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Folks go on loan for lived experience conversations through Zee Zee Theatre’s Virtual Humanity Venture

Folks go on loan for lived experience conversations through Zee Zee Theatre’s Virtual Humanity Venture

By By David Owen Rama, Native Journalism Initiative Reporter, Windspeaker.comWindspeaker.com

Fri., March 5, 20214 min. read

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For Raven John, Vancouver-essentially essentially essentially based and two-bright multi-disciplined artist and activist, live interactive performances and inventive collaboration has constantly been important to their direction of. Nonetheless love many contributors, the should adapt has fair now now not too long ago turn out to be important.

John says the bodily disconnect that has resulted from COVID-19 restrictions has been basically complex, but they’ve eventually decided to settle for the inevitable and pass toward increasing extra digital skills to support navigate the ongoing pandemic.

“I’m a swish stubborn person,” acknowledged the member of the Stó:lō Nation from S’olh Temexw. “So it took doubtlessly the latest lockdown procedures and no longer having our ‘salvage six’ for me to basically salvage into doing extra digital work. Nonetheless I’m having fun coming into it. I’m doing some VR-AR reduce XR work now, which is swish fun.”

Fraction of the enchancment of those new skills will probably be John’s participation this month in Vancouver’s Zee Zee Theatre’s new adaptation of the firm’s long running Human Library mission.

The Human Library used to be a mission first initiated in Copenhagen in 2000 by a collective called ‘Discontinue The Violence’ to support extra human connection as one plan of breaking down boundaries with the final goal of transcending prejudice.

The Human Library mission used to be created to shine a mild on the cost of personal experience and to allow contributors to stumble on the rich life experience of others through personal interaction curated through a borrowing mannequin the put precise other folks can even be checked out of a library for immediate investigative conversations.

The concept grew to turn out to be so common that over the past two decades the apply has been adopted by organizations in 70 cities worldwide, along side Vancouver, when Zee Zee Theatre decided to spearhead the mission in that city eight years ago.

“A colossal deal of division is constructed from other folks now now not participating with every assorted and basically listening,” says producer Jordy Matheson in a assertion. “What makes this mission so grand— radical, even—is that we’re asked to face our variations straight on, actually. There is now now not a turning a blind note, no resting in apathy. It’s two other folks sharing something intimate with a goal to incrementally trade the sector.”

Now here in 2021, with COVID-19 restrictions continuing to take care of us bodily apart, Zee Zee Theatre and Matheson occupy additionally give you a digital solution to rebrand the Human Library experience this year as Virtual Humanity.

Curated by Bunny (Daisy Joe) and Sam Chimes with a focal point on Gloomy, Indigenous and other folks of color (BIPOC) contributors, Virtual Humanity will connect public contributors online with greater than 30 “virtual human” subject issues for a series of one-on-one personal conversations on specific subject issues.

As a virtual participant, John, 32, will fraction their insights and life experiences from the perspective of a young two spirit, Indigenous uncommon human.

“I’ll be giving a (talk) on the distinction between gender identities and sexual orientations and those spectrums and how they expose to the length of time two spirit and the put that comes from,” John explains.

“Most other folks aren’t conscious that Indigenous cultures had been inclusive of gender variance, sexual orientations, in addition to assorted styles of household buildings. An allowance of polyamorous relationships, of uncommon relationships and marriages, and of trans identities, and that moderately just a few those practices had a tie to cultural and traditional values and practices.”

Virtual Humanity will decide region on Saturdays starting March 6 and rush except March 28. Participants will probably be asked to invent a WeShowUp chronicle through Zee Zee Theatre’s Virtual Humanity online match page, after which they would possibly be able to go on to lift tickets for specific dates.

After reserving their day passes, contributors will fetch an match conformation email containing a link to a reserving portal. At 10 a.m. on the day of the match, price holders will occupy the chance to reveal two “virtual contributors” through the reserving portal on a chief-come, first-served basis.

Joining a Virtual Humanity Zoom assembly, contributors will probably be greeted by their Virtual Humanity host who will introduce them to their storytellers of selection. Once offered, they’re going to fraction a one-on-one conversation that capabilities a ten-minute storytelling experience followed by a ten-minute question and reply session.

Professional in jewellery making, sculpture, mold making, region creation, art installation, and performance, John additionally sits on the advisory boards of just a few organizations, along side the Bigger Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance, and acts as a cultural consultant for the Vancouver theatre industry as an intersectional person.



The artist and activist additionally provides “consultations” and “mediations” on their web save providing guidance on cultural protocol and pointers on how to efficiently navigate social and political boundaries, making John an insightful and dynamic human candidate for the Virtual Humanity mission.

To salvage desirous concerning the conversation confer with the Virtual Humanity match page at https://zeezeetheatre.ca/production/virtual-humanity/


Folks go on loan for lived experience conversations through Zee Zee Theatre’s Virtual Humanity Venture