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Flanagan’s anti-salmon push increasing, as EPA emails to Tassal revealed

Flanagan’s anti-salmon push increasing, as EPA emails to Tassal revealed

The scale and establish off of the deaths of a quantity of farmed salmon in February stay a mystery, with documents bought by the ABC revealing the director of Tasmania’s environmental watchdog assured the fish producer he “did not present an huge or full response” to questions from the broadcaster.

Key aspects:

  • Tassal has failed to present small print to the ABC on the dimension and scale of a mass salmon demise from February 
  • Days after the deaths the EPA director despatched a reassuring email to Tassal saying he gave incomplete answers to media questioning
  • A public assembly at Hobart’s Town Corridor on the affect of salmon farming reaches corpulent skill

On February 13, the ABC revealed Tasmania’s biggest salmon producer Tassal had reported a ‘salmon mortality match’ all the blueprint through five of its farming pens at its Prolonged Bay lease shut to Port Arthur, south east of Hobart.

Early Newspaper

Tassal has refused to present small print on the scale or establish off of the deaths to the ABC. 

On the time, the Ambiance Protection Authority (EPA) confirmed it had been notified by Tassal of increased mortality in five pens over three days, but also refused to present small print about the likely establish off to the ABC. 

Stunning to Recordsdata documents now point to EPA director Wes Ford responded to an email from a Tassal employee two days after the story was published.

The name and blueprint at some point of the company of the Tassal employee was redacted in the documents released to the ABC.

A man in a suit stands in the foreground of a ferry terminal

Tasmanian Ambiance Protection Authority director Wes Ford.(

ABC Recordsdata: Aneeta Bhole


Mr Ford’s correspondence to Tassal got right here after the company raised concerns about Mr Ford’s release of files to the ABC about the match. 

“The incontrovertible reality that the media was pursuing a explicit line of enquiry and asked explicit questions about mortality and Prolonged Bay leaves me in a blueprint the establish I valuable to reply,” Mr Ford wrote to the Tassal employee. 

Mr Ford wrote that without reference to response he issued he could per chance be criticised, “either by the company who is guilty for the be troubled, or by the media, or by the final public.”

“On this case, I am being criticised by all three, you saying I could well per chance even aloof not hang released knowledge, and the ABC and community individuals or [sic] saying I am not being transparent,” Mr Ford’s email said. 

“I need to assess every media quiz on its merits with a survey of releasing what I judge is ample to deal with the quiz.”

Mr Ford went on to write he had instructed Tassal about the media query from the ABC and of his response, which he was not obligated to comprise, and that if Tassal believed knowledge was market-soft the company could well per chance even aloof gaze legislative protection from the executive. 

Tassal on Wednesday confirmed it raised concerns with the EPA about its release of files following the February story, “as it was outside the beforehand agreed processes established to present knowledge to the final public on the salmon portal”.

The salmon portal, a web establish managed by the Tasmanian Authorities’s Department of Major Industries, Parks, Water and Ambiance would not but comprise any small print about the mass fish demise match. 

‘Pleased to sigh about our response’

Per week after this substitute between the EPA and Tassal, the ABC tried to adjust to up about the mass salmon deaths, by asking the EPA whether or not there had been a subsequent notification from Tassal about increased salmon mortality at Prolonged Bay, or whether or not the initial mortality match had extended for bigger than three days. 

The documents bought by the ABC now show there was an inside of email discussion between Mr Ford and other EPA workers — whose names had been redacted — about how most effective to reply to the query. 

In it, Mr Ford wrote it was refined to reply merely. 

“We are able to direct there has been a subsequent file but we develop not hang a reporting building the (sic) says wen (sic) an episode has successfully cease (sic). Ie. if we gain a file covering day 1-3, and the mortality is aloof elevated day 5, what, if any file to we gain? Pleased to sigh about our response.”

Now not abruptly, the EPA responded handiest that elevated mortality could well per chance even very correctly be skilled by all firms over summer, that it was an operational management topic for firms, and “the EPA could well per chance not be providing detailed responses on every file it receives from firms”.

Salmon pen at Tasmanian open water fish farm.

Tassal is the biggest of Tasmania’s three predominant salmon producers.(

Provided: Tassal


Minister’s comments clarified

Prior to the documents were released on Wednesday afternoon, Major Industries Minister Guy Barnett was asked whether or not transparency spherical salmon farming mortality events valuable to be improved. 

His response indicated that sleek knowledge had been supplied to the EPA, but a executive spokesman later walked relieve the comments.

“When it comes to the recommendation I’ve got, the EPA has got that knowledge, they’re brooding about that and I could well per chance even completely glimpse forward to extra knowledge in that regard, and glimpse forward to following that up in the kill,” Mr Barnett said on Wednesday morning. 

The spokesman later clarified the executive was not responsive to any most fashionable salmon mortalities. 

The EPA was contacted for extra comment. 

A crowd sit on chairs in a decorative hall

A public assembly in Hobart about salmon farming was a corpulent condominium.(

ABC Recordsdata: Alexandra Humphries


Flanagan figurehead of pushback 

The revelations arrive amid surging articulate about the law of Tasmania’s salmon commerce. 

A public assembly at Hobart’s Town Corridor on Wednesday reached skill half of an hour sooner than it began, with hopeful attendees turned away at the door. 

The neighborhood was told favorite author Richard Flanagan’s most fashionable work, Toxic, about the aquaculture commerce, had been reprinted four occasions and was supplied out since its release last week. 

Flanagan addressed the crowd, telling them the fight in opposition to the salmon commerce was “a fight for the island’s soul”.

“It is going to also aloof be self-evident that using Hobart’s ingesting water catchments as — in the words of 1 scientist with huge expertise working with the aquaculture commerce — sewage settling ponds for salmon hatcheries is not upright ghastly but profoundly terrible,” he said. 

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Richard Flanagan describes Tasmania’s salmon commerce as ‘one massive lie’

“That risking the heavy metal contamination of a few of our most neatly-appreciated wild recreational fisheries with mercury poisoning as other scientists hang pointed out, is not upright careless but potentially criminal.”

Flanagan said he could well per chance even not show the shut relationship between the commerce and Tasmania’s bureaucracy and politicians, but “it has to kill.”

“I promise you this, we’re going to prevail, and we’re going to obtain, as a consequence of somehow what remains, what’s indestructible, is our worship of our island.”

The assembly called on the executive to design public the areas spherical Tasmania’s coastline being regarded as for expansion, with the commerce hoping to double in dimension by 2030. 

The neighborhood also wants predominant supermarkets to stop selling Tasmanian salmon till a sustainability framework is developed.

Flanagan’s anti-salmon push increasing, as EPA emails to Tassal revealed