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Fertiliser concerns as Chinese factories ‘focal level’ on local market

Fertiliser concerns as Chinese factories ‘focal level’ on local market

International fertiliser costs are at file highs this year, with farmers now nervously watching producers in China.

Key points:

  • As global fertiliser costs reach file heights, Rabobank says DAP costs consider risen as much as 75 per cent
  • Chinese fertiliser factories, that salvage the bulk of affords, are told to ‘focal level’ on home market
  • Iciness Olympics in Beijing next year would perhaps per chance look additional restrictions on Chinese fertiliser vegetation

In response to Reuters, some of China’s main fertiliser corporations consider mentioned they would “hasty suspend exports” to assure affords into the home market.

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Rabobank senior agricultural analyst Wes Lefroy mentioned advice from colleagues in China was there had no longer been any formal ban on fertiliser exports.

“Our latest suggestions is that there has been some guidance given by the manager for local [fertiliser] corporations to focal level on the local market and [to] make certain the local market in China is supplied,” he mentioned.

“So there would possibly be a pair of concern about the supply of exports going forward.”

Mr Lefroy mentioned Australia relied closely on imported fertiliser, especially monoammonium phosphate (MAP) from China. 

vertical bar graph showing the varying amounts of MAP fertiliser imported from China.

A graph exhibiting amounts of monoammonium phosphate (MAP) fertiliser imported from China since September 2016.(

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Brand hikes

In response to Rabobank, global urea costs consider increased between 60 to 70 per cent this year and di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) has increased by as much as 75 per cent.

Mr Lefroy mentioned the worth had “rocketed” for a selection of reasons, including tight provide, heavy quiz from farmers and “ongoing transport disruption“, with ocean freight including as worthy as 10 per cent to farmers’ costs.

Rabobank is forecasting fertiliser costs to live at elevated levels for at least the leisure of the year.

Enterprise analyst David Hanlon mentioned farmers who held off purchasing for product were now hurting.

He mentioned that many businesses were now revising their forecasts for fertiliser costs, with many looking forward to costs to live excessive in 2022. 

A man outstretched hands, holding fertiliser pellets that have been taken from a huge mound in front of him

World fertiliser costs consider rocketed this year and provide is tightening.(

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Analysts watching winter Olympics?

Mr Lefroy mentioned China’s history of pollution targets was additionally a doubtless threat to fertiliser availability.

“Usually, there would possibly be extra pollution in winter, when the local population keeps themselves warmth … and we’ve got viewed, within the past, some restrictions spherical industrial production in explain to curb pollution, which is in a position to affect fertiliser production,” Mr Lefroy mentioned.

“The assorted component we’re watching is the Iciness Olympics coming up in February 2022, the set aside the executive would perhaps per chance salvage some form of effort to decrease smog within the region, that would additionally affect industrial production.

Fertiliser concerns as Chinese factories ‘focal level’ on local market