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First Amendment experts weigh in after Pulitzer-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones denied tenure at UNC

First Amendment experts weigh in after Pulitzer-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones denied tenure at UNC


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Nikole Hannah-Jones, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, used to be denied tenure at the College of North Carolina, her alma mater, by its board of trustees, according to a document by NC Protection Watch.

The board’s determination sparked outrage online and from college and crew. Some enjoy claimed the board’s determination resulted after strain from conservatives.

An anonymous board member told NC Protection Watch that the college, board of trustees and the North Carolina legislature had been receiving letters and call calls in enhance and opposition since Hannah-Jones’ rent used to be announced.

Hannah-Jones based mostly the “1619 Challenge” which reframed the nation’s historic past surrounding slavery and its influence on democracy. The venture garnered criticism from conservatives, including dilapidated President Donald Trump. In September, Trump tweeted the Department of Education would pull funding from California colleges that taught the 1619 Challenge.

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Nancy Costello, director of the First Amendment Law Clinic at Michigan State College School of Law mentioned UNC’s determination stems from “white privilege” and conservatives seeking to push apart historic past they set apart no longer receive.

“It appears to be to me that here’s kind of an attack on freedom of the click since it appears to be Hannah-Jones is being penalized for producing in-depth, sturdy journalism that disturbs privileged folk,” Costello told USA TODAY. “She’s writing about truths that privileged folk enjoy labored for a long time to suppress.”

Costello mentioned Hannah-Jones’ work is a testomony to accurate journalism and investigation, stating her work published “disturbing but accurate” information about slavery in The united states. Costello fears UNC’s determination will deter journalists from producing similar investigations deemed “controversial” out of tension of repercussions.

Noting Hannah-Jones’ lengthy career experience, Gene Policinski, senior fellow for the First Amendment at the Freedom Forum, additionally theorized that UNC faced partisan pressures. 

If here’s the case, Policinski mentioned it’d be a disrespect to Hannah-Jones and free speech. Whether or no longer you pick or disagree with a persons viewpoints, he mentioned the First Amendment protects it and might maybe maybe duvet Hannah-Jones.

Policinski added that free speech is share of the college experience. Whether or no longer deemed conservative, radical or liberal, universities might maybe maybe soundless uphold a stable keep for distinct tips and discourse. In limiting Hannah-Jones contract to most effective 5 years, Policinski additionally argues it limits the First Amendment. 

“She is extra than qualified. So in case you limit the thoughts that are being expressed in universities you are doing a disservice to the role of universities in our society. Here is a indispensable matter of free speech and having a plump differ of tips.”


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In April, the college announced Hannah-Jones used to be appointed to the Knight Chair in Hotfoot and Investigative Journalism at UNC’s Hussman College of Journalism and Media. Nevertheless instead of tenure, Hannah-Jones used to be offered a 5-year contract as a professor.

About 40 of UNC Hussman’s college issued a joint statement, calling the college’s determination “disheartening” and pushing for UNC to provide Hannah-Jones tenure. 

“We ask explanations from the college’s leadership at all ranges. Nikole Hannah-Jones does principal and transformative work on The united states’s racial historic past. The national politicization of universities, journalism, and the social sciences undermines the integrity of and academic freedom within the total College of North Carolina machine,” the statement read.

Our statement: as @UNCHussman college, we’re petrified at the failure to award tenure to @nhannahjones a Pulitzer Prize, Peabody, & MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant winner & UNC-Chapel Hill 2019 Distinguished Alumna https://t.co/jfiq1sqcsw

— Shannon McGregor, PhD (@shannimcg) Would possibly maybe perchance perchance additionally simply 19, 2021

In the similar statement, Hussman college claimed the two folk simply beforehand appointed Knight Chairs were granted tenure. The Original York Times reported that Joanne Peters Denny, a spokeswoman for the college, mentioned that “crucial points of individual college hiring processes are personnel protected information.”

The outrage of UNC’s determination is additionally felt by the student physique. The college’s student authorities association released a message stating they finish no longer stand by the college’s determination.

“We won’t stand by as our College routinely diminishes and undercuts marginalized and BIPOC voices in academia in an effort to bend toward partisan pressures rooted in a anxiety of The united states’s historic truths,” the statement read. 

While station to begin teaching at UNC in July, Hannah-Jones has remained tight-lipped on the topic. Then again, she tweeted Thursday morning, “I sight you all and I am grateful.”

I have been staying off of here this present day, but simply know I sight you all and I am grateful.

— Ida Bae Wells (@nhannahjones) Would possibly maybe perchance perchance additionally simply 20, 2021

Note Gabriela Miranda on Twitter: @itsgabbymiranda

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First Amendment experts weigh in after Pulitzer-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones denied tenure at UNC