Home Breaking News Final Ethiopian aliyah flight of Operation Rock of Israel arrives

Final Ethiopian aliyah flight of Operation Rock of Israel arrives

Final Ethiopian aliyah flight of Operation Rock of Israel arrives

The final flight of Operation Rock of Israel, the most popular effort to bring the the rest of the Falash Mura community in Ethiopia to Israel, landed Thursday morning with some 300 new immigrants disembarking at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Aliyah and Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata, who led the authorities’s efforts to restart the immigration of the final Falash Mura in Ethiopia, turned into on hand to greet the new immigrants, as turned into Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog.

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Activists for the community beget criticized the authorities for failing to bring all final participants of the Falash Mura in Ethiopia to Israel, who number now now not now now not up to 1 more 5,500.

The new arrivals had been taken loyal now to their quarantine residences, after which they’ll be sent to absorption companies around the nation and could reunite with their family right here in Israel.

Some 2,000 participants of the Falash Mura community beget been dropped at Israel all the scheme by the most popular operation, which turned into approved by the authorities in September, with the well-known flight arriving on December 3.

Amongst the 2,000 new immigrants beget been 70 babies below a twelve months feeble, and 893 teens in complete, of whom 150 will originate first grade next twelve months.

In addition, 35 of us over the age of 70 beget additionally arrived.

One other 250 of the immigrants are between 18 and 24, and could rapidly enlist in the IDF.

“Carried out however now now not total,” Tamano-Shata acknowledged upon the appearance of the final 200 immigrants of Operation Rock of Israel. “I am gay to beget had the advantage to lead Operation Rock of Israel to bring 2,000 teens to their oldsters, who beget waited for them for plenty of years in Israel.”

MANY FALASH Mura households beget been damage up up all the scheme by thoroughly different operations to bring them to Israel as a consequence of the complex history and composition of the community. This resulted in scenarios where oldsters did now not understand their teens for plenty of years.

Some 5,500 participants of the Falash Mura community stay in Ethiopia. One other 5,340 beget claimed immigration rights since 2010 with the backing of the Ethiopian Jewish leadership in Israel as effectively as eminent, mainstream rabbis from the spiritual-Zionist community in Israel.

“The national mission of bringing the total final Jews of Ethiopia to Israel has soundless now now not ended,” acknowledged Tamano-Shata. “I desire to remind everyone at this appealing moment that we beget got an duty to web an pause to this painful saga, and with the establishment of a new and customary authorities, I will make certain that this happens.”

Herzog described the occasion as an emotional moment leaving many tearful.

“Families are being reunited after a long time,” acknowledged Herzog. “It is additionally a moment that pinches one’s coronary heart, and reminds us all that the mission of bringing the the rest of Ethiopian Jews to Israel has now now not ended, and we must continue to work to pause the aliyah of Ethiopian Jews.”

Activists for the Falash Mura beget expressed arouse on the ongoing authorities failure to loyal away bring the final participants of the community to Israel following years of delay.

“While we celebrate over the 2,000 Ethiopian Jews who had been granted approval to immigrate to Israel as piece of Operation Rock of Israel led by Immigration and Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata, along with the make stronger of the Jewish Agency for Israel, we are deeply saddened over the hundreds of Ethiopian Jews that the authorities has left in the abet of, including many who beget waited over 20 years to immigrate to Israel whereas separated from their family,” acknowledged the Activists for Ethiopian Aliyah group.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has violated his authorities’s resolution handed in 2015, which pledged to bring your complete the rest of Ethiopian Jewry in Addis Ababa and Gondar to Israel by the pause of 2020,” it acknowledged. “Terminating the immigration from Ethiopia continues the painful family separation, whereas leaving the destiny of hundreds in ask. As long as the authorities continues to put into effect unjust immigration insurance policies and quotas on the Jewish immigration from Ethiopia, we are in a position to continue to query justice.”

Gelagey Tefareh, an activist with the community, immigrated to Israel in 2001 along with his oldsters and 5 siblings.

One other three siblings had been left in the abet of and beget waited for 20 years to immigrate and understand their oldsters all over again. Tefareh’s 98-twelve months-feeble father is sick, and is praying he will be in a local to understand his final three teens once all over again.

These of us and others had been brushed off of Operation Rock of Israel despite gratifying the factors of having first-level family in Israel.

The Falash Mura immigrate to Israel below the terms of family reunification legal tricks, now now not the Regulations of Return, since their ancestors converted to Christianity, below duress, on the pause of the 19th century.

They are required to undergo conversion by the Chief Rabbinate after arriving in Israel.

The immense majority of the 7,000 of us that remained in Ethiopia sooner than Operation Rock of Israel and who had been approved for immigration are of paternal Jewish descent.

Final Ethiopian aliyah flight of Operation Rock of Israel arrives