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Fisherman’s YouTube ban over animal cruelty claims

Fisherman’s YouTube ban over animal cruelty claims

An Albany fisherman has copped a momentary ban from YouTube after the video huge talked about his video swear material breached its animal cruelty policies.

Key elements:

  • Albany fisherman Gideon Mettam has been served a 30 day ban on monetising video swear material on YouTube
  • The video huge cited animal cruelty concerns over Mr Mettam’s swear material
  • Mr Mettam has been left “puzzled” by the ban 

Gideon “Gido” Mettam founded video channel ‘Gido’s Fishing Adventures’ in 2014 and has gathered a following of over 100,000 subscribers.

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The fearless angler is identified for the unparalleled lengths he goes to to land a fish, assuredly abseiling down cliffs and camping on my own within the barren region.

a man with a fish and a hat

Gido has gained a enormous following on YouTube.(

Supplied: Gideon Mettam


Non everlasting ban

Last week YouTube served Mr Mettam a 30-day ban on monetising his video swear material after claims his videos amounted to animal cruelty.

Gideon Mettam poses with a bright red harlequin which he caught from the rocks.

Once in a whereas the Albany fisherman will get impressive catches esteem this harlequin fish.(

Supplied: Gideon Mettam


YouTube defines animal abuse swear material as depicting the “malicious infliction of physical hurt causing an animal or neighborhood of animals to skills struggling.”

“This implies that there might perchance be no cause to the depiction of animal struggling varied than to shock or disgust.”

Getting solutions

Mr Mettam talked about he’s “puzzled” by the ban.

“I don’t genuinely fit the bill for what they call animal cruelty which is doing mistaken stuff to animals to shock viewers,” Mr Mettam talked about.

“I simply dispatch fish for feed and assign it humanely.”

Mr Mettam talked about his video swear material grew to alter into his main source of revenue this year and has resumed some carpentry work within the intervening time.

He talked about he has tried to contact YouTube to compare the capabilities of his videos which will have to be pushed apart.

Gideon Mettam perches on a ledge on a sea cliff with a rope for safety.

Gideon Mettam says he uses safety instruments whereas fishing.(



“They have not outlined any explicit video. They simply convey or not it’s simply a predominant fragment.”

He talked about he might perchance per chance edit out capabilities of his videos showing dispatching — the act of humanely killing a fish.

Take into fable fish wellbeing: RSPCA

A spokesperson for RSPCA Australia talked about whereas it become complex to assess the enormous quantities of swear material on Mr Mettam’s video channel, fishermen have to catch into fable a fish’s skill to feel peril.

“Fish are sentient animals capable of experiencing peril and struggling.

“Anglers will have to therefore treat fish humanely and wait on away from practices that have the functionality to place off peril, hurt or struggling for the period of catch, handling, killing or free up.”

YouTube tricks voice exceptions to bans over animal cruelty are made for “on the total well-liked practices” similar to searching, trapping, pest abatement, food preparation, medical treatment or animal slaughter.”

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Fisherman’s YouTube ban over animal cruelty claims