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Fighting with flowers to expose ugly truth of ‘intense’ wastage in flora industry

Fighting with flowers to expose ugly truth of ‘intense’ wastage in flora industry

For Jake Kuit, it all started when he saw an infinite association of tropical flowers he had fastidiously worked on for a accumulate together in London taken down day after today and despatched to landfill.

Key points:

  • Jake Kuit has been recycling flowers for fleeting artwork and model pieces
  • All the flowers in his shoots had been saved from landfill
  • He said flower and single-exercise plastic wastage is rife in the flora industry

He used to be told it used to be more reasonably priced to send them to the tip than recut or repropagate them.

Early Newspaper

Kuit said the flowers had been sturdy types that would possibly maybe maybe maybe had been ideal for every other three weeks on the very least.

“That used to be the moment where I knew I needed to attain something because no one else used to be,” he said.

Kuit would demand his purchasers if he would possibly maybe maybe maybe reuse their flowers for his projects after events or offer to rewrap them and promote them for the price of the wrapping cloth.

Nonetheless, it’s by means of recycling flowers for photoshoots that he’s in a situation to most productive point to off his creativity.

A man stands side on with yellow flowers shaped into a mohawk with gold eye shadow.

Zain Shah fashions yellow flowers formed into a mohawk by Kuit.(Supplied: Walter Zak)

Kuit takes indicate of colors and shapes in flowers and sees no longer most productive attainable edgy model pieces but additionally inventive statements.

He has no longer too long ago returned to Australia and intends to ramp-up his flower recycling projects in his home of Wollongong, Contemporary South Wales.

Flowers as fleeting model pieces

Kuit will get philosophical when he talks about why flowers work as model pieces.

“Trend is a stagnant industry and if truth be told one-indicate, so I’m trying to encounter from a inventive point of view as a painter and merge these industries into one.

“It sees me utilise my assorted skills and the information I’ve gathered over time and that’s the reason what I cherish about it.”

As soon as London came out of its first lockdown, Kuit worked on a carnival-inspired accumulate together.

The subsequent morning, he quiet a bunch of pink agapanthuses, contacted a model and photographer and swiftly organised a shoot.

“Every flower on there had a 2nd lifestyles both from a shoot, tournament or leftovers from bouquets, and I give them a 2nd draw of elegance.”

A man sits with a pink flower necklace with red eye shadow.

Kuit accepted pink agapanthus left over from a accumulate together into a necklace for a photoshoot.(Supplied: Walter Zak)

Turning rubbish into a floral assertion

It’s no longer ideal flowers that Kuit repurposes — he creatively makes exercise of other discarded objects for his designs as effectively.

As London tries to maintain its coronavirus numbers beneath maintain watch over, tons of of metres of warning tape that encourages physical distancing are being susceptible during town.

Kuit seen balls of dirty tape rolling spherical his neighbourhood “cherish tumbleweeds”.

A collection of red roses next to scrunched up warning tape.

Jake Kuit has even blended rubbish with recycled roses to bear a inventive assertion.(Supplied: Jake Kuit)

“I picked it up off the side of the side dual carriageway and keep it with some stunning morning light and a few leftover roses from a dinner accumulate together the old night,” he said.

Kuit said growing up on the South Scramble of NSW gave him an early consciousness of the affect of single-exercise plastic ruin on the setting.

He is using his artwork as a manner to deliver wastage in the flora industry.

“Everything is wrapped in plastic, shipped across [large distances] and the carbon footprint is intense,” Kuit said.

“I desire to minimize abet the utilization of double buying and exercise my creativity to compose something relaxing.”

Fighting with flowers to expose ugly truth of ‘intense’ wastage in flora industry