Home Australia Feral camel auction attracts interest from across the country

Feral camel auction attracts interest from across the country

Feral camel auction attracts interest from across the country

A camel auction in the western Queensland channel country has attracted interest from investors as some distance away as Victoria, with seven mobs selling for additional than $250 a head.

Key functions:

  • The Blackett family from Alderley Build aside in western Queensland sold extra than 120 camels in an on-line auction
  • It used to be the first time camels were sold on the online page AuctionsPlus — Australia’s largest on-line livestock selling platform
  • Promoting agent Scott Taylor hopes this would be a precedent for additional gross sales of camels

The Blackett family from Alderley Build aside, north of Boulia, place extra than 120 camels on the market in an Australian-first for the online page AuctionsPlus.

Early Newspaper

Despite enquiries from across the country, selling agent Scott Taylor said most of the camels were going to preserve in the local house.

“They want to be loaded on an launch trailer, so as that makes the freight necessary extra costly because we factual can’t match them in with cattle trucks,” he said.

“We ran just a few sums for an interested person from Narromine, discontinuance to Dubbo in Contemporary South Wales, and he used to be after eight of the weaner camels and it used to be going to price him $6,000 in the truck to get them there.”

A camel is standing close to the camera with a blue sky above

Farm animals agent Scott Taylor hopes extra camels can even be sold on-line after the success of an auction from western Queensland.(ABC Rural: Eden Hynninen)

Camels sold for weed maintain an eye fixed on

The camels were divided up into seven numerous mobs for the auction, with two investors snapping them up.

Scott Blackett said they were purchased for quite numerous causes including controlling the weed prickly acacia.

“All our [non-breeding] camels purchased sold in the neighborhood to a camel wheeler and seller,” he said.

“He’s purchased just a few of his beget racing camels.

“The cow/calf objects heading are across to Winton and they’ll be dilapidated for weed maintain an eye fixed on.”

A mob of camels stand in cattle yards.

The Blackett family mustered the camels in the yards and divided them into seven mobs for the on-line auction.(Supplied: AuctionsPlus)

Hopes for additional camel auctions

Mr Blackett said the animals had been on the property for decades, however family had exclusively ever sold them in little mobs to local investors and to the iconic Boulia Camel Races.

“We exclusively ever dilapidated to exit and get a small of handful for the local races in the camel tagging or if any individual wished a handful to order up for racing,” he said.

A sign which reads Boulia: Land of the Min Min Light, then a station name, Alderley Station

Alderley Build aside sold extra than 100 camels this week for the first time ever on the online page AuctionsPlus.(Supplied: Alderley Build aside)

Mr Taylor said he had by no technique heard of camels being auctioned on-line sooner than and he hoped the sale would launch the market to extra graziers.

“I’ve had another landholder east of Winton, whereas this auction used to be on, attempting to list some camels,” he said.

“I specialise in there will seemingly be extra.”


Feral camel auction attracts interest from across the country