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Fewer to attend Anzac Day in 2021

Fewer to attend Anzac Day in 2021



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Virtually three quarters of Australians (72 per cent) possess participated in ANZAC day events in the previous but most interesting over half (58 per cent) belief to participate this year

A third of Australians imagine the ANZAC story is being forgotten with females and rural Australians most convinced.


Youthful Australians (gen Z + millennials) are belief to be the supreme community forgetting the ANZAC story

Participation in this year’s ANZAC-linked events is seemingly to be bigger in Queensland (66 per cent) and NSW (63 per cent) and now not more so in Victoria (49 per cent) and South Australia (44 per cent)

Seven in 10 Australians living in rural areas belief to participate

Eighty six per cent of Queenslanders possess participated in previous events (a great deal more than any other direct)

Almost all Australians agree ANZAC Day is well revered and three in four imagine serving militia are revered in our neighborhood

More than a third of Queenslanders possess a militia aged in the family (a great deal bigger than people in NSW or WA)

Half of all Australians imagine militia veterans obtain too puny govt toughen and fewer than 1 in 3 feel they obtain the coolest amount

Older Australians (65-74 years passe) and these living in rural areas are more seemingly to imagine veterans obtain too puny toughen than younger Australians and these in metro areas.

Online uncover amongst a nationally representative sample of 1000 Australians veteran 18+

Supply: Pollinate/Fifty Acres/AAP

Fewer to attend Anzac Day in 2021