounce program used to be launched by the manager in June of 2020. It’s miles a three 12 months notion in affiliation with SARM which will quilt up to 50 per cent of total project charges to a most of $500,000. The program might possibly even be accessed for projects to make stronger bridges in RM’s.

Reeve Kolla moved that every one unfinished trade be moved to a Particular Meeting to be held February 25, 2021 at 8: 00 am. Crd. The unfinished incorporated: Pest Keep watch over Officer and Weed Inspector, Text2car, proposed building addition, RM of St. Louis haul route, and Unique Alternate: Board of Revision and Vogue Appeals Board, RMAA Membership, South Sask River Watershed Authority, SAMA, 20221 WCB Protection for council, 2021 custom work rates, Protection-Storage District, Protection Municipal reserves, Fire and Rescue boundary trade, penalties for arrears, LGA class – tuition rate, Accounts receivable, fire call receivables Dec 31/20, and public discussion board.

Reeve Kolla then moved that the meeting be adjourned at 5: 24 pm. Crd.

Feb 12 Traditional Meeting RM of Hoodoo